Fullscreen and portrait modes for Panucci

Summer is always nice for travelling around, especially by train, which is quite cheap here in Austria, if you have the Sommerticket. Given that, I find myself having more time for listening to podcasts, and Panucci served me well so far.

Panucci, by the way, is a resuming podcast/audiobook player for Maemo.

There were just two annoyances until recently: First, there was no fullscreen support (yeah, a no-brainer, but it simply was not implemented..). Second, the UI looked ugly when the screen was rotated to portrait mode. And I wanted to play/pause the currently-playing podcast by touching the cover art. After a day of hacking, this is the result:

Nokia N810 running Panucci full-screen in landscape and portrait mode

You need Panucci 0.3-7 (which entered Maemo Extras today) and enable support for screen rotation on your tablet. After that you can listen to podcasts (and audiobooks/live concerts) and hold your tablet like this. If you only believe moving pictures, watch the live demo on YouTube.

As an added bonus, Panucci is now available for Fremantle, although I believe we have to wait for the PyMaemo guys to fix bug 5026 before supporting portrait mode there (if the instructions on this Wiki page are correct).

Samsung B3310

Samsung did not want to lose to come into stylish phone for teenagers. This time the phone with Samsung presents the B3310 type judging from the design, Samsung B3310 is designed for teenagers or young-minded consumers.

Samsung B3310 has a design that somewhat resembles the Nokia 6760 Surge. This phone is the slider design adopted by Qwerty keyboard. Which is a bit odd is the location of the number keys, which is placed in rows on the left side of the phone.

But when we opened his slider qwerty, then we will feel that the location of this number keys, the keyboard reflect the numbers we used to use everyday.

Samsung B3310 features of 2.1-inch screen with a resolution of 176x220 pixels. It is not too large. It also instilled sized 2-megapixel camera that can record video. Other features fairly standard, such as FM radio, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS and so on.

For the memory business, has invested an internal memory of 40Mb, and if we still lack a place, has provided a microSD slot for memory.

What is unique to Samsung B3310 mobile phone is, access to facebook, Flickr, and Myspace and other social networking can be done easily, because it only needs to press the button only once.

Until now, the new Samsung B3310 is devoted to the European market, do not know if samsung will sell this type to the asia region as well or not.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5

Sony Ericsson Xperia, Xperia X2 and X3 has not officially released, but now has come Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 although still in draft version. Handset in the concept code-named Nadine does not seem to belong to an official from Sony Ericsson, but only be the work of one user at Esato.

Though projected as a future handsets, but has features that Sony Ericsson Xperia X5 nothing too revolutionary. Like touch screen measuring 3.5, the ability to take high-definition video and 12MP camera. The most interesting is the design of its QWERTY keyboard that looks very futuristic. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 version is displayed in three colors: Chrome Silver, Ocean Blue and Orange Sunny.

Nokia N900

According Murtazin Eldar from Mobile-review.com, has spread the news about the appearance of image detail Nokia RX-51 or the tablet Nokia N900 Maemo 5 latest. However, not yet known whether the news directly from Motorola or not, because so far the party of Nokia is still a secret prototype device is the Nokia N900.

Eldar said, N900 Internet tablet device that has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and has a shape similar to the Nokia N97. While for the 5 megapixel camera N900 with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens F2.8 is no different as there is in the mobile phone Nokia N97, only the plus lens shutter to keep the lens from dust. Lens shutter feature is the only one to feature the Symbian S60-based phones are.

While the microSD card support up to 12GB on a panel hidden in the phone. Handset Nokia RX-51 or N900 has support 1320 mAh battery onboard. Smartphone Nokia N900 is built by using the processor ARM Cortex-A8 and carry 32GB of internal memory. There is also a microUSB jack to recharge the battery via the USB port of a PC and a TV-out. According to Eldar, the user interface, a smooth transition, the visual effects and features 800x480 pixel screen resolution non-touchscreen N900 was also more like the Apple iPhone. Browser application is running stable, and has support flash, video and applets. Your Nokia N900 is expected to be signed at the end of 2009 with prices ranging from 550 Euros or $ 783.

Fotos tiradas pelo Nokia N900 já aparecem no flickr

O site Daily Mobile publicou algumas fotos postadas pelo Nokia blog do lançamento da Nokia que esta deixando todo mundo na expectativa inclusive eu, só espero que não seja muito barulho por nada como foi o caso do N97.

O certo é que, só em levar o Maemo portado o N900 já valeria a compra pois a experiencia de uso do N800/810 já era boa, imagine com o N900 que tem tudo que nos usuários e ex usuários do N8xx gostaríamos que a nokia tivesse colocado, nossas preces foram atendidas.

Segundo o nokia blog, já existe algumas fotos feitas pelo N900, basta fazer uma pesquisa no flickr por (câmera "007 001"), na foto acima, um exemplo de foto em macro, e nessa a baixo uma normal, tudo bem que não é la essas coisas, mas o aparelho promete.

fonte: thenokiablog e daily mobile

USA: Financial Fraud - Fraude Financiere

How to undo a just send email on Gmail

Suppose you had something quite interesting to share with your friend. You go to your Gmail compose option and draft the content and select the recipient from your address book and hit send. And just then to your shock you remembered that instead of your friend you have emailed it to your boss... & Gmail doesn't have a recall option... oops!!.

Well to your rescue Gmail recently added a small handy feature that can save your day.. Activating this feature would hold your email for few seconds after you hit send and you get an undo option to stop the transmission of the email.

Some would find this feature good to have and some whould say why delay the send email even for a sec. Well i would say the feature is optional to the user and infact google should allow the user to have control to set the time for hold.

