Most efficient ways to find and deliver imagery.

Getty Images announced the public launch of beta, a groundbreaking new site that merges the latest technology with the most relevant industry trends to create innovative and more efficient ways to find and deliver imagery and related products and services. With the public beta, the company invites customers to help shape the future of the new

The current beta site combines, for the first time, the company’s entire collection of editorial and creative imagery and focuses on the time-sensitivity demanded by editorial customers. While the creation of the beta site was focused on the workflow and requirements of editorial customers, creative customers can preview the benefits of the new site as well. A full site re-launch, with significant enhancements and feature upgrades focused on the specialized needs of creative customers, is planned for mid 2007.

Methanol powered mobile phone charger from Samsung

Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology has developed a fuel cell that can charge a mobile phone in a few hours. The cell weighs 180 grams and can fully charge a drained battery in just 2 hours.The cell uses hydrogen, methanol and air to generate 2 Watts of power. Researchers have claimed that the test units have successfully charged phones 200 times in a row.

All you need for the cell to work is a 10 cc methanol cartridge that is good for two recharges that will cost you somewhere around $1 each. Samsung is also working to develop such a technology for PDAs and Laptops and the company expects to make the cells available within two to three years.

Web censorship - a thing of the past, if you use psiphon

Psiphon is a human rights software project developed by the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies that allows citizens in uncensored countries to provide unfettered access to the Net through their home computers to friends and family members who live behind firewalls of states that censor. This program, called psiphon (pronounced "SY-fon"), will be released on Dec. 1 in response to growing Internet censorship that is pushing citizens in restrictive countries to pursue more elaborate and sophisticated programs to gain access to Western news sites, blogs and other censored material.

Psiphon is funded by the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) , Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Psiphon is downloaded by a person in an uncensored country (, turning that person’s computer into an access point. Someone in a restricted-access country can then log into that computer through an encrypted connection and using it as a proxy, gain access to censored sites.

Opera Mini verion 3.0 officially released

Opera Mini after sucessfully testing the beta version has now officially launchec its 3.0 version, which is now available for download from the official website ( If you have a Java MIDP-capable mobile phone, this is the application you should have installed.

Opera Mini gives you access to the full web on almost all mobile phones, at least the ones with Java and data support.

Samsung launches UK's first phone with Broadband internet speed.

The new mobile phone is the Samsung Z560 and it has been released exclusively under the T-Mobile service provider. This non PDA/business device mobile phone can connect to the T-Mobile 3G network through HSDPA technology. Compared to other 3G services, the Samsung Z560 allows users to surf through the internet with connection and access of 1.8 megabits per second - and that is four times fast.

The mobile can also be connected to your computer and be used as a modem; this allows you to take advantage of instant messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) services. T-Mobile is the first to market a standard mobile phone that allows people to view the entire internet at broadband speed.

The Samsung Z560 is a light weight handset weighing in at 98g with MP3 player, video recorder, 2 megapixel camera and 30MB internal memory. It is available from free up to £139.99 and is available on a range of Web n Walk plans which allow unlimited web browsing for a set fee per month.

There is also Web n Walk Plus which also gives you unlimited internet on your laptop with instant messenger, and Web n Walk Max which gives you unlimited internet on your laptop with VoIP.

Motorola's exclusive phone for China ROKR E6

Motoroal has launched the 14.5-mm thin ROKR E6 phone in the China market. The ROKR E6 has a 2.4-inch 260k color QVGA touchscreen which allows handwriting recognition, a 2 Megapixel camera, a QR code (barcode) scanner, Bluetooth with A2DP, FM radio and a SD card slot supports up to 2GB. it has a 3.5-mm headphone jack for you to enjoy music with you oen earphone and USB 2.0 for fast file transfer. It is now selling in China for 4,280 chinese yuan(about $545).

Applications include RealPlayer which plays MP3, MPEG4, AAC+, WAV, and RealAudio formats, a business card reader and a document viewer for PDF and the most common MS Office files.

Free online file conversion, any format to any format

Last month i had reviewed which is an excellent online file converter.
( But it seems they too have competition now.. hmm competitions is always good. The new kid on the block is

ZamZar, offers free online file conversion and allows users to upload and convert the files upto 100 Mbs in one go, and it sends you the link of the file for download on your specified email address. It currently supports 5 image formats, 14 document formats, 11 video and 9 audio formats. The files are kept on the servers of Zamzar for 24 hrs. the service is worth tring. In the past users only option was using the softwares to do the convertion task and most of them used by sharewares and the worst thing was that they were specific to certain formats and were specific to Images, documents, videos etc., that is, a software could only convert either video files from one format to other or could only deal with images and similary only with sound. Now all this online converters are really cool .

Picasa 2.6 released and is Vista compatible

It doesn’t sound like anything too major for those people who are still running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6 installed, But if you don't like the built-in picture manager for Vista then make sure you have the latest release of Picasa from the google stable.

Also this release is compatibility with other softwares like Internet Explorer 7 and the latest version of firefox. To download Picasa check out our latest software section to the mid-left area of this page. Friends please do post in your comments/views on this new release..

Now make Skype Calls from any GSM cell phone

MobiGater is a new groundbreaking device that enables you to make Skype calls on your mobile phone without installing any software on your phone. If you make a lot of international calls the MobiGater can save you a lot here.

MobiGater is a Skype to GSM Gateway that connects via USB to a PC to connect to the Skype VOIP infrastructure. You need to get a SIM card for the MobiGater to make it work. Bulgarian based EURO DESIGN Ltd., the maker of the MobiGater recommends to get a SIM card with low rates on the same network as your mobile phone.

