Maxx MQ515 and MX820 launched in India

I've always been doing business and because of that I need a phone which can actually keep up with my work and I found out about Maxx Mobiles recently launched MQ515, new black bar phone. It was released on December 1, 2010 and I just fell in love with it. It only cost me around 3,800RS!

Maxx MQ515
It weighed 55.5 with a dimension of 110MM x 60MM x13MM. This operated at the frequencies of GSM 900 / 1800 MHz and has TFT display screen. It's a QWERTY keypad that suites me for sending emails or writing important files in my phone. Aside from the internal memory of 81.7MB, I can even use the MIcroSD flash of 1GB for storing purposes. This is actually dual sim so I can put two Sim card with two different networks for my convenience. The phonebook can also hold up until 2000 entries and has extra long battery life for those days that I constantly need communication for my appointments and such. Aside from calling, it can also be used for SMS as well for MMS.

Maxx MX820
As for its features, Maxx MQ515 has 2 megapixels camera that can be zoomed which is great for taking photos for my business journal. If I get bored I can listen to the radio with recording or just play music like mp3 and mp4 in my headset or via speaker. I can also check out website because it has a wap browser and has java support for games. For the internet services, this also supports social networking sites.

If you’re not happy with the color since it’s only available in black. You can also try the MX820 which basically have the same features but has the lighter shade of grey. Although the price is not yet announced, I bet it would range the same like the MQ515. Unlike my phone it can only store 1000 phone entries and that it weighs 67.9g with dimensions of 112.3 x 52 x 14MM and As for its camera, it has 3.2 mega pixels camera with the many zoom level. For the rest of the other features that I mentioned with MQ515 all of it is the same with this phone. The only thing that made this more upgraded is for the appearance, color and the camera.

Motorola Droid Xoom coming soon table mobile

I was recently looking for a new phone when Motorola Droid Xoom caught my attention. It's was just released recently around July of this year, 2010. The cost of this is around $250 to $280 which is not a bad price because of all the features that it has. This phone looks very sleek, chic, classy and stylish because of the wide touch screen which is the currently the trend to phones. At 13.7, it is one of the thinnest QWERTY sliders so if you're into typing, blogging or texting you can just use the keypad instead but as for the color it is only available in black though. Checking messages is made easier via threaded view t friendly. It has long battery life that can be used for 385min and standby time up until 270 hrs. It features android OS, v2.1 (eclair) that can be upgradable to v2.2 and a TI OMAP 3630-1000 1 GHZ processor.

Motorola Droid Xoom

If you're a person on the go, this would likely fit you because it has Wi-Fi for browsing the internet for emails or just checking Facebook. It also comes with a applications for GPS, Google maps, Google search, Google talk, Gmail, YouTube, adobe flash 10.1, a document viewer, organizer and can also do voice commands if you're simply driving your car. It can view Microsoft word files or PDF files. This can come very handy with business or office function. It also comes with MIcroSD of 16 GB upgradable to 32 GB for mass storage. You also hook this to your personal computer via USB data cable or even connect to a TV output that can be useful for presentations.

If you're the type who to shoot moments at the palm of your hand, this can be done through with its high resolution camera that has 5megapixels with dual led flash. You can also take note that Motorola Droid Xoom as a zoom up to four times and has face detection. You can also edit you're stuff by using tools for cropping, rotating or geo tagging and can view various types of images like BMP, PNG, GIR or JPEG. Of course, if it comes with a powerful camera feature, it would be expected that it comes with a player that not only can play mp3 but stream video with a DVD quality that has a 24 fps capture. Motorola Droid Xoom also supports radio too. Because it has a wide screen, it would be great if you could watch a movie or even play games.

USA: Housing - Immobilier (Case-Shiller 1998 - 2010)

Honda CBR 250R bookings to start soon

Honda CBR 250 R is one of the upcoming bikes that Honda has planned to launch this year. This bike will offer power, comfort, class as well as experience to the bike enthusiasts that have planned to acquire one when they are launched. It is expected that the bike will be launched in the early half of the early half of the year 2011 probably in the month of February. It is not clear how much the bike will go for but Rs 15,000 is what is needed if one wants to book one unit now.

Honda CBR 250R
Some of the features that Honda CBR 250R is expected to have include:- dimensions of 2030 mm, 709 mm, 1127 mm, 1369 mm, 784 mm and 148 mm in length, width, height, wheelbase, seat height and ground clearance respectively. The bike also comes with an engine that has the following engine specifications: - a 249.4 cc engine type, the engine that this bike uses is a water cooled engine that is also a 4 valve engine type. Honda CBR 250R is a type of bike that can be able to produce an amazing power of up to 18.7 KW which can be attained at 8500 revolutions per minute. The bikes maximum torque is also impressive at about 22.9 Nm which can be produced at about 7000 revolutions per minute.

Honda CBR 250R
This bike is just like the other Honda bikes those include features like fuel efficient and deliver about 27 kilometres with one litre of petrol from its 13 litre fuel tank. Hence it is suitable for long distance rides. It is also expected that since Honda is known making safe vehicles with reliable brakes, it will transfer that to this bike and make it as safe as possible. The new Honda CBR 250R has got a 296 mm disc that also has a two piston callipers. This bike has a sporty design and that makes it more attractive. The bikes seat is 784 mm above the level of the ground hence can be driven by even the average sized people. The bikes seats are also comfortable and together with the bikes foot pegs and handle bars the rider experiences maximum comfort.
Honda CBR 250RHonda is a reputable company from Japan that has earned itself a big market share in the world when it comes to the manufacturing of Motor vehicles as well as motor bikes. Honda has branches in many parts of the world that it uses to ensure that all its customers get their products as soon as they are launched.

Guess Who Came to Breakfast???

More details later! :)

Gold Mines vs Gold - Mines d'or vs or

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Nokia 5130 XpressMusic popular mobile in India

With Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music wherever you are.With the price of approximately $88.25, you can bring your music wherever you go. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic was manufactured by Nokia and announced by November 2008. It was February 2009 when Nokia finally released it.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusicNokia 5130 XpressMusic is a quad band music phone with superb audio quality. It has a dimension of 107.5 x 46.7 x 14.8 mm ad weight of 88 g. Its 256L color display and a size of 240 x320 pixels, 2.0 inches makes it a trendy phone. It has alert types of vibration and downloadable MP3 ringtones, plus a speakerphone and dedicated music keys. You can store up to 2,000 phonebook and photo call entries to its phone memory. You can also use memory card up to 16 GB to expand the memory of your phone. It has Class 32 GPRS and EDGE, although it has no 3G and WLAN. It has 2MP camera, and can record videos QCIF@15fps. You can send or connect to other mobile phones or computers via Bluetooth and USB cable. It has SMS, MMS, Email messaging feature, WAP 2.0 and HTML browser, and FM Stereo Radio. It comes with different shades like red, blue and white. It uses a standard battery, Li-Ion 1020 mAh and has a stand by time of up to 288 hours, a talk time of up to 6 hours and music play of up to 21 hours. Its cool design, great features and good performance make it an ideal everyday phone for music

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia, one of the leading manufacturers in mobile communications and in all kinds of phone is the one that produced Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. Nokia offers highly competitive mobile phones that fit the lifestyle of its users. It also continues in developing GSM, WCDMA, TDMA, and CDMA mobile technologies, to produce a feature-rich mobile phone to the global market, targeting all standards and consumers segments in different countries all over the world. Its 4 business groups work in meeting the dynamic needs of every business.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is the most affordable music phone released by Nokia as of its launch. It’s a basic multimedia phone which offers memory expansion and connectivity options for its users. So, if you are looking for an affordable phone, with basic features of music and multimedia, then Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is the right one for you.