To activate turn on Undo Send in Gmail Labs under Settings, and you’ll see a new “Undo” link on every sent mail confirmation for few secs. Click “Undo,” and google would grab the message before it’s sent and take you right back to compose.


Nokia released a phone designed for the middle class market, the Nokia 3600 Slide. Sophisticated design with glossy effects, color gradations, list soft metallic and ceramic paint. Enjoy luxurious thanks to the rounded edge design. Seeing these displays, this series clearly well suited for users of women and men.

Dimension 97.8 x 47.2 x 14.5 mm and weighing 97.3 grams, enough to fit in the hand. Screen type TFT 16 million colors that can be said the most sophisticated in its class.
Nokia 3600 Slide ability also inadequate, including Backgound Noise Cancelation technologies that can minimize interference sound when we make or receive the call.Can say, this phone is the first time using this technology.

Armed with a 3.2 megapixel camera is also capable of capturing short video and FM radio, the Nokia 3600 will entertain the users. Moreover, there are 2.5 mm audio jack that can be used for video out, so all the contents of this phone can be seen on the television screen. Maps Nokia Maps with GPS accessories LD-4W, you can enjoy the GPS feature on this phone.

Although 3G is not available features, a number of facilities as possible to surf the ria have this phone, for example, GPRS, HTML (Opera mini 4.0) browser, Bluetooth, Email and Instant Messaging.
Nokia 3600 Slide bundle Lithium-ion battery 860 mAh to 280 hours during the stay stand-by, or for 5 hours and can be used for a chat.

SPESIFIKASI Nokia 3600 Slide
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
  • 2" 16M-color QVGA display
  • 3 megapixel camera, autofocus and LED flash
  • VGA video recording
  • S40 user interface, 5th edition, FP1
  • Bluetooth with A2DP, USB
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • microSD card slot (up to 8 GB), 512MB included
  • 2.5mm standard audio jack, TV-out
  • Rich preinstalled content
  • Nokia Maps
  • Voice commands
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Nice oval shapes and neat slider design

HARGA BELI BARU :Rp 1.825.000,00
HARGA BELI BEKAS : Rp 1.500.000,00
HARGA JUAL KEMBALI : Rp 1.250.000,00

Kondratrieff: Cycles

Source?, d'après une image de L. Sartoni

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Collaboration and Web Conferencing on the cloud

Do you feel your businesses needs a better way to connect and collaborate ? Well we have just the right solution for you. A tool which is easy for people to access, work with, and share all their content, wherever they are.

Box.net as one of the most popular and trusted web-based services for accessing and sharing content from anywhere. Today many fortune 1000 companies around the world use Box to easily connect with the content and people that matter most.

Box.net is also promoting an open platform that lets users take advantage of the best services and applications available. Through its OpenBox platform, many of the third party applications including Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, Zoho, WordPress, and Picnik have been integrated into Box, enabling Box users do more with their content online.

Box.net recently added a new service from Fuze Meeting, which brings its web conferencing and real-time collaboration capabilities to Box. Using Fuze Meeting, one can start a web conference and share files on the Box account at one click. It’s a great way to share presentations, project plans and any of your content with colleagues and clients , wherever they are.

Since it’s web-based, you don’t have to download or install any software, letting you join web conferences in an instant. Do thy the service and share your comments below...

Aparelhos a venda

Pessoal estou colocando pra vender um LG KC910 renoir usado, modelo importado em português, desbloqueado com todos os acessórios originais ou seja, cabo USB, carregador,controle de fone, fone de ouvido CD e manuais com embalagem original, aparelho com algumas marcas de uso mas bem conservado mesmo.

valor R$ 750.00


O segundo aparelho é um Nokia 5800XpressMusic cor black com nota fiscal e garantia ate 26/08/2010, lacrado com todos os acessórios, licença COME WITH MUSIC, já desbloqueado, aparelho que dispensa mais detalhes, 3G em 850Mhz.

Valor R$ 830.00, para um aparelho nacional com garantia e zero ta um ótimo preço, melhor do que pagar 850 nos importados vendidos la no ML.



vendo meu N82 com nota fiscal e garantia ate 19/07/2010 desbloqueado completo e com microSD de 4GB com todos os acessórios e sem nenhuma marca de uso, pois só usei por 2 semanas.

Valor de R$780.00, aparelho nacional cor branco e aluminium.


NOKIA n95 8GB -4, 3G em 850MHZ com nota fiscal e garantia ate 21/08/2010 na caixa com todos os acessórios e já desbloqueado,

Valor de R$850.00

Contato martinezssa@hotmail.com ou 71- 8747-1688, quem for de Salvador pode retirar em mãos, lembrando que o valor é avista pois não sou loja.

Verizon Wireless Now Offering Jitterbug Phones and Services

I have previously blogged about Verizon's cell phone plan for seniors. Now the major mobile phone carrier has snagged one of the most powerful force in the cellphone for seniors industry.

Great Call and Verizon Wireless have announced that Jitterbug phones and services will now be available in America's most reliable wireless network. This means that the popular mobile phone for seniors and plans are part of the carrier's open development program.

The Verizon Wireless open development program aims to encourage innovation, provide new wireless choices, and expand the wireless market. The addition of Jitterbug phones and services fits snugly into the goals of this program.

But the question remains, what do this mean for senior wireless users. Well, this partnership provides a lot of benefits. Here are the top three:
  • Users of cell phones for seniors will now be able to gain the security and confidence of making calls on the most reliable wireless network in the US.
  • Jitterbug monthly services will now offer more minutes.
  • Night and weekend calling will become more affordable.
It certainly appears that Verizon is will to invests billions of dollars to extend its network reliability lead over other wireless providers. With Jitterbug phones and services now part of its line-up, the carrier now owns a major part of the thee senior market.