When making calls via Skype you still have to pay for the call to the MobiGater device.The elegant aspect of this solution is that you can use your mobile phone anywhere and make cheap Skype calls. The MobiGater comes in a personal use and a profession office version that also features a remote web configuration option. The MobiGater Plus sells for 199 Euro ($260) and the MobiGater Pro for 299 Euro ($391).

More details on the MobiGater site. ( )

Skype 3.0 beta version released

Skype recently released their latest beta version to interested testers. This release brings a few exciting features as well as interface improvements that makes the Skype window a lot cleaner and easier to use. So go ahead download and test it.
The main window hasn’t changed too much so you will still see the familiar interface, but the tabs have been cleaned up and are now much tidier. The Live tab gives you access to the main, new feature in version 3 - SkypeCasts. Skype describes SkypeCast as: large, hosted calls on Skype which doesn’t really give the service justice. Anybody can host a SkypeCast and your SkypeCast can be made public in the directory.
Another new addition is the ‘Extras’ section which is an interface that developers can use to extend on the Skype interface with plugins. Skype have provided a couple of games which can be played with other Skype users, but only if they are also running the latest beta version.

Overall, this new release is a huge improvement over the current 2.5 version, if just for the cleaner interface. The SkypeCasts features could herald a new wave of talk-radio shows, and we’ll have to wait to see what the developers have in store for us with the Extras plugins.. For more details check out the Official Skype Blog.

N95 the latest from Nokia' Nseries stable

We all know Nokia’s Nseries multimedia computer packs so many features that you won’t really need another gadget beside it. Here is the latest one from the Nsearies stable. The N95 is Nokia's most advanced phone yet. It's features include 5 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 150 MB internal memory, HSDPA, GPS, 2.6' QVGA LCD supporting 16 million colors, dedicated music keys, ATI Gaming chip, Wi-Fi, Micro D card slot and EDGE.

The phone will hit stores on Q1 2007 retailing for $ 700. Nokia N95 supports Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR in various application modes. The N95 comes with the updated version of S60 browser. Video Center option allows you to download streaming videos over the Internet and enjoy them on your device.

Canon launches world's smallest camcorder

Its called the Canon HV10 HD, it has the ability to record onto a DV tape and moreover you can record at 1920x1080 resolution. Its dimensions are indeed small, at 2.2 x 4.1 x 4.2 inches. The LCD of this model is just 2.7 inches, but with features like a 10x optical (which is quite impressive) and a 200x digital and three fixed speeds it has an edge above the rest. Focus is automatic or manual, according to your ability.

Everyone will appreciate the optical image stabilization as well. Storage is via miniSD cards. It also shoots stills, at 3.1 megapixels. The HV10 HD is rather light as well, weighing in at under one pound, if you don't count the lens or the battery pack. This camcorder is available now, at prices upwards of US$1,000, depending on where you shop. Do check out or Canon's website for more info.

Watch, React and Win - advertiser centric Web TV

"Are you tired of watching other people win cash and prizes on TV game shows? Isn't it time that you took center stage? " is what real estate and new media magnate Frank S. Maggio is asking to Americans. Frank has introduced ReacTV which is America’s first advertiser-centric, creative media productions company to develop reactive television programming embedded with reactive advertising. their patented technology enables interactive gaming networks, where viewers at home compete for prizes simply by watching and reacting to their television programming – and their ads.

ReacTV claims to have exclusively licensed the patented CRĀV Reactive Ad System, which allows mass media broadcasters, publishers and sponsors to create a new level of consumer awareness through reactive advertising. ReacTV. So once you register you'll become a ReacTV Reacter and compete against thousands across the U.S. for big prizes, LIVE, on TV and the web.

Samsung's latest TV mobile phone launched in Europe

SGH-P930 is the model number of Samsung's newly launches a new mobile TV phone in Italy through Telecom Italia. It combines HSDPA technology which enables high-speed data transmission along with the latest mobile TV technology.
Samsung has provided a mobile TV phone (model: SGH-P920) to Telecom Italia since May 2006.
The P930, adopts horizontal LCD screen for optimal mobile TV watching and supports stereo speaker for best sound quality.

The P930 has wide 2.3 inch (240x320) LCD and supports Picture in Picture (PIP) function to watch two TV channels simultaneously. It adopts a 2 megapixel camera for high-quality photo shooting and a VGA camera for convenient video telephony. It also supports a microSD external memory slot for better storage.

SGH-P930 Specification

Standard UMTS 2.1GHz / GSM/ GPRS (900/1800/1900 MHz), HSDPA
Camera 2 Megapixel + VGA
Display 2.2” 240x320 262K TFT

Mobile TV : Digital Video Broadcasting - Handhelds (DVB-H)
Picture in Picture (PIP) function
Video Recording & Messaging (MPEG4 / H.263)
Video Telephony & Streaming
MP3/ AAC / AAC+ / AAC++
Bluetooth v1.2, USB v1.1, Mobile Printing
MicroSD external memory
Size 107 x 49 x 19.7 mm
Weight 119g

Flash Player 9 for Linux beta 2 released

Adobe engineers had been working diligently to fix issues that were found in their original Flash Player 9 for Linux beta. Most notable of these problems were related to audio output.

Reference Links:
Flash Player 9 for Linux, Beta 2 (
Release Notes (

Technical glossary for easy reference.