Aprilia RSV4 coming shortly

Aprilia RSV4 comes in two versions, the RSV4R which is the more affordable and base version, and the RSV4 Factory, which is the higher spec version. RSV4 Factory was released on 2009 with the price of $20,999 which is more or less cheaper by $700 with the Ducati 1198S model. A year after, RSV4R version was released, with the price of less than five grand, or $15,999 which is $500 cheaper than the Ducati 1198 Superbike model. Despite the cheaper price, RSV4 makes 10hp better than the rival comparable models.

Aprilia RSV4

Both RSV4 models are equipped by the super compact 999.6 cc 65° V four cylinder engine that produces a c180 hp at 12,500 revolutions per minute and 85 lb-ft torque at 10,000 revolutions per minute. Their engine includes features like three selectable engine map system (road, sport and track), a gorgeous electronic injection system that has two injectors in each cylinder and 48mm throttle bodies. A 13:1 compression rate is delivered by its forged piston. The RSV4R model is very close to RSV4 factory model in terms of features and specification except for the suspension area. The RSV4R model is wrapped in a dual-spar aluminum frame and a weight of 405 lbs and features the Showa/Sachs suspension, aluminum components, plastic portions of bodywork and a non-adjustable chassis, wet sump lubrication system with oil radiator and 2 oil pumps, multi disc oil bath, 4 strokes, and liquid cooling system. On the other hand, the RSV4 factory model features Ohlin’s suspension, magnesium components and carbon fiber bodywork. It also lets you change the swing arm pivot point, engine position and head angle. It also has the variable height air intake trumpets that don’t fit with the RSV4R models.

Aprilia RSV4

RSV4 were manufactured by Aprilia, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer and designed by Miguel Galuzzi. In spite of all the known rival brands and models of sports motor bicycle, Aprilia was never intimidated. In fact, they strive to produce something competitive and better than the famous brands. RSV4R and RSV4 factory are one of the most distinctive sounding motorbikes ever been made in motorcycle world. The impressive performance and engine configuration of both the RSV4 models made them powerful road going hyper sports motorcycle bike.

Aprilia RSV4

Today, since Aprilia succeed in producing high quality and powerful motorcycle bicycle with a lower price, there is no doubt that RSV4 models have greater chance of selling even when put against its fiercest opponent.

Free Theft Recovery Software for Mobiles

How dependable are you on your mobile ? Do you have critical or important information on your mobile ? Well i am sure you would surely value your mobile phone and would not like it to be misplaced or stolen. But do you have a backup plan in case its stolen ? Will you be able to trace and retrieve your mobile phone when lost ?

Well, here is a free mobile software that you can use. Its called mGuard, from vapssky. mGuard basically provides protection and safety from theft or losing your mobile device and helps to retrieve it back.

mGuard keeps track of the SIM changes of your device by sending SMS notifications to a predefined mobile number selected by the user.The targeted secondary number to which the SIM change notification has to be sent can be the owners secondary no. or a friends no.

To Download this free software visit or register here

A detailed PDF User manual is also available.

For more info visit

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qw 0.1 is now available for Maemo 5

My second new game this year - qw - has been released for Maemo 5 today. Version 0.1 (a tech demo, not a proper final release) gives you a sneak peek on the gameplay with 9 different levels and four-player support (if you hook up an external USB keyboard or get together really close for some N900 keyboard multiplayer action). The gameplay is simple: You need to control your player cursor (either via touchscreen gestures or keyboard) and enclose areas of the game with lines in order to fill them with a colored image. Beware of the enemies, as they will destroy your lines and split your points in half. If you enclose one or more small enemies, your points are multiplied.

A .deb for Maemo 5 is available from the qw homepage and packages for Symbian are also available. Try it out and send some feedback :) Enjoy!

Hero Honda Karizma upgraded version to be launched

The Hero Honda is all set to launch the new Hero Honda Karizma. The bike promises to be one of the best releases of Hero Honda. The bike has superb features along with stunning looks. Karizma gives a strong and healthy competition to the bikes of its class like Pulsar 220 and Yamaha R15. The new Karizma has been fitted with a strong and heavy engine of 225. The engine is again 4 stroke type and has single cylinder, OHC and air cooled type engine. Karizma comes with 12 hole fuel injection which help to generate maximum power in less time. Thus the engine has a strong impact and impressive technology.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

The engine of new Hero Honda Karizma generates a maximum power of 17.6 bhp@7000rpm and maximum torque of 18.35 Nm@6000rpm.The bike is made set to run on all types of roads and hence is equipped with a new technology which scans engine to control air pressure, air temperature and engine temperature to provide better performance on all types of roads. The company has done a lot of works on the looks of the bike to make its appearance impressive and attractive. The Karizma comes with LED lights placed inside the headlamp and tail end light. A digital round shaped tachometer adds to the looks of the bike.Also properly placed digital display add more style to the bike, Speedometer, front and rear disc brakes, fuel indicator, trip meter and clock are also well placed. All these thing give a good finish to the bike. Hero Honda Karizma ZMR produces a top speed of 126kmph. It reached 0-6 km in 3.6seconds. Sounds really cool and impressive. With Karizma, you can expect a mileage of 40-50kmpl.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

You can find the Hero Honda Karizma ZMR in 5 different colours like sports red, panther black, moon yellow, pearl white and vibrant blue. The bike is available in self start. Both the brakes of the bike are disc type. The front brake is 276mm and the rear brake is 240mm.The bike is petrol type and fuel capacity of the bike is 16 litres.The area of bike is 2110X805X1175mm.The wheel base is 1350mm which is really very wide and hence adds to the looks of the bike. The cost of the bike may start from Rs.91000 and it may vary area wise. The bike is made eye catching and its features also make it precious. The bike has been made keeping the views and responses of people. The ZMR is ready to hit the market with its new and improved features and also is going to be a great competitor to the other bikes of its class.