Verizon now has capable phones that can match up with the senior handsets on other carriers. For instance, AT&T is offering the Pantech Breeze as a cellphone for senior. However, with the Jitterbug phone and a special mobile phone plan for the elderly, Verizon Wireless has a distinct advantage.

That's it for this post on the Jitterbug phone and services on Verizon Wireless. Keep on keeping tabs on this cell phone for senior citizens blog to get the latest news and updates on handsets for the elderly.

Verizon Wireless Now Offering Jitterbug Phones and Services

I have previously blogged about Verizon's cell phone plan for seniors. Now the major mobile phone carrier has snagged one of the most powerful force in the cellphone for seniors industry.

Great Call and Verizon Wireless have announced that Jitterbug phones and services will now be available in America's most reliable wireless network. This means that the popular mobile phone for seniors and plans are part of the carrier's open development program.

The Verizon Wireless open development program aims to encourage innovation, provide new wireless choices, and expand the wireless market. The addition of Jitterbug phones and services fits snugly into the goals of this program.

But the question remains, what do this mean for senior wireless users. Well, this partnership provides a lot of benefits. Here are the top three:
  • Users of cell phones for seniors will now be able to gain the security and confidence of making calls on the most reliable wireless network in the US.
  • Jitterbug monthly services will now offer more minutes.
  • Night and weekend calling will become more affordable.
It certainly appears that Verizon is will to invests billions of dollars to extend its network reliability lead over other wireless providers. With Jitterbug phones and services now part of its line-up, the carrier now owns a major part of the thee senior market.

Verizon now has capable phones that can match up with the senior handsets on other carriers. For instance, AT&T is offering the Pantech Breeze as a cellphone for senior. However, with the Jitterbug phone and a special mobile phone plan for the elderly, Verizon Wireless has a distinct advantage.

That's it for this post on the Jitterbug phone and services on Verizon Wireless. Keep on keeping tabs on this cell phone for senior citizens blog to get the latest news and updates on handsets for the elderly.

Mais um aparelho que conecta automaticamente com o Pioneer 9080BT

Ontem fiz negocio com um LG KC910 Renoir, aparelho usado mas conservado e com todos os acessórios, assim que peguei o aparelho, adivinhem qual foi a primeira coisa que fiz!, isso mesmo testei o emparelhamento dele automático com o pioneer 9080BT e fui tudo 100%.

Fiquei ate triste, não com o renoir que por sinal é um ótimo aparelho tirando o sistema proprietário da LG baseado em flash, se ali dentro tivesse um windows mobile ou de preferencia um symbian, meu irmão esse aparelho iria dar o que falar no mercado viu, tem um bom acabamento, a câmera é ótima mesmo não tendo a opção de flash sempre ligado, o smile shutter realmente funciona mesmo, o wi-fi tem uma boa recepção, achou mais redes do que meu N82, é pequeno fino e muito confortável de usar no bolso, gostei tanto dele que guardei o N82 e estou usando o renoir.

Acima tem uma foto dele tirada com o N82, e essa aqui de baixo foi tirada com o renoir ontem a noite sem nenhuma luz acesa, claro eu ainda prefiro a câmera do N82 nê, mas a do renoir não é ruim não viu, principalmente a noite devido ao flash xenon.

To cansado de escrever já, agora vou preparar o anuncio de venda do 5800 que peguei hoje lacrado com nota,garantia e licença come with music, modelo black da TIM, fui.....

Senador sem voto, NÃO tem direito de falar de tecnologia

senador sem voto diz:
"Os dados são por seis meses, as imagens, por 30 dias"
É cada dia mais gritante a crise no senado, nem mesmo a tecnologia é imune a teoria geral bravata, como mostra a asneira acima do senador sem voto, Gim Argello (PTB-DF), falando sobrve o Caso Lina.
A integra da Noticia você lê AQUI
Sinceramente, eu não gosto de politicos brasileiros falando de tecnologia, mesmo os melhores, como o Deputado Semeghini (PSDB-SP), não são lá essas coisas , agora senador sem voto superou até mesmo o projeto de lei cretino do "Bispo Gê" (DEM-SP), (que reconheceu a bobagem retirando a proposta).
Vamos ver quem vai governo vai remendar a fala do senador, para tentar fazer o povo engolir essa asneira, que deveria ser proibida de ser publicada, pois alguem vai acreditar nela.
Alguem aposta em um nome para o remendo da bravata sobre dados e imagem?
Eu coloco as minhas fichas em Aloizo Mercadante (PT-SP).

Discutindo Marcas de Telefonia.

Meu texto se refere ao post abaixo.

Sei que não preciso explicar, mas não custa, nunca vou precisar defender o Martinez, mas o fato da concentração de posts ficar em cima dos Nokia tem mais razões do que aparenta, Cláudio foi convidado para o evento da Vivo e deu exemplos claros disso, eu poderia estar procurando um emprego em uma operadora, mas volta e meia repito no blog, elas são farinha do mesmo saco.

Para os mais atentos, o Allgsm não estaria aberto se o Cláudio fosse baba ovo, mas essa parte dos fatos, é assunto do Gsm e Cia, e não aqui. Voltando.

Nokia tem problemas sim, quem acompanha a minha história, sabe que dos meus tempos de moderador do Foxgsm, autorizadas Nokia são as piores do Brasil e vou continuar a dizer até essa condição mudar. Nem preciso comentar que o Allgsm criticou abertamente o programa Nokia Guru, e até onde eu me lembre (meu tempo de leitura sobre celulares diminui muito nos últimos dias) o único.