Technical glossary :

3G : Third Generation - the next generation of wireless technology beyond personal communications services. The World Administrative Radio Conference assigned 230 megahertz of spectrum at 2 GHz for multimedia 3G networks. These networks must be able to transmit wireless data at 144 kilobits per second at mobile user speeds, 384 KBPS at pedestrian user speeds and 2 megabits per second in fixed locations.

3GPP : The group that was set up to produce globally applicable Technical Specifications and Technical Reports for a 3rd Generation Mobile System based on evolved GSM core networks. It produced the standards for W-CDMA (UMTS). Later the scope of the organisation was widened to include the maintenance and development of the GSM Technical Specifications and Reports.

802.11 or Wi-Fi : denotes a set of Wireless LAN standards developed by working group 11 of the IEEE LAN/MAN Standards Committee (IEEE 802).

802.16 or WiMAX : WiMAX, an acronym that stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a certification mark for products that pass conformity and interoperability tests for the IEEE 802.16 standards. IEEE 802.16 is working group number 16 of IEEE 802, specialising in point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access.

Bandwidth : In computer networks, bandwidth is often used as a synonym for data transfer rate - the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second). This kind of bandwidth is usually expressed in bits (of data) per second (bps). Occasionally, it’s expressed as bytes per second (Bps). A modem that works at 57,600 bps has twice the bandwidth of a modem that works at 28,800 bps.

Broadband : Broadband refers to a type of network connection that supports a very high bit rate, as opposed to “narrowband,” which supports a lower bit rate. The higher the bit rate, which is a measure of speed of transmission of bits per second (bps), the faster the transmission will occur in a given period of time. Deliverd via DSL or cable service, bandwidth: >128 Kilo Bits per second (KBPS)

CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access: a digital wireless telephony transmission technique.
1. CDMA allows multiple frequencies to be used simultaneously (Spread Spectrum). The CDMA idea was originally developed for military use over 30 years ago.
2. The CDMA standards used for second-generation mobile telephony are the IS-95 standards championed by QUALCOMM.

CDMA2000 : CDMA2000 is a 3G mobile telecommunications standard that uses CDMA, a modulation scheme for digital radio, to send voice, data and signalling data (such as a dialled telephone number) between mobile telephones and cell sites.

DECT : DECT or Digital Enhanced (former European) Cordless Telecommunications is an ETSI standard for digital portable phones, commonly used for domestic or corporate use. DECT can also be used for wireless data transfers

DVB-H : DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld) is a standard specified by the DVB Organization specifically for the broadcasting of TV-like content and data to handheld devices, such as mobile phones.
DVB-H is based closely on DVB-T, the standard for broadcast digital TV in most of Europe.

GPRS : General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a mobile data service available to users of GSM mobile phones. It is often described as “2.5G”, that is, a technology between the second (2G) and third (3G) generations of mobile telephony. It provides moderate speed data transfer, by using unused TDMA channels in the GSM network.

GPS : The Global Positioning System, usually called GPS (the US military refers to it as NAVSTAR GPS), is a satellite navigation system used for determining one’s precise location and providing a highly accurate time reference almost anywhere on Earth or in Earth orbit. It uses an intermediate circular orbit (ICO) satellite constellation of at least 24 satellites.

GSM : Global System for Mobile Communication. Originally developed as a pan-European standard for digital mobile telephony, GSM has become the world’s most widely used mobile system. It is used on the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies in Europe, Asia and Australia, and the MHz 1900 frequency in North America and Latin America. Originally it defined as a pan-European open standard for a digital cellular telephone network to support voice, data, text messaging and cross-border roaming. GSM is now one of the world’s main 2G digital wireless standards.

IMAP : The Internet Message Access Protocol (commonly known as IMAP, and previously called Interactive Mail Access Protocol) is an application layer Internet protocol used for accessing email on a remote server from a local client. IMAP and POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) are the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for email retrieval.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) : IMS is a general-purpose, open industry standard for voice and multimedia communications over packet-based IP networks. It is a core network technology that can serve as a low-level foundation for technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP), Push-To-Talk (PTT), Push-To-View, Video Calling, and Video Sharing. IMS is based primarily on SIP (session initiation protocol).

IP PBX : The Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange (IP PBX) is telephone switching equipment that resides in a private business instead of the telephone company. An IP PBX delivers employees dial-tone, the ability to conference, transfer, and dial other employees by extension number as well as many other features. Voice transmissions are sent via data packets over a data network instead of the traditional phone network.

MMS : One of the breakthrough applications on GPRS is multimedia messaging service (MMS), which provides the customer the ability to communicate not just in voice or text but also in full colour images. Now one can communicate emotions; with photographs, voice clips and text to your near and dear ones. Just in case the receiver does not have an MMS handset, the photograph can be accessed from a dedicated website designed.

MPEG : Moving Pictures Experts Group.
1. An ISO (International Standards Organization) group that sets standards for compressing and storing video, audio, and animation in digital form.
2. The standards set by this group. PEG is a lossy compression method.MPEG-1 is a standard for CD-ROM video and audio.MPEG-2 is a standard for full-screen, broadcast quality video.MPEG-4 is a standard for video telephony.

PDA : Personal digital assistants (PDAs or palmtops) are handheld devices that were originally designed as personal organizers, but became much more versatile over the years. A basic PDA usually includes a clock, date book, address book, task list, memo pad and a simple calculator. One major advantage of using PDAs is their ability to synchronize data with desktop and notebook computers.

Palm OS : Palm OS is an operating system made by PalmSource, Inc. for personal digital assistants (PDAs) manufactured by various licensees. In May 2005, PalmSource sold the rights to the Palm name to PalmOne. As of May 2005, the new name for Palm OS (and PalmSource) has not been announced.