Maxfone launched new mobiles in India

Maxfone is a famous mobile company in India. This company has recently released five latest mobiles in India. The concentration of the mobile company is to provide good quality mobile handsets with affordable price to the customers and the company has been successful so far to do that.

Maxfone MQ01

Maxfone MQ01

Maxfone MQ01 provides a QWERTY keypad which is comfortable for typing and messaging. It is a Dual Stand by and Dual SIM handset. Maxfone MQ01 offers various other features such as digital Camera, Wireless FM Radio, FM Record, LED Torch, wallpapers shaking facility, Blacklist etc. MP3 and FM radio has made the handset a full multimedia phone. The price of Maxfone MQ01 is around Rs. 2499.

Maxfone M102

Maxfone M102

Maxfone M102 is a new handset from Maxfone. This handset is a multimedia phone that has got a music player and a FM Radio with sound recorder. The display screen is 1.8 inch wide. It also has a powerful long-lasting battery. This Dual Sim phone comes with a price of Rs. 1569.

Maxfone M301

Maxfone M301

Maxfone M301 phone comes with a nice look having Steel Back Cover and crystal glass keyboard. Maxfone M301 plays Loud Music and supports T-Flash. The other features such as Dual SIM, Bluetooth, Music player, Camera, MP3/MP4, FM, Password Protection, Blacklist. Maxfone M301 has got a long-lasting battery which produces stand by up to 30 days. The price of Maxfone M301 is around Rs. 2199.

Maxfone M101

Maxfone M101

Maxfone M101 is a Dual Sim handset producing dual stand by. The Maxfone M101 has a 1.8 inch display screen which ensures high resolution along with a torch light. This multimedia phone offers MP3 music player as well as a wireless FM Radio. The memory is expandable up to 2 GB. The price of Maxfone M101 is Rs. 1599.

Maxfone M201

Maxfone M201 provides a 1.8 inch TFT display. Maxfone M201 handset has features such as SMS, MMS, camera, MP3 and Blacklist. The memory is expandable upto 2 GB. This handset produces loud music along with 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Maxfone M201 offers a long battery which provides 30 days battery backup. The price of Maxfone M201 is around Rs. 1999.

The mobile handsets produced by the company Maxfone Mobiles are as always of very good quality and within affordable price of average Indian people. So the phones are becoming more and more popular day by day in India.

iFixit: manuel de réparation pour l'iPad

iFixit: manuel de réparation pour l'iPad
Les bricoleurs à iFixit viennent de lancer leur application iOS propres appelé "iFixit: Repair Manual" Comme son nom l'indique, l'application de l'iPad seule contient globale de l'entreprise, manuels de réparation gratuit pour presque tous les portables Apple, ainsi que pour les consoles de jeux téléphones mobiles.

L'équipe de iFixit est bien connu pour avoir pris part tous les produits publiés par Apple ces dernières années.

Tout démontage est bien documentés et présentés au monde dans une approche globale et, à l'occasion, de manière drôle.

La société, toutefois, se spécialise principalement dans la fixation des choses. Il vend des pièces de rechange, ainsi que le peuple réel besoin d'outils pour faire le travail à la maison.

The Game of the Year

Hello, again!  I've missed you all in my absence . . . I've been dwelling in  holiday and family (and snow!) here in Georgia.  Hope everyone else's Christmas was as beautiful as mine was.  My best gift?  Inches of snow!

on my mama's back deck on Christmas Day
excuse the poor picture quality--camera was dead!

But last night came the real excitement as the Saints took on the Falcons in the Georgia Dome.  Note that I am a major Saints fan currently in Falcon territory!  And given that I grew up in Georgia, you can imagine my facebook news feed was brimming with this kind of slander:

Hunter Willett:  I hope the aints fans are wearing protective gear cause there will be some shankin going on tonight if they want to talk that who dat BS. They will walk into the dome tonight happy and hoping for a win and they will leave with a loss and a knife in that ass.

I mean whoa, man, a little agro there, huh?  In any case, I quietly basked in giddiness and glory since my boys were the first team to take down the Falcons in their own stadium this season.  WHO DAT!

We had at least 20 people over to my dad & Amy's house, and I believe I was the only New Orleans fan in the room . . . but I wore my Love Dat! shirt, fleur de lis earrings, gold glitter shoes, and my Who Dat scarf, and I cheered my boys on proudly. 

I'm off to lunch with the family, but I'm eager to catch up on all of your blogs and hear about your holidays!

Triumph Speed Triple to hit Indian roads soon

The TRIUMPH two wheelers company is all set now to freeze the market with its new model motor bike named as Triumph Speed Triple. The Sporty bikes will surely attract a lot of eyes. Those looking for a heavy, fast and reliable change can go for Triumph Triple Speed. The bike has been provided with a lot of features and eye catching looks. This motor bike is a true symbol of speed. It has the advanced technological features, what makes it a sensational one. The new Triumph Triple Speed is ready to hit the Indian roads. The bike lovers are curiously waiting to see the speed monster. This motor bike provides the maximum safety and real pleasure of riding. The company assures that the bike will suit the Indian roads and if this comes out to be true then Triumph may hit the market with a bang.

Triumph Speed Triple
The Triumph Speed Triple has a very heavy engine of 1050cc. It is also heavier than the Triumph Speed Master. The engine is filled with 3 powerful cylinders and it contains 12 valves which make the engine safe and fast. The engine type is DOHC and the same technology is used in Mahindra Stallio, water cooled system for cooling with strong and stylist chassis. It has an electronic fuel injection of multipoint sequential. The transmission of bike is enabled with multi plate clutch and the six speed gear box which makes the ride fast and smooth. This motor bike is heavy and weights about 189 kg and the seat height is 32.1 inches. The dimension of this motor bike is 82.3 X 30.7 X49.2 inches.

Triumph Speed Triple

The fuel tank of Triumph Speed Triple has a capacity of 18 litres. The wheels of this motor bike are made so as to provide a firm grip to the road. The dimension of wheel base is 1429mm. there is no need to remember with triumph speed triple, if there is fuel in tank or not because the bike has been provided with low fuel indicator. The speedometer is also digital type and an analogue tachometer is provided for speed. The fuel gauge is also digital type. You can fling triumph speed triple with self start. The engine provides the maximum power of 130hp at the rate of 9100 rpm and also delivers maximum torque of 105 Nm at the rate of 5100 rpm. The aluminium alloy is used for engine block material. The company is thinking to launch this bike with three colours i.e. in jet black, neon blue and scorched yellow.

Low priced LG mobiles: C310 and A120

The LG A120 is the latest model deliver by world largest company LG mobiles. It was released on 22nd December of 2010. It has been offered with affordable price and wireless FM radio makes it more attractive for the young generation. It is available in different colors and also light weight feature, what helps you to carry easily. This mobile phone has slim body, what makes the personality of this mobile phone more attractive. The cost price of new LG A120 mobile phone is Rs.1749 only in India and it can easily available in every store of LG.