Mas se falamos em smartphone? O que vamos falar, de que marca?
Palm e HCT? seu Público é especifico (alto poder aquisitivo) e o ritmo de lançamentos é bem menor que o da Nokia.

iPhone? Vários fatores fazem esse telefone absolutamente irrelevante para o meio brasileiro, o alto custo do telefone, custo beneficio ridiculamente baixo (para quem entende do assunto) e o alto custo de pacotes de dados no país tornam, o iPhone notícia para jornalista que pensam entender de tecnologia, mas que no fim das contas, a penetração no mercado é mínima não justificando o barulho que alguns fazem. Por fim as operadoras, se tornam importadoras de luxo da Apple, mas que o fazem por terem algum ganho. (adiantando para a Vivo o debate que o Martinez não poder ir).

As demais marcas?
Qual delas abraça um sistema operacional e luta para o seu desenvolvimento? Nenhuma.
As demais grandes fabricantes, não concentram seus esforços em um sistema, e isso não fortalece a identidade dessas marcas como vendedoras de sistemas operacionais para celulares, pois elas vão ao sabor do noticiário comprado em alguns portais ou bobagens faladas por analistas de quinta, que não sabem ir em uma loja bater um papo com um vendedor, ou ir até uma assistência não autorizada para pegar um "feed back".

A Nokia que é uma empresa pioneira em vários aspectos, ainda está tentando entender como se relacionar com blogs e fóruns, não esperem que as outras fabricantes, que dependem muito da compra de espaço na "mídia especializada" ganhe atenção dos verdadeiros formadores de opinião no meio da noite para o dia.


Nokia has rolled out their new 8800s. They are the Nokia 8800 Arte and Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte, featuring an elegant and sophisticated design theme that takes inspiration from nature and sets it apart from the crowd. By tapping the steel surface below the display, you will get an analogue clock appears. They have the 'turn-to-mute' feature which allows user to quiet their phone by simply turning the over the phone, the screen-side down.

These two new phones sport high-end metal and glass for the casing, while adding a touch of imported goat skin to match the mink coat sitting in the closet. I’ll admit, these phones look very sleek and classy, but I couldn’t see myself paying over $1400.00 for either of these phones which is what the asking price has been stated to be. Goat skin or not, it’s just not worth it considering you can get an iPhone for much less.

The specs for the phone are somewhat impressive. You can browse the web at high speeds using integrated 3G cellular technology, Nokia 8800 Arte also offers a 1GB internal memory and a 3.2 mega pixel camera with 8x zoom.

SPESIFIKASI NOKIA 8800 Sapphire Arte
  • Stunning 2.0" QVGA 240x320 pixels, OLED display with 16 million colors
  • 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera with 8x digital zoom
  • 3G capabilities
  • 1 GB built in memory space
  • MicroUSB all-in-one-connector
  • Anti-fingerprint coating on metal and glass
  • Battery:3 hours talk / 12 days standby

HARGA BELI BEKAS : Rp 8.000.000,00
HARGA JUAL KEMBALI : Rp 4.000.000,00

Free Airtel GPRS Trick ("aBrowser" 100 % Working)

Airtel users from today don't waste money for browsing.A new (free) Airtel GPRS Trick is available now. Introducing "aBrowser" application.

Once you download this to your mobile njoy unlimited free browsing
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Por que os Blogs só falam da Nokia? vocês são baba ovo dela?

Por que os Blogs só falam da Nokia? vocês são baba ovo dela?, essa pergunta ou afirmação, me foi feita via e-mail por um leitor que não quis se identificar, e escreveu ate com um certo nível de indignação e preconceito.

No e-mail ele me pergunta por que a maioria de nos blogueiros, voltados para a área GSM, divulgamos tantas promoções e lançamentos da Nokia, e por que falamos e discutimos tanto sobre os aparelhos da nokia. Minha resposta para ele foi simples: Anonimo na próxima vez pode usar seu nome e e-mail verdadeiro que o seu sigilo esta garantido. Em primeiro lugar posso falar por mim e por alguns mais próximos, não falo exclusivamente da nokia, não recebo nada e nunca recebi para falar bem dos seus aparelhos ou serviços, muito pelo contrario, sou bem imparcial nos meu posts quanto aos aparelhos da nokia ou de qualquer outro fabricante.

Sou o primeiro a criticar quando algo não me agrada, como é o caso do cabo USB que acompanha o 5800XM que é uma vergonha, o lançamento do N97 que deixou muito a desejar, ou mais recentemente a incompatibilidade do pareamento automático do N82 e 5800 com o pioneer 9080BT, mais também sei reconhecer quando um projeto foi bem feito como é o N95, o 5800 e o N82, aparelho perfeito para fotos na minha opinião e de quem o possui, como o José Antônio do blog NokiaBR.

Mas vou lhe dizer por que muita gente fala da Nokia, sabe por que?, por que a nokia investe em Marketing junto aos blogs, cede aparelhos para testes e reviews, divulga suas campanhas promocionais e de lançamentos junto aos blogueiros, convida e as vezes ate banca o custo da viagem e hospedagem para ter aquele blogueiro no seu evento, alem de outras ações e canais de comunicação voltado diretamente para a blogsfera.

Não é só a nokia que investe no marketing junto aos blogs, mas é a que investe mais pesado, a que realmente acredita que a opinião de um blogueiro pode influenciar diretamente positiva ou negativamente na aceitação de um produto no mercado, outras empresas já estão vendo o poder que os blogs exercem sobre os leitores, a VIVO por exemplo, me mandou um convite para um bate papo com seus executivos sobre o mercado de smartphones e a apresentação exclusiva do iPhone 3GS, porem infelizmente não posso participar devido a distancia e a data em cima da hora como da para ver ai na screen, e sabe por que? por que eu sempre disse que o iPhone só não é bom de fotos, mas em interface de usuário, navegação e games, ate hoje ninguém o superou, e alem disso a chegada do iPhone revolucionou o mercado e fez com que os outros fabricantes acordassem para ver que seus aparelhos estavam ultrapassados e obsoletos, graças ao iPhone hoje temos aparelhos maravilhosos no mercado.