Pocket PC : A Pocket PC is a computer in a handheld size that runs a variation of the operating system Windows CE. It has many capabilities of modern desktop PCs. Currently there are thousands of applications for Pocket PC, many free. Some of these devices, running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 Phone Edition, also include mobile phone features. Pocket PCs can also be used with many other add-ons like GPS receivers or barcode readers.

SIM : Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card is the smart card inserted inside all GSM phones. It identifies the user account to the network, handles authentication and provides data storage for basic user data and network information. It may also contain some applications that run on a compatible phone.

TDMA : Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is a technology for shared medium (usually radio) networks. It allows several users to share the same frequency by dividing it into different time slots. The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using their own timeslot. This allows multiple users to share the same transmission medium (e.g. radio frequency) whilst using only the part of its bandwidth they require.

UMA : Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) provides access to cellular mobile voice and data services over unlicensed spectrum technologies, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802.11).

VoIP (Voice-over-IP) : Voice-over-IP is a telephony term describing the facilities for managing the delivery of voice using IP. It involves sending voice information in some digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional circuit-oriented format of the PSTN. One advantage of VoIP is toll bypass–that is, avoiding the tolls charged for ordinary telephone service. Many organizations use VoIP internally over WAN links to reduce telephony service costs.

VPN : A virtual private network (VPN) is a private data network that makes use of the public telecommunication infrastructure, maintaining privacy through the use of a tunneling protocol and security procedures. The idea of the VPN is to give the company the same capabilities at much lower cost by using the shared public infrastructure rather than a private one.

WAP : Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication, for example Internet access from a mobile phone. WAP was designed to provide services equivalent to a Web browser with some mobile-specific additions, being specifically designed to address the limitations of very small portable devices.

WCDMA : Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) is a type of 3G cellular network. WCDMA is the technology behind UMTS (a.k.a. 3GSM) and is allied with the 2G GSM standard. WCDMA supports very high-speed multimedia services such as full-motion video, Internet access and video conferencing.

WLAN : A wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network that uses radio waves as its carrier: the last link with the users is wireless, to give a network connection to all users in the surrounding area. Areas may range from a single room to an entire campus. The backbone network usually uses cables, with one or more wireless access points connecting the wireless users to the wired network.

aahh.. quite a big list !! By the way friends if you think i have missed something here just drop me a mail and i could update this article...

Social Networking now on mobile phones

Web-based social networking is being embraced worldwide as the ultimate next-generation lifestyle tool, for the first time, Pitch brings all the benefits of personalised social networking to the mobile handset, a medium perfectly-suited to this phenomenon.

Pitch recently launched a new mobile entertainment community, funded entirely by advertising revenue and so free for its users. Features include instant messaging, photo and video upload and sharing, and an 'exciting new online community.

The service gives users their own unique PitchTag, allows them to build their own mobile home page, and gives them an inbox for sending and receiving messages. They can take part in real-time group chat, and create and join interest groups. The service works primarily over WAP, and Pitch say that the user only pays for data charges and so instant communication is significantly cheaper than sending a text through a network operator. Users must elect to receive up to 3 ads per week.

Now one could say that the mobile phone has taken next step in becoming the ultimate and indispensable social communication tool.

Pitch Entertainment Group is based in London and is a market leading provider of direct to consumer mobile phone entertainment, they provide mobile content in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.
For more details check out

What is 3GP ?

Stands for Third Generation Partnership Project sometimes called 3GPP it is a multimedia container format defined by 3GPP for use on 3G mobile phones. It is a simplified version of MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4). 3GP files have the filename extension .3gp or .3g2.

3GP stores video streams as MPEG-4 or H.263, and audio streams as AMR-NB or AAC-LC formats. 3GP files are always big-endian, storing and transferring the most significant bytes first. 3GP also describes image sizes and bandwidth, so content is correctly sized for mobile display screens.

3GP files are viewable on a PC using Media Player Classic, MPlayer, QuickTime, VLC Player, Xine or Zoom Player.

3GP video files can be converted to many other video formats using either 3GP Video Converter or a combination of MPEG Streamclip and QuickTime Alternative. MPlayer’s MEncoder also can convert 3GP video files (If MPlayer can read it, MEncoder can convert it). SUPER(C), by eRightSoft, is a freeware converter which can convert 3GP to many other formats. It supports every major video format and most audio formats. It also has the ability to encode to a different screen resolution or a bitrate.

Most 3G enabled phones have support for this format and most even capture videos in this format. When viewed on a PC screen the video quality is similar to that seen on the mobile screen.

Often security cameras use this format, as you can fit hours of footage in a small amount of space. This is also why mobiles use the 3GP format.

In practical implementations for Videos, 3GP is used in 2 flavors:

* 3GPP (for GSM Based Phones)
* 3GPP2 (for CDMA Based Phones)

Music search tool with social networking features

Qloud music search allows a number of search options as users can search for music by artist, song, keyword, genre or a number of other criteria. Infact once you get your search result the song can be previewed (or partly played on the browser) and then can be added to your playlist/wishlist or even send to your friend via email. An interesting feature is the ability to export any search to an RSS feed, an email, or most importantly, a playlist to get onto your iPod.

Qloud also has social networking features and tagging feature, these features allow users to add friends, view their music preferences and their recent activities. Qloud enables users to better organize music collections with tagging via the use of the Qloud iTunes Plugin ( You could also check out the animated tutorial (

Sharp introduces phone with built in TV turner.