LG A120
The LG A120 has so many interesting features like Torch Light, Anti Theft Mobile Tracker, At frequencies of GSM 900 / 1800 MHz., Display of 4.5 centimeters and also TFT 65K Colors. This mobile phone has an Internal Memory 729 KB and the dimensions of this mobile phone are 108MM X 45MM X 12.9MM. This mobile phone can support the SMS, MMS for the smart messaging. The LG A120 has an advanced FM Recording, Dual Band GSM, Flight Mode, 64 Polyphonic tones with the dual speaker for the beast quality sound. This mobile phone has the additional features are like World Clock, Unit converter, advanced Calculator, USB Charging, Flight Mode, Social Networking, MP3 Player.

LG C310 is a latest model produced by world largest telecom company LG and it has launched on 24th December 2010. It has the dual SIM feature and wide range of screen makes it sporty look .it has great feature like TFT display,2 Mp camera,WI-Fi ,Bluetooth .its keypad more soft for very good use of gaming and texting and it have great body and produce more surround sound that takes you another world of music. It has the WI-FI connectivity provides the facility to connect with your friend by social networking.

LG C310
LG C310 can be expanded up to 2 GB with the help of Micro SD card through which you can add more data. It has a standard battery with the battery backup of stand by up to 6 hours. The cost price of this mobile phone is also affordable. It can support the frequency band like GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 GSM 900 in Network for the both SIM. The dimensions of this mobile phone are 116 x 66 x 14 mm. this phone has a QWERTY keyboard, 3.5 mm audio jack, GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, Video, Colors Black/Red, Talk time Up to 6 h, MP4/H.264 player, MP3/eAAC+/WAV player, Organizer, Voice memo, Predictive text input, Standard battery, Li-Ion, Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM,now its available in all Mobile store.

Harley Davidson Iron 883

The Harley Davidson is an American based two wheeler manufacturing company and it latest powerful model is named as Harley Davidson Iron 883 in the automotive market of India. This motor bike is designed in such a way that to provide the maximum safety, comfort and the real pleasure of riding to its rider. It has equipped with a powerful and most advanced engine, which will provide the maximum speed and smooth riding. This motor bike is the first motor bike of Harley Davidson, which will be launched in India for the first time. The cost price of this motor bike will be around Rupees 650000 in the automotive market of India. This motor bike will be launched in the first month of 2011 in India, which is declared by the Harley Davidson Company.

Harley Davidson Iron 883
The Harley Davidson Iron 883 has an advanced and more powerful engine with so many ultimate features. The engine type of this motor bike is 4 strokes and V – twin and it also has equipped with the 2 cylinders, 4 valves and the technology of air cooling. The compression ratio of this motor bike is 8.9:1 and the configuration of valve is OHV. This displacement of this engine is 883 CC and the engine of this motor bike can able to produce the maximum Torque of 70 Nm at the rate of 3750 rpm. The engine of this motor bike is equipped with the electric fuel injection system. The starting system of Ignition is based on the electric starter.

Harley Davidson Iron 883
The Chassis of Harley Davidson Iron 883 is very strong and also designed to provide the maximum comfort to the rider. This motor bike can run smoothly at the top speed on the road of India. The transmission of this motor bike is equipped with the 5 speeds gear box for the fast and stress free riding. The transmission type is operated manually and the primary drive of this motor bike is equipped with the rear wheel belt. The measures of tyres are 100/90 R19 57H of Dunlop for the front side and the rear one is 150/80 R16 71H of Dunlop. The both braking system of this motor bike are equipped with the Hydraulic disc for the effective and instant brake, which is very essential for the road of India. The wheel base of this motor bike is 59.8 inches and Harley Davidson Iron 883 has fuel tank with the fuel capacity of 12.5 litres and the reserve capacity is 3.3 litres.

Values of currencies in gold - Valeurs des devises exprimées en or

2 dias de uso com o Nokia N8

Não vou fazer review nem unboxing ou coisas do tipo pois isso todo mundo ta cansado de ver, vou relatar minha experiencia como usuário.

O aparelho ou melhor o conjunto aparelho/sistema symbian^3 bate de longe o antigo, a interface ainda é um pouco parecida mas isso logo fica para traz quando você começa a mexer no aparelho.

Rápido, sim ele é muito rápido, por isso se você esta com receio de comprar pensando que vai encontrar a mesma lentidão da versão anterior pode desencucar meu amigo, vá ate alguma loja e manuseie o aparelho, garanto que em poucos minutos as impressões ruins ficam para traz, comigo foram 15 minutos para isso acontecer.

O aparelho é bem construído e passa a sensação de se tratar realmente de um aparelho robusto e feito com material de qualidade gostei muito, alem disso ele é bem fino para um smartphone com tantos recursos, quase a mesma espessura que o E71 porem mais leve.

Vou listar alguns pontos.

Câmera: sim ela é ótima se você souber como usar pois o flash xênon tende a estourar o nível de branco, se você for tirar fotos no automático em ambientes internos com luz artificial desligue o flash se o objeto ou pessoa estiver a mais de 3 metros e não se preocupe que a foto não sai escura, e para menos de 3 metros deixe o flash no automático ou com redução de olhos vermelhos.

Vídeo: o vídeo eu ainda não testei mas tenho certeza que é muito bom tirando pela experiencia que já tive com outros Nokias e ate com o N97 mini que utilizava 2 dias atras.

Sistema Symbian^3: sim ele é rápido tudo é acessado rapidamente claro que a combinação hardware/software fizeram essa diferença. O menu lembra o velho symbian mas sem a irritação e lentidão do anterior mas como estamos na primeira versão eu tenho certeza que quando começarem a sair as atualizações de firmware a coisa sera diferente e com certeza muitas melhorias e correções serão implementadas e disso eu não tenho duvida.

Bug: alguns relataram que o aparelho ficava conectando sozinho a internet e mesmo você desabilitando a busca Wi-Fi ele conectava, eu não considero um bug e sim uma função de sincronização da conta de e-mail, basta alterar o horário de recuperação a seu gosto ou desmarcar os dias de recuperação.

Hackear e mudar o produt code, coisa que era fácil na versão anterior nesse novo symbian ^3 se tornou uma dor de cabeça pois o NSS não é compatível com ele e o JAF ate se comunica mas não altera o produt code, ate o momento o método que esta sendo usado com sucesso utiliza o phoenix que pra mim é meio arriscado e por esse motivo deixei ele com o firmware original da Claro pois toda a tranqueira ou quase toda eu removi com exceção do tema e o logo de ligar e desligar o aparelho o que não chega a ser um incomodo mas to pensando em atualizar ele usando uma box profissional essa semana vejo isso.