Agora me diga!, que empresa não quer usar como marketing uma mídia como um blog, que reconhece as qualidades do seu produto mas também as suas deficiências, mais não se deixa influenciar e não influencia negativamente sobre ele.

Sem mais delongas termino por aqui, espero que tenha esclarecido um pouco do assunto, e caso você seja representante de alguma empresa ou fabricante de celular, passe essa mensagem para algum executivo com visão de mercado pois os blogs chegaram, se firmaram e são formadores de opinião, conquistamos um lugar ao sol que não pode ser mais tomado.

Abraço Cláudio Martinez
E-mail martinezssa@hotmail.com
Cell DDD 71-8747-1688


First and foremost, the 3110 Classic is designed for stylish simplicity. Large, easy-to-press buttons are arranged on a sleek rectangular-shaped case. A 128 x 160-pixel, 262K color display resides above a five-way center button that controls most of the phone's menus and functions. The backside of the phone houses the device's 1.3-megapixel camera lens. The phone features a microSD / TransFlash slot that accommodates cards up to 2 GB.

The 3110 Classic's built-in address book can store up to 1000 contacts for quick and easy management of phone numbers and addresses. In addition to a vibrate alert, the phone is compatible with MP3 and MIDI ringtones, as well. It even supports video ringtones. Different ringtones can be set for groups of callers so you know who's calling without having to look at the device. A call log keeps track of your recent dialed calls, as well as your most recent missed or received calls. Plus, there's a speakerphone so you can talk all you want without having the phone to your ear.

The 3110 Classic has all the bases covered when it comes to messaging and Internet connectivity. Use the phone's built-in picture messaging capability to send text, graphics, and pictures to your friends. The phone features support for instant messaging applications, and there's a built-in WAP 2.0 Web browser (supports HTML, xHTML, TCP/IP) for downloads and mobile Web browsing. The phone also supports Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging (AMS)--a fast and simple way to send voice or sound clips via MMS. T9 text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit--a plus for mobile email and text messaging users.

Document your latest adventure with the phone's advanced 1.3-megapixel camera that features an 8x digital zoom, or with the camera's supported video recorder. The built-in advanced music player supports MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H.263, and H.264 music files. Lastly, high-quality video can be streamed straight from the device. And because the phone supports the A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth stereo profiles, you can wireless stream music to compatible Bluetooth-enabled stereo headphones, enabling completely untethered music enjoyment.

  • Frequency : GSM Triband EGSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800/1900 MHz
  • Display : 262,144 colors Active TFT, 128x160 pixels display, 1.8 inch display
  • User interface : Series 40 user interface
  • Imaging : Integrated 1.3 megapixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom, Video recorder
  • Multimedia : Visual Radio, Integrated music player for MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H.263, H.264 formats
  • Memory Functions : 8.5 MB built-in memory. Options to expand up to 2 GB with microSD card
  • Messaging : MMS, Email, Text messaging, Audio messaging, Instant Messaging
  • Java Applications : Java MIDP 2.0
  • Ringing Tones : 64-chord/voice polyphonic MIDI ringing tones, supporting MP3, True Tones, 64-chord/voice polyphonic MIDI ringing tones
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 2.0, Infrared
  • Browsing : OMA Digital DRM 2.0, Full OMA Client provisioning, DARP, EDGE (Class B, multislot class 10), GPRS (Class B, multislot class 10), GPRS/EDGE/HSCSD/CSD for browsing and as date modem

HARGA BELI BARU : Rp 1.075.000,00
HARGA BELI BEKAS : Rp 800.000,00
HARGA JUAL KEMBALI : Rp 700.000,00

Aircel Amazing 1. 2 . 3 Plan (STD & Local)

This Scheme is for all over India:

Prepaid Start-up Kit (MRP Rs. 99) contains: Aircel Prepaid SIM card, Customer engagement form, Prepaid booklet.

MRP (Rs.) - 99
Talktime Value (Rs.) - 10
Validity Period (days) - Lifetime#

Outgoing Call Charges (Rs./min)

To any Local Network :
For 1 st min : Rs. 1
2 nd min : Rs. 0.50
3 rd Min : Rs. 0.30

To any STD Network :