This phone has a super sharp 3 inch display which uses technology direct from Sharp's AQUOUS LCD TV's like a brightness sensor which adjust the brightness based on ambient lightning and 3 different TV modes. Its called the Sharp 911SH introduced by Softbank Japan.

The Sharp 911SH will be available in Japan from November 25 in 7 colors. The cycloid style display supports 262k colors and can be rotated 90 degrees for a better TV viewing and Internet browsing experience. TV programs can be recorded on the Micro SD card and you also program the phone to record your favourite programs. A 1 GB card is good enough for 4 hours of recording. The 911SH has a 2 Megapixel camera and supports video recording too.

Is Transmiting data through human body possible ?

Well we might seen similar concepts if sci-fi Hollywood movies, but the fact is currently there are companies working on this concept. ETRI an Korean technology company presented its 'body area network technology' during Next Generation Computing Show 2006 held in Korea.

This technology allows data to be transmitted to other devices using human body as a medium. For example, if you have a document file to print in a wrist information device, you just wear the device and touch a printer with the hand, then you would get the printed paper.

Stopwatch Symbian Freeware

Mobipaq Stopwatch Symbian Freeware

Mobipaq Stapwatch is a fully featured sport- and stopwatch in your Symbian phone. It measures time with an accuracy of 1/100 second and memorises either lap times or split times for you. Stopwatch is extremely easy to use. Basic functions Start, Stop and Reset are used with the navigation key.

Mobipaq Stopwatch is a handy helper. You can keep it with out for example in sports events. With split times you get an individual time for each competitor or you can keep track of one competitor's lap times. You are also able to stop timing and then restart again without reseting first.

Symbian Series 60 smartphones and the applications are tested at least on the following phone models:

* Nokia 3650
* Nokia 3660
* Nokia 7650
* Nokia 6600
* Nokia 7610
* Nokia 3230
* Nokia N-Gage

Download Stopwatch

Charge your iPod and mobile simultaneously

Travelodge (the hotel chain) is launching this product. It will be available for free rental or purchase at 10 piloted hotels. This charger is called SynCh, the concept of having a common charger for cell phones or iPods itself is cool. Just imagine the easy while travelling.

SynCh is a small, lightweight charger that can charge mobile phones, mp3 players, BlackBerrys, Bluetooth headsets, portable gaming devices and PDAs. One of the better features about this charger is that it already includes all of the adapters you will need—as long as your devices are supported. The SynCh will retail for $38 or so.

iTunes music to play on other devices

A 22-year-old hacker who as a teen cracked the encryption on DVDs and now has developed a system compatible with Apple's "FairPlay" copyright technology that allows iTunes music to play on other devices and gives iPod users access to other music stores.

"He imitated Apple's system; he didn't remove any copyright protections," said Monique Farantzos, whose DoubleTwist Ventures plans to license the code to businesses. "He made a system that behaves in a similar way."

Jon Lech Johansen has essentially created software that in a way tricks iTunes into thinking a competing device with the DoubleTwist code is an iPod, said Farantzos who predicted it could be available to consumers as soon as the beginning of 2007.

This could be music to the ears of consumers and good news for Apple rivals looking to cut into the company's enormous share of the digital music market. iTunes commands an 88 percent share of legal song downloads in the United States and iPods soak up some 75 percent of the U.S. market for digital music players.

Check out the story at

Now share mobile ringtones online - huge collection already available

Phonezoo Communications, Inc. company is an angel-funded startup based at a Sunnyvale, CA. Their technology combines user-generated content and the power of social networks to give consumers a fun, innovative, mobile service. has launched a new service that allows you to upload any audio file, clip out a part of that file for a cell phone ring tone and share that with other users. As of now it has a very huge collection of ringtones available including copyright stuff.

PhoneZoo scores high on ease of use, users set the duration of the tone and drag a marker over the segment of an audio file they want to excerpt. Metadata for sharing can be provided, copyright status of the file is asked and with one click a link to download the ring tone is sent to your phone.

Free PhotoZox frames and wallpapers

All of these 3D art frames and wallpapers plugins bundles require PhotoZox version 2.0. For registered owners of previous version of PhotoZox, PhotoZox 2.0 can be downloaded for free. To use 3D frames and wallpapers, install the sis file and open the PhotoZox directory in phone memory if the plug-in is installed in phone memory, or in memory card if the plug-in is installed in memory card. PhotoZox's "Open Image File" menu can be used to open 3D frames and wallpapers.

Free PhotoZox frames and wallpapers

Your free online digital scrapblog

We all love to share photos online infact online sharing has improved exponentially in the recent years, but this concept is of having fun with your pictures online. Enter The site that merges the creativity and storytelling capabilities of scrapbooking with the publishing and sharing functionality of blogs.

Once you join and are logged in, you will view all your Scrapblogs here. My Scrapblogs is also a dashboard that displays interesting information about each of your Scrapblogs, like:

1. Amount of times that your Scrapblogs have been viewed
2. List of users that have subscribed to your Scrapblog
3. Users comments

From here, you will also be able to invite friends and family to view your scrapblog and share updates through RSS and email notifications. The concept is fast picking up in Europe and the US.

SMS Exporter v1.06

SMS Exporter v1.06 S60 Symbian

Sms Exporter is a utility freeware that allows to overturn all SMS and MMS of the tray from entrance to a text file. This file is stored in the memory card (E:\sms - messages-date.utf8.txt) or in C drive: if we do not have capacity or card, being able later to send it with some explorer to our PC. Once made the export, the program also allows to erase all the messages.