Considerações finais: R$1500 é um valor considerável para se pagar num smartphone, mas tem aparelhos mais caros e com menos recursos que o N8, alem disso o N95 foi muito mais caro quando foi lançado veio cheio de bugs e mesmo assim se tornou o aparelho mais vendido da nokia em todos os tempos, tenho certeza que o N8 vai trilhar esse mesmo caminho e se você tem $$$ disponível e esta em duvida pode comprar e aguardar pois esse aparelho tem tudo para se tornar um N95 do futuro se a nokia corrigir as falhas sem demora, ah!! já ia esquecendo, a embalagem poderia ser bem melhor se tratando do aparelho top da marca concordam comigo?

Taiwan iPad Mini Déclarée «un faux Photoshop»

Taiwan iPad Mini Déclarée «un faux Photoshop»
La prétendue iPad Mini bafouées par un célèbre pilote de course automobile taïwanais semble être faux, selon une personne ayant une connaissance de la façon dont ces résultats peuvent être atteints.

Lin a coûté la plus petite dispositif a été un prototype de iPad mini.

Lin a affirmé avoir mis la main sur un "mini jouet iPad nouvelle», qui plus tard, il a précisé qu'il s'agissait d'un prototype réel Apple iPad,et celui qui a été très approprié pour les mains de son fils âgé d'un an de.

L'image affichée par Lin regardé (et regarde encore) assez légitime.

HTC Desire HD

The HTC Desire HD is a Smartphone of Android made by HTC Corporation. It was released in London at 15 September, 2010 in a press conference of hosted by HTC Corporation. It was available for sale from mid October using codename "HTC Ace".

The HTC Desire HD has some mind blowing features that can hit the heart of any fashionable handset loving person. The specifications of HTC Desire HD mobile phone set are given below:

HTC Desire HD
Supported network:

1. 2G Network- GSM 850/900/1800/1900.
2. 3G Network- HSDPA 900/2100.

1. Dimensions -123x68x11.8 mm.
2. Weight -164 gram.

1. Type- LCD capable of touch screen with 16M colors.
2. Size- 4.3 inches with 480x800 pixels.
3. UI autorotate Accelerometer.
4. Auto turn-off Proximity sensor.
5. HTC Sensible UI.
6. Multi touch input.


1. Alert types- Vibrating alert, MP3 and WAV ringtones.
2. Speakerphone- Yes.
3. Audio jack (3.5 mm).
4. SRS sound increment.


1. Phonebook- unlimited fields and entries with Photo call advantages.
2. Call records –unlimited.
3. Built-in - 1.5 GB with 768 MB of RAM.
4. Memory card- microSD 8GB (included), expandable up to 32GB.


1. GPRS and EDGE Class 32.
2. 3G HSDPA(14.4 Mbps) and HSUPA (5.76 Mbps).
3. WLAN- Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA.
4. Bluetooth –Yes, version-2.1 with A2DP.
5. No infrared port.
6. USB- Available, microUSB with version 2.0.


1.Resolution-8 MP with maximum 3264x2448 pixels.
2. Flash- dual LED flash with autofocus.
3. Features- face detection, Geo-tagging.
4. Video- Yes, with resolution of 720p.

HTC Desire HD

1. OS- Android Operating System with version 2.2 (Froyo)
2. CPU- Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8255 with 1 GHz of processor
3. Messaging- SMS with thread view, MMS, Push Email, Email and IM
4. Browser- HTML
5. Radio- Stereo FM radio
6. Games- Yes
7. GPS Yes, A-GPS supported
8. Java- java supported by third party application
9. Digital compass
10.Enhanced separate search key
11. Google, Maps, Gmail
12. Voice memo
13. YouTube, Picasa, Google Talk integration
14. MP3 / WAV / AAC / WMA9 player
15. Xvid / DivX / MP4 / H.264 / H.263 / WMV9 player
16. Adobe Flash v10.1
17. Facebook and Twitter applications
18. T9 dictionary


Li-Ion 1230 mAh with Upto 490 hour for 2G and Upto 420 hour for 3G.
This amazing new phone is available in Black silver and Brown color. Its user friendly and excellent features helped HTC Corporation to make itself the top user’s choice. And the good news is that it’s available in India market. The price is around Rs. 28,000/-.

Comprei o Nokia N8 finalmente

Bom depois de muita duvida sobre qual aparelho comprar acabei me decidindo pelo nokia N8 pois alem de ser um belíssimo aparelho o preço que comprei ele na Claro foi um atrativo a mais.

O aparelho é muito mais rápido do que qualquer aparelho com symbian que a nokia já fabricou ate hoje, ele é mais leve do que o N97 mini, mais fino e menos perceptível no bolso da calça, botei ele para carregar agora e vou começar a fazer uma pesquisa para ver qual produt-code posso usar nele para remover a tranqueira que a claro coloca no firmware.

Three Random Pictures

hope I don't get coal!

Ignatius's elf costume 2010

William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. and Kit Kiefer
Flava Flav and my daddy

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Aplicativos da Ovi Loja deixam viagens mais práticas

Está perdido no meio de Paris, não tem ideia de um ponto turístico interessante em Londres ou ainda quer sugestões de onde levar aquela pessoa especial para jantar em Milão? A Nokia sugere o Ovi Mapas, serviço de localização e navegação da marca e alguns aplicativos da Ovi Loja, ambos gratuitos, para planejar a viagem de final de ano ou férias ou até mesmo socorrer os usuários em momentos inesperados quando está fora de casa e deixar o passeio mais prazeroso.

Ovi Mapas
Para se orientar em cidades de mais de 70 países, o serviço oferece mapas com orientação por voz, para veículos e pedestres. O Ovi Mapas inclui, ainda, recursos premium como o novo serviço de informações de trânsito, o guia turístico premiado Lonely Planet, além de oferecer acesso a conteúdos locais por meio do site de viagens TripAdvisor para encontrar hotéis. Os mapas ficam instalados na memória do telefone, o que permite que a navegação seja feita com baixíssimo uso de dados – ou seja, sem sustos na conta telefônica, o que é importante quanto se está fora do País.

O serviço também está integrado ao Apontador, assim os usuários podem visualizar a localização de postos de gasolina, pizzarias, caixas eletrônicos e outros pontos de interesse de graça no próprio Ovi Mapas que é compatível com os smartphones Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 5800 Comes With Music, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5235 Comes With Music, Nokia X6, Nokia E72, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini e Nokia N8.
World Traveller
O aplicativo mostra a previsão de tempo para cinco dias em 5 mil cidades, taxas de câmbio em tempo real para 184 moedas, horário local para regiões específicas entre outras dicas.

Aprendiz de viajante
Para quem ainda não decidiu o destino de uma viagem ou precisa de dicas de determinado local, esse app do blog homônimo tem várias indicações e depoimentos de quem já passou pela região.