For 1 st min : Rs. 1.50
2 nd min : Rs. 1.00
3 rd Min : Rs. 0.75


Local : 1.00
National : 1.50
International : 5.00

To Know About Other Benefits Visit http://www.aircel.com

Idea Customer Care Number

For Idea Customers:
Idea care :4444
Idea voice :54332
Info on call :54005
Power service :*121#
Travel on call  :54003 
Circle Wise Idea Mobile Numbers:
  1. Idea Mobile Andhra Pradesh
    Customer Care: 9848012345
    Email: ccare.ap@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: 040-66562222
  2. Idea Mobile Delhi & NCR
    Customer Care: 9891012345
    Email: ccare.dl@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: 011-66615698/99
  3. Idea Mobile Gujarat
    Customer Care: 9824012345
    Email: 9824012345@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: 079-2323240
  4. Idea Mobile Haryana
    Customer Care: 9812012345
    Email: ccare.har@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: 0-9990559908
  5. Idea Mobile Himachal Pradesh
    Customer Care: 9882012345
    Email: ccare.hp@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: 0177-2620235
  6. Idea Mobile Kerala
    Customer Care:
    Email: ccare.kerala@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: (0484)-2382121/2382324
  7. Idea Mobile Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh
    Customer Care: 9826012345
    Email: ccare.mp@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: (0731)-2551304
  8. Idea Mobile Maharashtra & Goa
    Customer Care: 9822012345
    Fax : (0)-9850003298/3299
    Email :ccare.mh@idea.adityabirla.com
  9. Idea Mobile Rajasthan
    Customer Care: 9887012345
    Email: ccare.raj@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax No: (0141)-5183738
  10. Idea Mobile UP (East)
    Customer Care: 9889012345
    Fax : (0522)-2205225
    Email: ccare.upe@idea.adityabirla.com
  11. Idea Mobile UP (West) Circle
    Customer Care: 9837012345,
    E-Mail: ccare.upw@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: (0)-9990555888
  12. Idea Mobile Tamil Nadu
    Customer Care: 9092012345
    Email: ccare.tn@idea.adityabirla.com
  13. Idea Mobile Mumbai
    Customer Care: 97020-12345
    Tel : 022 -66820600
    Email :care.mumbai@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax : 022 – 66820999
  14. Idea Mobile Bihar
    Customer Care : +91-9708012345
    Email :ccare.bj@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax : 0612 2540352
  15. Idea Mobile Punjab
    Customer Care: 98140 98140
    Email :ccare.pun@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax: 98140 12346
  16. Idea Mobile Orrisa
    Customercare: 9090012345
    Email ID : ccare.or@idea.adityabirla.com
    Tel (Board): 0674 2725920
    Fax: 0674 2725987
  17. Idea Karnataka
    Customercare : 9844012345
    Email :ccare.kar@idea.adityabirla.com
    Fax : 080 22098441

Virgin Mobile Customer Care Number (India)

For Virgin Mobile Customers:

  • Customer Care : 125999 (Toll Free)
  • Balance Enquiry : 125555

If you are calling from any other phone - 60016666.
* If you're dialing from your mobile phone, dial the STD code of the city you're calling from, followed by the
   number. Our Office number is: +91-11-66131000
* Call charges will be applicable as per your tariff plan

EMAIL: care@virginmobile.in

Samsung S3100

Samsung finally been officially announced about his plans to release a new mobile middle class that carries the slider design. In the near future, the latest phones Samsung S3100 will begin the release to the market.

Rumors about the latest Samsung mobile phones that had emerged around mid-July last, the truth has now been recognized by the Samsung. But the new Samsung will release a claim to market new phones in the near future. Means in all likelihood, Samsung S3100 will be released to the market starting this August.

Samsung S3100, this is the name for the middle class phone that Samsung introduced. S3100 carrying slider design, if considered in terms of design and a quick look similar to the Samsung U600. But in terms of performance, the Samsung S3100 is not less powerful than the output phones Samsung previously.

Specifications owned Samsung S3100 is not much different from the information leaks that had already been circulated among the media. Samsung S3100 can run with the networking Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). For display, Samsung offers a 2.1-inch TFT display with 176 x 220p resolution and 262k colors.

In addition, other features offered are not much different from many mobile phones already on the market. Such as Bluetooth 2.1, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Web Browser NetFront 3.5, email, 1.3 MP camera and supports microSD memory cards.

For the battery is very strong offer. With a 800 mAh battery, the Samsung S3100 can last up to 530 minutes talk-time mode, while for the standby mode capable of reaching 490 hours in a one-time charge. Thus, this measure somewhat stronger than the other phones in its class. So you no longer need to worry about running out of battery while on the move or important moments you are.

Samsung S3100 dimension 47 x 95 x 14.9 mm and weighs owned only 99.2 grams. In addition, Samsung also offers two color choices are quite interesting. For you real men might choose Samsung S3100 Black color, while for women who want to look glamorous enough to select the color pink. But all returned again to taste each of you.

So far, Samsung has not announced how much the price for Samsung S3100. But most likely, Samsung will membandrol relative prices are not too high.

Airtel Customer Care Number

For Airtel Customers:
Dial: 121.
  It does not give u the direct option of talkin to the CCE.You will be having some automated instructions.what you need to do is, that u have to choose any one option. for eg, if u wanna ask about new schemes; they will give u all the options. ie. by dialling  1 u get a particular option, dialing 2 u get a another one and so on. den at last the recorded voice will tell u dat if u need to talk to the customer care executive, dial 9 and u will be connected to theCustomer Care Executive.

NetBook Nokia

Nokia wants to participate produce long netbook sounded. Indications are growing stronger, after the CEO of Nokia to clarify the issue. Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallavuo said, in one event in New Delhi, India, if Nokia saw a great opportunity to join the netbook market enliven the more vivid now. Although not explicitly say Nokia raced at netbook segment, but Olli Pekka was very encouraging netbook Nokia.

"PCs and mobile phones created a big opportunity. And Nokia interested to bring the PC and phone," he said.

"Netbook that is part of the PC industry, providing ample opportunity for Nokia," said Pekka.

Unfortunately, the opportunity, the company is based in Finland, not to justify the outstanding issues if, newer products that will pitch in February next year.

In addition, other rumors also mentioned that Nokia will begin to make a netbook with Google's Android operating system. This desire is done Nokia, because Nokia 'conscious self'. Because indeed, been known as Motorola's largest mobile phone maker in the world, but not for the PC. For this reason, need a different approach and gradual.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Nokia presents the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition. The phone is a variant of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, but this time more priority than the music navigation features. Design and appearance are the same as the Nokia 5800 XM, which distinguishes only silver accents on the edges.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition comes with support the latest Ovi Maps and voice-guided licenses Drive and Walk navigation are valid for eternity. Apparently the feature only applies in some countries only. In addition to the additional navigation features, the other specifications of this phone is the same as before.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition will be released in the near future, around the end of the third quarter. Price Navigation 5800 is € 285, or about $ 410. With the addition of Nokia Car-kit and Car Charger in packaging.