This is a small utility that allows one to export and/or delete all the short messages in the Inbox and Sent folders of one's Series 60 phone (N-Gage, N-Gage QD, Nokia 3650, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 7610, …)

Download Sms Exporter v.1.06

Google Desktop releases version 4.5 to support MS Office 2007

Google Desktop has a new version (4.5) that supports Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Vista and Firefox 2.0.

It has this the new sidebar, that has transparent areas, new icons, easier to use options.
As the Sidebar is transparent, it fits seamlessly with your desktop environment. Gadgets that fought for users attention now look right at home. This simple sidebar provides a better place to find your email, news, feeds, stock prices, weather and other essential information in one go.

Another change is that Google Desktop sends you to the cached version if you click on a search result that has been deleted or moved, so you no longer get an error message, but search the web history.

Gigabeat MP3 player from Toshiba to compete the iPods

Toshiba has announced the Gigabeat P20K and P10K which has 2GB and 1GB respectively. Files supported are MP3 and WMA. It also has 96 x 64 pixel color OLED display. Included is a FM tuner and recording can be done in MP3 format via FM tuner, Line In and built in microphone.

The onboard Lithium Ion battery support 14 hours of continuous playback and can be charged via USB. The units measure 83×31.9×12.9mm and weigh 50 grams. Toshiba says that p20K and P10K would go on sale by December in Japan the P20K will sell for $150 and P10K for $120.
These models of gigabeat MP3 player is just as sleek as the iPods

Is this the World's smallest phone ?

Well i haven't checked the Guinness Records for this one, but this is smallest one i have ever come across. Its called the Xun Chi 138 and is made in China. It weighs 55 grams and is 2.64 inches long. To attain this miniature size the keypad has been ditched and the manufacturer has introduced 260K touchscree LCD. This phone is equiped with 1.3MP digicam (that apparently only takes VGA shots), GPRS and mp3 player, but no Bluetooth nor any expansion slot.

Enjoy the images below..

Friends, By the way if you come across something even smaller do post in the details.

Your email on your current mobile phone for free

Flurry inc., a leader in developing next-generation mobile applications provides a service that brings all your email and news to your mobile phone. Flurry is an easy-to-use mobile email and RSS solution that works on hundreds of different cell phone models and thousands of email providers and carriers worldwide.

Flurry is an application that you install on your phone that makes reading and composing email fast and easy to use. Between your ISP, webmail, etc. there are a lot of ways for people to email you. You can add all of them to your flurry account and access them in flurry on your phone. Import your contacts to your flurry account and then access them from your phone. You can then quickly and easily email or call anyone you know when you're on the go.

If you are interested to know more check out the tour at


SecretKeeper Java Applications

Now you dont need to worry for keeping your secret informations. No one accept you will have acces to your secret informations. Just install this app and forget it. Now You can keep all secret informations always handy with you.
Secret keeper allows you to save sensitive information in your mobile device.
Compatible with:
All J2ME models :: All Any J2ME device


Yahoo messenger to be incorporated with Yahoo mail

Is Yahoo Inc going the Google way ? Probably Yes.
Yahoo plans to embed instant messaging tools into its Yahoo Mail program, enabling users to have live chats in the web-based e-mail platform without downloading any instant messaging software just like Google mail.

With the new tools, users will be able to see if their contacts are logged onto Yahoo Mail and instantly chat with them with a click of the mouse. So if someone comes online while you are e-mailing them, it says they are there and available to chat. Similar functionality is being currently provide by Google.

Atleast now Yahoo is trying to be people-centric... good.

Skype now added to Google Pack

Google is providing users with the ability to easily download Skype to communicate with millions of Skype users for free and inexpensively call landlines and mobile phones.
It has now added the option to add the Skype VOIP application to its free download able software suite, Google Pack.

Google Pack includes: Google Earth, a 3D Earth browser; Google Desktop; Picasa, a photo organizer; Google Toolbar; and the Google Pack screensaver. Additional software includes the Mozilla Firefox browser, Norton Antivirus, AdAware antispyware, and Adobe Systems' Acrobat reader. The Skype software is optional, as is Google Talk, Google Video Player, and others.

There are 136 million registered Skype users, according to Skype.
Friends by the way, we also highly recommend the Google Pack which has all the essential application, you could find the download link towards the left mid area of the page under Latest Software.

Now publish your blog from via your email

Publishing to your blog just got a whole lot easier. Blogmailr's new beta version now allows you to publish to your blog from anything that can send an email whether it’s your PC, Mac, Phone, PDA.

To get started you need to create an account with
Then write an email with your post/article and send it to your address.
You then receive a confirmation from Blogmailr.
Check your blog you would see your post on your blog.. simple ahh

Here is the link..

Check your email on your cellphone

MovaMail provides you with a fast and effective solution for accessing all your existing email services without investing in an expensive dedicated device (including Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Gmail and many more). Launched in October 2005, MovaMail quickly became one of the most downloaded java-based email applications in the world.

MovaMail is owned and operated by Prevoy Inc. a privately held mobile applications developer focused on developing mobile applications for the needs of the international mass consumer market. The Company maintains office presence in London, England, and Bellevue, WA, USA.

The following are some of its features..

1. Speed: MovaMail is up to 10X faster then most built in email clients or WAP based email services.
2. Compatibility: MovaMail supports POP, IMAP and Webmail (including Yahoo!, MSN, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and more) ensuring you have the best solution for accessing all your various email accounts.
3. Address Book Integration and Synchronization: Synchronize your mobile phone address book with your MovaMail service for easy email address access.
4. Image Attachments. Full support for viewing, sending, forwarding and receiving image attachments.
5. Multi-lingual Support: MovaMail recognizes the language capabilities within your mobile phone and allows you to communicate in your chosen language.