Veja São Paulo
Os usuários que estão em São Paulo também podem ter dicas de passeios, teatros, cinemas, bares e restaurantes na capital paulistana. Desenvolvido pelo Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia (INdT) em parceria com a Abril Digital, o aplicativo traz a listagem completa e categorizada dos locais, com a opção de fazer buscas da região em que estiver por meio do GPS.

Aplicativo Araguaia, da Nokia, traz tudo que acontece na nova novela da Globo

A Nokia, em parceria com a Rede Globo, desenvolveu a aplicação Araguaia, para que os usuários de smartphones Nokia possam acompanhar todos os lances da nova novela das 6 da emissora de onde estiverem. É possível saber das novidades, acompanhar os bastidores e saber mais sobre o que vai acontecer na novela.

Entre as principais funcionalidades do aplicativo, destacam-se:
Notícias: últimas notícias relacionadas aos capítulos, bastidores e curiosidades. É possível também compartilhar as notícias por SMS e e-mail.

Personagens: permite ao usuário encontrar informações sobre as personagens, fotos e um resumo das intenções e interações delas na trama.
Capítulos: resumo do capítulo do dia, com um pacote de imagens sempre atualizado. Os fãs da novela também poderão ver os capítulos anteriores e os capítulos da próxima semana.

Para baixar o aplicativo, acesse:

Importante: O Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia aconselha que o software de seu celular esteja sempre atualizado, para uma melhor performance. Além disso, o aplicativo tem melhor desempenho em redes 3G e Wi-Fi.

Karbonn unveils K514 Dual Sim Slider Music Mobile

Karbonn Mobiles is doing well in Indian mobile market with the launch of affordable priced and feature rich mobiles. It now has launched a Dual SIM equipped Slider Music mobile named Karbonn K514. As other Karbonn mobile, it is also available with affordable price tag of Rs. 3000 in market.

Karbonn K514

Karbonn K514 is the latest features rich mobile phone from Karbon's popular K series. It is a slider handset that supports Dual (GSM+GSM)SIM while other main feature includes 2 mega pixel camera; with this digital 2 megapixel camera user can enjoy photo shooting and video recording.

Karbonn K514 is stuffed with full music features like Mp4/Video Player, Bluetooth support, Mp3/Music Player, Polyphonic Ringtones and an FM Radio with Stereo that make it music mobile in the segment. The user can find SMS and MMS facility in it. The mobile supports up to 8GB microSD card for external memory.

Karbonn K514 has 2.2 inches LCT TFT display screen with resolution of 176x220c pixels and works on network frequency of GSM 900/1800 Mhz. It also supports GPRS and WAP which make it latest handset. The company has recently launched 10 new mobiles in the market and it is a venture of this portfolio that has different features than others.

That Rabbit Game 1.2 is now available for Maemo 5

I've blogged about it already, and even showed some code during an Interview at Nokia World, but there have not been any releases of That Rabbit Game so far, mostly due to Ovi Store QA not understanding what Optification means and requesting that the version number of the application appears somewhere in the app UI (after 15 days in QA). I've made the requested changes, added scoring and pushed new releases (of version 1.2) for both Symbian and Maemo 5 to Ovi QA.

Until the game gets published on Ovi, I decided to release packages on the website so you can download and enjoy the game right away - and maybe even provide some feedback. Please don't mirror/redistribute the packages, but link directly to the website. Download That Rabbit Game for Maemo 5!

Controls are via accelerometer (to tilt the rabbit head left/right) and via touchscreen (tap to flap your wings - the longer you tap, the harder the wings flap). The goal is to lose 10 coins in 90 seconds by getting shot 10 times. After that, the next goal is to lose the 10 coins in as little time as possible. Yes, you control the rabbit head, and not the crosshairs.

Updates and changes will be announced via @thatrabbitgame on Twitter, so follow it and tell your friends. Enjoy!

The Nostalgic LG Select MN180

Here's a new prepaid cell phone that can cater to the need of seniors who need a mobile communication device. The LG Select MN180 recently went live on the MetroPCS website with a senior-friendly prepaid price of $59.00.

I describe the LG Select MN180 as nostalgic because its design does not seem to belong to the current era of mobile phones. It's design reflects the handsets that were manufactured a few years ago. While that might seem like a negative description, it is actually a good thing for senior users who prefer simple and easy to use mobile phones.

The LG Select MN180 features a clamshell design with dual color displays. The main displays measures 2 inches and supports 262 K colors. It is large enough to compare with other mobile phone for seniors plus the color support and solid resolution (76X220) is suitable for the elderly with weak vision.

This senior-friendly cell phone a large and user-friendly keypad. Combine it with an easy to use menu and you have a down-to-earth handset hat provides practicality on the go.

The other notable features for the nostalgic LG Select MN180 include a one-touch button for speakerphone, 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity, Voicemail, text messaging, and a 1000 mAh LiIon battery.

The LG Select MN180 is a good choice for seniors who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use cell phone.

That's it for this quick look at another cell phone for senior citizens. Visit us every week as we preview new mobile phones for the elderly as well as news and updates related to cell phones for seniors.

Mahindra Thar to launch tomorrow

The classic retro beauty from Mahindra is all set to zoom in the ever expanding Indian Auto market at a price tag of Rs 6 to 8 Lakh. Mahindra Thar, the exciting model from Indian Automobile manufacturer is designed to remind the mythological jeep feel to the Indians. The all new Gypsy, Mahindra Thar will make its grand entry in Indian markets tomorrow, 21st December 2010.

The first two states to welcome the traditional beauty is none other than top tourist destination, Rajasthan and Kerela. Mahindra Thar is a model from Mahindra which is existing already in the South African and European auto market. Mahindra is coming up with this powerful and aggressive model to delight all the jeep aficionados in India.

Mahindra Thar PictureSee More Mahindra Thar Pictures       Read More on Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar is designed to give the best off-road experience and that what makes it a perfect carrier for the tourist industry. The jeep following its age long traditions, is built on open roof concept and gives the royal inherent feel. The industry sources say that Mahindra & Mahindra designed this powerful model only for the foreign markets but owing to its exponential demand they planned its appearance in domestic market as well.

The Mahindra Thar will bring back the marvelous memories of Mahindra MM540 and Mahindra MM550 thus shouldering the tradition of its ancestors. The jeep is sure to gain high demand in Indian auto market as it holds the brand name Mahindra which is visible on Jeeps since ages. Country has come through many decades ahead and has faced storms of changing fashions but the aroma of a jeep has never reduced, it remains the favourite of many users.

The royal Mahindra Thar will take peoples heart with the shock bearing capability and strength. The driver can feel safe with the jeep as it will go on irrespective of road conditions. The striking grace gets its enumerable power from 2.5 litre CRDe powertrain mated with 5 speed manual transmission, which again takes you to the glorious past. The engine is built top give a peak power of 105 BHP @ 3800 rpm thus making it an unchained devil on roads.