Reliance Broadband Customer Care Number

  • 1 800 3000 7773 – Toll Free
  • Call 022 – 3033 7777 Or dial *377 on your Reliance phone

Aircel Customer Care Numbers

Aircel customers:

For Instant Service Dial:

1211 Postpaid Billed amount & payment section
1212 Postpaid Unbilled amount section
1213 Prepaid/ Postpaid Latest Scheme Menu
1214 Prepaid/ Postpaid Value Added Services Menu.
1215 Prepaid/ Postpaid For Prepaid : Rate Cutter Menu
For Postpaid : Bill Plan Menu


  1. Andhra Pradesh: Call  9700012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.andhrapradesh@aircel.co.in
  2. Assam: Call 9854098540 or 9854012345; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.assam@aircel.co.in  
  3. Bihar: Call 9852012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.bihar@aircel.co.in         
  4. Chennai: Call 9841012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to talktoaircel@aircel.co.in
  5. Delhi & Ncr: Call 9716012345 or 121 ; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.delhi@aircel.co.in
  6. Himachal Pradesh: Call 9857012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.hp@aircel.co.in
  7. Jammu And Kashmir: Call 9858012345 or 121 ; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.jammu@aircel.co.in & care.kashmir@aircel.co.in  
  8. Karnataka: Call 9738012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.karnataka@aircel.co.in
  9. Kerala: Call 9809012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.kerala@aircel.co.in
  10. Maharshtra (Pune): Call 9762012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to  care.maharashtra@aircel.co.in
  11. Mumbai: Call 9768012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.mumbai@aircel.co.in
  12. North East: Call 9856012345 or 121 ; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.ne@aircel.co.in
  13. Orissa: Call 9853012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.orissa@aircel.co.in  
  14. Tamil Nadu: Call 9842012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to talktoaircel@aircel.co.in
  15. UP(East): Call 9807012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.upeast@aircel.co.in
  16. UP(west): Call 9808012345 or 121; alternatively you may also email your concern to care.upwest@aircel.co.in
  17. West Bengal: Call 9851012345 or 121 ; alternatively you may also email your concern to  care.wb@aircel.co.in


NOKIA 7610 Supernova is A simple and small, yet handy device', is the first thought that came to my mind upon opening the box. The plastic housing appears to be no different from most Nokia devices; simple yet tough. I have a feeling of old times reviving again, especially thanks to the additional Xpress covers found inside the box. Just like in the good old days: changing 'covers' to give the phone’s regular appearance a personal touch. The Nokia 7610 slider phone features a monitor that has a mirror effect and is likely to serve a dual purpose as an accessory in a ladies handbag. Thankfully, the mirror effect disappears when the background light of the monitor is activated. The mobile phone is easy to open and in turn also easy to slide closed again. It is clear that the device is rugged and solid.
Nokia has just announced its new 7610 Supernova slider handset, the flagship in the new Supernova product group. This cell phone offers a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash and a completely innovative new feature called the Theme Colourizer. This new feature allows you to snap a photo of anything, and then use the color in the photo as the keypad backlight color, or as your phone's wallpaper.

The 7610 Supernova sports quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and Bluetooth 2.0 for connectivity, and has a built-in FM radio tuner. A microSD card slot offers plenty of memory expansion options, and the 2.5mm audio port doubles as a TV-Out that is usable with the included cable.

The Nokia 7610 Supernova uses Nokia's S40 user interface, which includes an enhanced web browser, music player, and customizable active standby screen. This slider will be available in grey, with included 'steel blue' or 'red' Xpress-On user-changeable covers, or white with included 'bright lilac' and 'steel blue' covers.

Network : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Dimension : 98 x 48 x 15 mm
Weight : 99 gram
Display : TFT, 16 million colors, Res. 240 x 320 pixel
Camera : 3,15 MPix, Res. 2048 x 1536 pixel, autofocus, video(VGA@15fps), dual LED
Memory : 64 MB internal memory, slot microSD (TransFlash) until 2GB
Features : GPRS class 32, EDGE class 32, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, microUSB, WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, Java MIDP 2.0, SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging, Theme Colorizer, Stereo FM radio with RDS, MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA player, MPEG-4 player, Voice memo, T9, Built-in handsfree, Xpress-on cover
Batery : Li-Ion 860 mAh
Standby Time: 300 hours
Talk Time: 5 hours

HARGA BELI BARU : Rp 2.350.000,00
HARGA BELI BEKAS : Rp 1.850.000,00
HARGA JUAL KEMBALI : Rp 1.500.000,00

Projeto itinerante das Casas Bahia leva inclusão e educação digital para a região do ABC e Guarulhos

Num exemplo que deveria ser adotado por dirigentes de outros estados, prefeituras e empresários, A Casas Bahia criou o projeto socioambiental, Amigos do Planeta, desenvolvendo ações de conscientização para redução do consumo de recursos naturais de energia elétrica e um amplo programa de reciclagem de materiais.

Toda a verba arrecadada com a venda dos materiais recicláveis coletados no Amigos é destinado a projetos na área de educação. Um deles é o Amigos do Planeta – Inclusão Digital. Realizado em parceria com a ONG CDI - Comitê para Democratização da Informática, o projeto itinerante conta com um caminhão especialmente estruturado para funcionar como uma escola de informática, além de tendas onde são ministradas palestras, cursos, oficinas e atendimento para requalificação profissional, todos
gratuitos e voltados à população.