Check out

The new all in one player by Sharp

With 1GB of memory for MP-E300 and 512MB for MP-E200 Sharp has introducd its version of iPod (if i could say so). Both players are available in 3 different colors: silver, black and gold. They have a miniSD port, measure 87.6x49x7.9mm and weight 62g.
Sharp gave the player plenty of features, with a FM tuner and FM transmitter, support for MP3, WMA, WM DRM10 and AAC, and compatibility with Napster as well.

You can also record the radio directly into the player's memory. This DAP seems to be a nice surprise for a change. The design is different and the player looks a bit luxurious.

What is MediaFLO Technology

The MediaFLO System delivers unprecedented volumes of high-quality, streaming or clipped, audio and video multimedia to wireless subscribers. This is the latest wireless innovation from QUALCOMM (a fotrune 500 company). The "F-L-O" in MediaFLO stands for Forward Link Only, meaning that the data transmission path is one-way, from the tower to the device.

The MediaFLO system transmits data on a frequency separate from the frequencies used by current cellular networks, which makes it possible to watch TV on your mobile handsets.
According to a new report ( by ABI Research, penetration of mobile TV handsets in Japan and Korea is increasing, with over 14% of Korean handsets already supporting mobile broadcast TV. In some countries its still on pilot trials.

There are also rival technologies like the Korean DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and the European DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld)

Nokia N92 series , the lates mobile TV device.

Nokia N92, will contain advanced features for media consumption, and will be available in 2006. The Nokia N92 is the first-ever commercial Nokia mobile TV device dedicated to viewing and storing mobile broadcast content, as well as accessing interactive services. So very soon users could watch their favourite TV shows on their mobile.

Key mobile TV features:

DVB-H receiver (470-750MHz)
Video / Audio codecs: H.264 AVC 384kbps@QVGA 15fps/QCIF 30fps and AAC up to 128 kbps)
Mobile TV application for selection, purchase, consumption, and storage of TV programs
Support for interactive services
Mobile TV electronic service guide
Channel and content protection: OMA DRM 2.0, IPSec rel. w IPv6, IPv6 scalable multicast
Large, 2.8" up to 16 million color display (QVGA 320 x 240 resolution)
Fold, twist, and stand design and dedicated media keys
Up to 5 hours watch time, stereo speakers, memory card support up to 2GB

Yahoo Go Mobile v1.111

Yahoo! Go Mobile v1.111
Now, your life goes where you go

Introducing Yahoo! Go - a new suite of products and services for your PC, mobile phone and even your TV.
Yahoo! Go allows you to access the information and content that is important to you on whatever device you choose.

So wherever you go, your photos, your music, your email, – your life – is right there with you. Ready to go.

note: 2MB free space on your phone’s internal memory; 8MB free on a separate memory card


Tips to maximize your iPod battery life.

An iPod's battery is a lithium polymer. If you recharge your iPod's battery every other day, 500 charges should last you the best part of three years. If you recharge your iPod's battery less frequently, there's a good chance the battery will outlast the hard drive. Here's how to get the longest life possible.

Don't let the battery die completely.
  • To get the most life out of your battery, don't let it discharge fully--that is, don't run it until it's dead.

Reduce demands on the battery.
  • Play your music by album or by playlist, rather than hopping from one track to another.
  • Use AAC or MP3 files rather than WAV or AIFF. Because WAVs and AIFFs are uncompressed and, therefore, much bigger than compressed files
  • Minimize your use of the backlight or turn it off completely.
Fore detailed FAQ visit

Cingular to announce a new online music service via eMusic, Yahoo.

Mobile service provider Cingular will soon launch a cellphone-based music service in partnership with companies including Yahoo, Napster and eMusic. Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, Cingular's two biggest rivals, already offer services that allow people to download songs over the air onto their cell phones. ( Hey so what happned to Cingulars iPhone Project with Apple ?? God knows !)

Last year, Cingular became the exclusive provider for the Motorola Rokr phone, which is one of a few phones that plays audio tracks purchased from the iTunes Store. So could we say Cingular hasn't severed ties with Apple... Anyways we get expect some big announcement fron Cingular soon..

Google Ads now move to radio after print.

After print media its time for Google to venture in to radio. The company intends to begin a public test of Google Audio Ads by the end of the 2006. It's all part of what Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt has said is an investment in radio advertising that could grow over time to include up to 1,000 Google employees -- not just in ad sales, but also in engineering and operations


At the same time Clear Channel, which controls an estimated 20 percent of local radio is weighing a possible sale, no information yet if there could be an offer made Google. But who knows Google is good making deals..

New orkut toolbar for internet explorer

Orkut Toolbar is a browsing companion for members and fans of Google's Orkut social network. It lets you search Orkut / Friends / Communities / WWW anywhere from the Web while serving as an useful navigation tool for Orkut. What's more. You can now chat with other online Orkutters with a built-in chat in the toolbar.

The toolbar also comes with a pop-up blocker, powerful privacy-protector with cookie, cache & browsing history cleaner, an e-mail notifier that lets you know when new mails arrive in your Hotmail / Yahoo / Gmail or other POP3 accounts and a weather forecast button that gives you a three day forecast for your city. You could have never asked for more!

To Download and install Click Here

Watch movies, TV Shows on Microsoft's Xbox live

Come November 22 and Xbox Live users (with the latest console) will be able watch varity of popular TV shows via Xbox Live. Microsoft has tied up with Studios to provide TV shows and rent movies that can be downloaded through the Xbox Live online video-game service and beamed straight onto television sets. The tie-ups are with companies like CBS, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Viacom's Paramount Pictures etc..