Micromax Q7 Feature, Price and Review

Micromax Q7 is a new mobile set which is a member of the Q series of Micromax. It is a recently released QWERTY phone released by Micromax after the success of their Q3 and Q5 handsets. It has some stunning features that has made it look professional. By this mobile sets, Micromax has taken a step to come closer to the world class smartphones.

Micromax Q7 handsets have some astonishing features of smartphones. Micromax has focused on the data transfer technology by Micromax Q7. It is a GSM enabled mobile set with GPRS enabled. Micromax Q7 is a GSM phone including EDGE enabled and working on GSM 900 1800 MegaHertz bandwidths. The display of Micromax Q7 is 5.6 centimeter broad and can show 262k color. The 2 Megapixel camera is one of the features which extend the beauty of Micromax Q7. The Micromax Q7 is potent on multimedia systems. The multi format multimedia player is able to play MP3, WAV, MIDI and AMR media formats. The Micromax Q7 has a super construction with Yamaha Audio amplifier. 3.5 millimeter audio jack makes it stunning in order to connect most classic phones. The Micromax Q7 is also able to play 3GP, MP4 and AVI videos. Micromax Q7 also holds a Stereo FM Radio for entertaining people.

Micromax Q7The dual SIM technique has added an extra appeal to this phone. It has a powerful battery of 800 mAh which gives talk time of 4.5 hours and standby of 6 days. The trackball navigation and ezpad keyboard has made the users of Micromax Q7 comfortable to use the handset.

You will get the following equipments bundled in the box:

Micromax Q7
Hands free
Driver CD
USB Cable
Leather pouch
Warranty Card
User & Service manual

The key features of Micromax Q7 are:

QWERTY Keyboard
Wi Fi
Wi Fi
Trackball Navigation
Opera Mini
Multimedia player
Double SIM
Internal Memory: 78 MB
MicroSD card which is expandable upto 4GB
Talk Time: 4.5 hours
Stand by: 6 days

The Micromax Q7 Price in India is kept very reasonable to the Indian mobile phone users. Though the price changes with time and location the current average Micromax Q7 Price in India is Rs. 4,049. Considering the quality of Micromax Q7, it is a good budget phone for the average people of India.

iBook: Comment afficher, Sync, enregistrer et imprimerdes fichiers PDF

iBook: Comment afficher, Sync, enregistrer et imprimerdes fichiers PDF
Merci à une récente mise à jour iBook, vous avez maintenant???Ont la possibilité de visualiser, de synchronisation et d'impression des fichiers PDF directement sur votre appareil. Vous pouvez même afficher les pièces jointes PDF e-mail ou des fichiers PDF à partir de Safari, selon Apple - le tout dans iBooks.

Avant de commencer l'alimentation de votre périphérique iOS livres PDF, il y a quelques petites choses à noter.

Tout d'abord, iBook 1.2 pour iPhone, iPhone et iPod touch nécessite iOS 4.2 ou ultérieure.

En outre, la visualisation des fichiers PDF à partir de Safari dans iBooks exige iOS 4.2 ou version ultérieure, tandis que l'impression des fichiers PDF nécessite iOS 4.2 ou ultérieure.

Avec cela à la manière, les propriétaires d'un iPod touch (2egénération), iPod touch (3e génération), iTunes, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPod touch (4e génération), iPhone ou iPhone 3G, peuventsuivre ces étapes dans Afin de visualiser correctement, synchroniser, sauvegarder et imprimer des fichiers PDF, sur leur appareil.

Synchronisation et sauvegarde au format PDF

Pour ajouter des fichiers PDF à la bibliothèque iTunes sur un Mac ou un PC, les utilisateurs doivent simplement faire glisser et déposer le fichier PDF dans leur bibliothèque iTunes livre. Voici comment cela se fait, selon Apple:

Pour synchroniser un fichier PDF pour iBook sur votre appareil:

1. Sélectionnez votre iPhone, iPhone ou iPod touch dans la liste des périphériques sur la gauche dans iTunes 10.1 ou ultérieur.

2. Cliquez sur l'onglet Livres de la fenêtre qui apparaît.

3. Assurez-vous que la case à cocher Sync Livres est activée.

4. Si iTunes est configuré pour synchroniser seulement les livres sélectionnés, veillez à cocher la case à côté du PDF que vous souhaitez synchroniser.

5. Cliquez sur Sync.

Impression des fichiers PDF dans iBook

Impression des fichiers PDF à partir de l'application iBook est facile car pie.PDF

Il suffit de veiller à ce que vous ayez iBook 1,2 et 4,2 iOS ou une version ultérieure. Lors de la visualisation de votre fichier PDF, appuyez sur la flèche située dans la barre de menu du haut, et appuyez sur imprimer. Sélectionnez une imprimante, plage de pages, le nombre de copies, et cliquez sur " Imprimer ". Ça y est!

Hello from Georgia!

As soon as I took my seat on the airplane, right next to a couple decked out in head-to-toe Harley Davidson gear (man with long gray ponytail, excess facial hair, Harley Davidson wife beater, and tattoos; woman with excess eyeliner, Harley clothes, Harley ring), I knew I was headed home.  I'm not kidding when I say that I heard them talking about their dog . . . named Harley.

My mama picked me up at the airport, and now I'm writing from my childhood bed (and at 3 am Georgia time).  There's even a framed picture of tiny baby Claire on the nightstand. :)

It feels good to be home, and I can't wait to see all my peeps.  Plus, my stepmom and I are going to get Brazilian blowouts tomorrow--woo hoo for shiny, frizzless locks!

But before I left California, I went to a baby shower for a very special lady.  Many of you know my dear friend Heather from her blog, A Measure Of . . . .  She was one of my first friends in grad school (I met her in my very first poetry workshop as an MFA student!), and we've never looked back--through several relationships, a few wild and mildly embarrassing stories, and trips around the world.  After a few-year stint in Patagonia, Chile, I finally have Heather back with me!  And now she has a husband and a baby (belly) in tow.

On Saturday we convened at The Hobnob, one of the East Bay's finest brunch establishments (my opinion might be swayed due to their $8 bottomless mimosas).  It was so wonderful to see Heather again (although harder to hug her now!) and to finally meet Serkan!  He's just as sweet and adorable as she'd described.

soon-to-be-parents, Serkan & Heather

And because I was so thrilled to be hanging out with Heather again, I didn't even mind that I was the only single person at the table, and the only woman drinking (I had four mimosas)!  Cheers to that, right?