So very soon TV shows like South Park, CSI and movies like V for Vendetta and Paramount Pictures' Mission Impossible III would be all available by Microsoft's Xbox Live.

The interactive talking Pen

Called as FLY this pentop computer is developed by LeapFrog, an educational technology developer. FLY is designed to offers real-time audio feedback to users as they write and draw on special FLY paper. LeapPad was a global hit with parents and children, breaking records in the toy industry, being the first educational toy to become a genuine best seller.

A user of the FLY platform will be able to write on a piece of paper and then interact with the writing directly on the paper. For instance, a FLY pentop computer user can draw a calculator, touch the handwritten digits and functions to perform an operation -- then hear the answer announced from the FLY platform. A user also can write a word in English and hear it translated into Spanish, or draw a piano keyboard and play it... interesting ahh.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta

Windows live messenger 8.1 beta is now available on the net, the added features in the beta version are:

1. Smarter contact cards that give you more data about your friends.
2. Displays name, status and personalization roam with you to any computer
3. PC-to-phone calling with two free calls to virtually any phone in the world (With Verizon Web Calling) and more...

To download ( Click Here )
Friends if you have started using this version do post in your views on the added features..

LG's new phone allows to watch and record TV shows

LG just announced their KB6100 mobile phone that not only allows you to watch TV via Korea's T-DMB network (wireless digital broadcast), and can also record the shows you want to watch later in PVR fashion. These shows can either be played back latter or transferred to your computer via USB for later viewing. No details yet on whether the LG KB6100 mobile TV phone will be available outside of Korea or not

The KB86100 features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, screen with 170-degree viewing angle,
it is 10.95mm thick.

Friends if you know any other brand/model with similar or better function, please do let me know..

Now use Skype from your mobile phone

EQO from Vancouver, Canada has developed a revolutionary mobile service platform that keeps people connected to their online communities and instant messaging networks from their mobile phone.

So now you can take all your IM buddies and online friends with you on your mobile phone. Stay connected on all your IM networks: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, Jabber and Skype. Plus you can send text and picture messages and link calls to your friends.

EQO does this by using a combination of a phone-resident J2ME client and a presence-enabled Voice-over-IP (VoIP) signaling network.

Friends do let me know your views on this service...

Quality chat sites latest reviews

Chatzy (
Need a quick way to chat with your friends? Here's a top-notch free service that lets you easily create your own chat room, in which you can invite people via E-mail to chat. No installation or registration is required and the service doesn't pester you with banner ads or popups.

Chatzy (
Here's a popular, lively free chat portal that has over 170,000 registered members worldwide. UK Chatterbox features moderated chat rooms, message boards, profiles, mailboxes, and more.

ChatCreater ( This service lets you have a quick chat room on your website/blog for free. Highly recommended by Team Wiki

For reviews on more top site check out

Now access GMail via your cell phone without mobile browser

Google has launched a new Java application for cell phone users which will now enable them to access GMail even if they may not have a full web browser in their cell phone. After downloading this application users can read and reply to emails from their cell phones and also open Word and PDF files and images right on their phone. Search functionality is also said to be enhanced making it now possible to find emails without scrolling through all emails.

Check out this quick comparison page ( ) to see whether the Gmail for mobile browser or Gmail for mobile application is best for the device you have.

Make free calls to any phone anywhere

Globe7 has now launched the 5.0 beta version is a free downloadable soft phone integrated with Voice, Video, IM, and Real time video streaming, powered by online advertising. Globe7 enables you to make free calls from pc to pc (voice and video), pc to mobile and pc to landline by watching videos in Globe7 TV. Globe7 values the digital rights and it is stern against piracy. The content is being streamed in association with AKAMAI.

Click here to know more

More links:
Refer Video -

F-Secure Anti Virus

F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus (TM) is easy to use and does not require excess device resources or unnecessary user interaction.
* It automatically scans all files in the background, both in the device and on the memory cards.
* When an infected file is detected it is immediately quarantined to protect all other data in the system.
* The antivirus database is updated invisibly in the background when a data connection is used for emails, web browsing etc.

Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus

Google acquires JotSpot.. the first company to provide an application wiki

JotSpot customers include ebay,symantec,odeo,Intel,oxford university press etc...JotSpot was founded in 2004 as the first company to provide an application wiki. 

Question: What is a Wiki ?.. Answer: Well a wiki is a private website designed for collaboration. Unlike a traditional website where pages can only be read, in a wiki everyone can edit, update and append pages with new information, all without knowing HTML.

One more Question: Why did Google acquire JotSpot?
Answer: JotSpot's vision is helping people collaborate, share and work together online and Google shares the same idelogy. JotSpot's team and technology would be a strong fit with existing Google products like Google Docs & Spreadsheets. So whats Microsoft,Yahoo doing ?

Microsoft and IBM have recently announced upcoming wiki offerings, and Yahoo has a partnership with PBwiki to host wikis for Yahoo Groups.

Want to know more about JotSpot?
JotSpot Introduction -
Application Gallery -
Complete Tour -

Nokia Album

Nokia Album is an image and video organizer that allows you to easily keep and arrange up to hundreds of images and videos in your compatible Nokia smartphone.
  • Set a name for the location where you took an image or video and Nokia Album adds it to all existing and future files you capture at that location.

  • It has automatic date and location based groupings, time view, searches and personal collections.

  • Use the enhanced camera application to save the location information of all new images and videos.

This file includes English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese language versions.