Heather, Heather's belly, and me

She's a pretty damn cute pregnant lady.  She's all belly and she carries it so elegantly!  I cannot wait to meet lil man Yalin.  There's no doubt he's gonna be a stunner, what with his lovely & peaceful parents.  Move to Oakland, Heather!  You'll pretty much have an on-call auntie-sitter! :)

gPodder 2.11 in Extras-Testing fixes YouTube downloads

A new version of gPodder is out. If you are having problems with YouTube downloads recently, this release is for you. There are also some other minor changes and fixes (detailed changelog for gPodder 2.11). No translation updates or major new features, though. Grab the new package from Extras-Testing. The usual disclaimers apply. If you can, please test and vote for gPodder 2.11-1 in Extras-Testing, so other users can enjoy the fixes as soon as possible.

As always, a new Diablo package has also been uploaded and should be available in Diablo Extras for all N8x0 users soon.

Vendo Nokia N97 mini 1 mês de uso completo com nota(VENDIDO)

É o seguinte pessoal, estou vendendo meu Nokia N97 mini completo na caixa com nota fiscal e garantia de 1 ano que termina em 19 de novembro de 2011.

Vai na caixa com todos os acessórios que nem foram retirados do plastico, o valor é de R$750.00, aparelho original da TIM mas sem as frescuras dela é claro, já atualizado com a ultima versão.

Valor R$700.00 contato 71-8747-1688 ou

Motorola Honeycomb the tablet mobile

Motorola and Google have manufactured together the first tablet mobile named Motorola Honeycomb which is powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. This new Tablet cum Mobile is same as Galaxy Tablet.

Motorola Honeycomb is the next-generation tablet which has showed off by the Google engineering Andy Rubin at Dive Into Mobile conference in San Francisco. Honeycomb is the next version of Android Mobile Operating system which make it fast device. The new device is equipped with a 3D Dual Core processor from NVIDIA.

Motorola Honeycomb
It is expected that this upcoming tablet-mobile will be launched in the second half of the next year. And the device might be launched world wide. In measure Motorola Honeycomb has 10 inches display screen that provides better quality outputs. Through this mobile cum tablet you can video-chatting and calling.

Motorola Honeycomb which is the tablet optimized OS has been loaded with new technology which allow you any applications to split its view into multiple panes. And expect nice Android tablets in the early-second half of next year only.

Motorola Honeycomb
Motorola Honeycomb has been equipped with five Mega Pixel camera on the back, two Mega Pixel front-facing camera, 1280×800 pixel resolution. The new device has 32 GB of internal memory, 1 GHz main processor, Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 dual-core graphic processor and 512 MB of RAM. The new Tablet cum mobile supports connectivity of 3G and faster LTE network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This innovative features and technology make it super tablet in the segment.

The company has not announced expected price about the Motorola Honeycomb but it will be displayed at World Mobile conference next year.

Application PlayStation pour iphone (iOS)

Application PlayStation pour iphone (iOS) Portal Manager Emmanuel Orssaud a annoncé une application PlayStation officiel doit être libéré pour des dispositifs d'IOS et Android "très bientôt", offrant la possibilité de vérifier PlayStation Network trophées et rester à jour avec des jeux des amis et de leur statut en ligne, et de découvrir les derniers jeux et de nouvelles, de mentionner quelques-uns des avantages les plus remarquables.

La version 1.0 de l'application sera limitée à une poignée de fonctions, Sony révèle. Pourtant, il semble qu'il y aura suffisamment de raisons pour tout le monde possédant une PlayStation et un smartphone pour télécharger l'application gratuitement dès qu'il est sorti.

Les joueurs seront en mesure de vérifier PlayStation Network trophées et tenir à jour avec des jeux des amis et de leur statut en ligne, découvrez tous les derniers jeux, des nouvelles et matériel informatique pour PlayStation 3, PSP et PlayStation 2, lire toutes les annonces sur le PlayStation européenne. Blog, et de partager leurs produits favoris ou nouvelles avec vos amis sur Facebook,Twitter ou par e-mail, selon la liste des fonctionnalités.

Produtos da ESET passam a ser vendidos nas lojas Saraiva

A ESET, empresa europeia responsável pelo premiado antivírus ESET NOD32, anuncia que fechou parceria com a rede de livrarias Saraiva para a distribuição de seus produtos destinados à segurança digital. A partir deste mês, as lojas Saraiva de todo o Brasil passam a vender o antivírus ESET NOD32 e a suíte ESET Smart Security, que reúne antivírus, antispam e firewall pessoal.
Desde agosto deste ano, a ESET oferece no mercado nacional as versões em mídia física de seus softwares, que até então só podiam ser adquiridos via download. “Em parceria com a Saraiva, nossa expectativa é ampliar nossa proximidade com o consumidor que deseja adquirir nossos produtos. Nossos softwares estão entre os mais bem avaliados do mercado, ideal para o perfil dos clientes Saraiva”, comenta Camillo Di Jorge, country manager da ESET Brasil.
Tanto o ESET NOD32 Antivirus quanto o ESET Smart Security são oferecidos com suporte ao usuário de forma totalmente gratuita. É possível baixar uma versão de teste de ambos os softwares, com validade de 30 dias, no site

Sobre o ESET NOD32 Antivirus
A tecnologia mais efetiva e velo disponível para proteger o usuário de todo tipo de malware sem afetar o desempenho do equipamento enquanto trabalha ou joga. O motor heurístico ThreatSense do ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 é ainda mais rápido e inteligente, incorporando o bloqueio de dispositivos de armazenamento móveis, novas ferramentas de diagnóstico e recuperação e mais técnicas de detecção proativa.

Sobre o ESET Smart Security
O ESET Smart Security é uma solução unificada e integrada lançada em novembro de 2007, que incorpora as funcionalidades de antispam e firewall pessoal ao ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Desta forma, o ESET Smart Security se transforma em um produto único no mercado, capaz de detectar qualquer tipo de ameaça na Internet e proteger de forma completa qualquer dispositivo ou ambiente corporativo com impacto mínimo no sistema e consumo mínimo de recursos graças à integração dessas funcionalidades em um único processo, alcançando os mais altos níveis de proteção.

Placar UOL, aplicativo traz o melhor do futebol para os usuários de smartphones Nokia

O aplicativo Placar UOL deixa todos os fanáticos por futebol atualizados sobre os principais campeonatos da temporada: brasileirão, estaduais, campeonato espanhol, campeonato inglês, série B, copa do Brasil, libertadores, e muito mais. Com ele os usuários de smartfones Nokia poderão acompanhar jogos ao vivo lance a lance, além de acessar vídeos, notícias, fotos, tabelas de jogos, classificação e detalhes dos times.Todas as informações são atualizadas em tempo real, diretamente do portal UOL. Para baixar esse aplicativo, acesse: Placar UOL :

Importante: O Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia aconselha que o software de seu celular esteja sempre atualizado, para uma melhor performance. Além disso, o aplicativo tem melhor desempenho em redes 3G e Wi-Fi