Para participar, os interessados devem ter acima dos 8 anos, devem se inscrever previamente, nas lojas participantes (vide abaixo programação completa). Menores de idade deverão estar acompanhados de pais ou responsáveis. As atividades são divididas entre cursos de noções de informática para iniciantes, 3ª idade e crianças, com duas horas de duração. As turmas também aprendem, entre outras funções, a trabalhar com sistemas operacionais, editor de texto, internet e editor de planilhas.
Nos intervalos das aulas, os computadores podem ser utilizados para acessar e-mails, realizar pesquisas e outras atividades, com monitoramento
em tempo integral.
Já nas tendas montadas nos locais, os visitantes terão cursos e palestras sobre empreendedorismo, economia doméstica e controle orçamentário, e recebem orientação para requalificação profissional (postura em entrevistas de empregos, competências básicas, etc).

Você está convidado a participar desta ação contribuindo para que ela
atinja um maior de número de pessoas de uma forma simples: com seu
blog através da blogagem coletiva que estamos organizando em prol do projeto.

Estendemos o convite para que você visite o Amigos do Planeta –
Inclusão Digital e confira in loco como é possível democratizar a educação

Cronograma Amigos do Planeta – Inclusão Digital

Diadema – Praça Lauro Michels, Centro
Visita 01 de 03 a 08.08; Visita 2 de 08 a 12.09; visita 3 de 13 a 17.10;
visita 4 de 16 a 21.11
Inscrições: 3 dias antes de cada visita – loja da Praça Pres.Castelo Branco,
235, Centro.

São Bernardo – Praça Giovane Breda, s/n, bairro Area Verde
Visita 01 de10 a 15.08; visita 02 de 14 a 19.09; visita 03 de 19 a 24.10 e
visita 04 de 23 a 28.11
Inscrições: 3 dias antes de cada visita – loja R. Senador Vergueiro, 5072,
Rudge Ramos.

Santo André – Av. Cel Alfredo Flaquer, entre os nºs 346/366 (Av.
Perimetral) visita 01 de 17 a 22.08; visita 02 de 21 a 26.09; visita 03 de 26 a 31.10 e
visita 04 de 30.11 a 05.12
Inscrições: 3 dias antes de cada visita – loja R. General Glicério, 140/ 152,

Mauá – Av. João Ramalho, 205, Vila Noêmia (estacionamento do
Paço Municipal)
Visita 01 de 24 a 29.08; visita 02 de 28.09 a 03.10; visita 03 de 03 a 07.11
e visita 04 de 07 a 12.12
Inscrições: 3 dias antes de cada visita – loja Av. Presidente Castelo Branco,
991, Jd. Zaíra.

Guarulhos – Alameda das Magnólias com a Av. Odair Santanelli
(Cecap Guarulhos)
Visita 01 de 31.08 a 05.09; visita 02 de 05 a 10.10; Visita 03 de 09 a 14.11
e visita 04 de 14 a 19.12;
Inscrições: 3 dias antes de cada visita – loja Av. Otávio Braga de Mesquita,
4066 – Jd. São Geraldo

Telefone para informações: SAC 0800-888-8008

Agradecimentos ao Anderson Araújo (Andy) da agencia Riot (www.riot.com.br), pelo envio dessa pauta, acho que cada um de nos blogueiros, poderíamos usar um pouquinho do nosso tempo para divulgar ações como essa, que trazem conhecimento e um amanha melhor para milhares de Brasileiros excluídos, faça sua parte divulgue.

Compliance in real-time banking is difficult

The biggest challenges of regulatory compliance for transformational banking is the real-time nature of the transactions. Transformational banking provides a platform for true real-time payment transactions. If properly implemented, the volume of transactions are also huge (even though the average value of transactions may be low).

Compliance management in traditional systems are typically off-line solutions. These systems work through transaction history and attempt to identify non-compliant transactions (money laundering, funding of terrorism, or other illegal transactions). Banks have a regulatory obligation to find these transactions, correct them and report on them. The inability to be proactive in doing this have lead to banks being fined in the past.

Banks are now confronted with a new category of systems where transactions occur in real-time from locations that are not necessarily known (could even be outside the geographical boundaries where the bank have jurisdiction). It is often also easier to open these accounts and to easily discard them again. Sometime regulation allows for account holders not to provide proof of residence. These factors necessitate the need for a new kind of compliance management.

We at Fundamo have been doing ground-breaking work in this area during the past months. We are doing this with our clients and industry experts in the space. I believe that as these systems start to evolve, the real-time management of compliance will become more important. As banks
are starting to tackle this issue, they will find that it is significantly more difficult than what it looked like initially.

Mobile banking regulations should be tiered more

This is so obvious that I am hesitant to blog about it: Regulatory guidelines for mobile banking should be tiered - it should allow for different layers of compliance. As far as I can gather (and I have read widely), it is only in South Africa where this is explicitly stated (with the E17 exclusion). As always, I would be happy to be corrected.

Different layers of compliance should be the basis (the foundation) of thinking about banking regulations applied to the marginally banked. It stands to reason that it does not make sense to apply the same rigour to an account for low value simple transactions, compared to a high value, sophisticated bank account. This approach would give comfort to all the participants in the banking industry as it would be ideal to manage risk.

We at Fundamo have always postulated and worked towards a four layered tier for compliance. The lowest layer or tier should provide for very little KYC (or client identification), but should be very strict regarding limits and functionality. This lowest tier becomes the entry point into banking for subscribers without a strong banking relationship. This provides for rudimentary services, but does not compromise the integrity of the system. With higher levels of compliance, more rigour is added to the registration and client management process, but at the same time, more functions and higher limits are associated with the account.

Tiers are the only way to think about compliance.

Samsung Omnia HD, Hackeando e aplicando efeitos de transição

Já faz um bom tempo que não falo de hacks ou aplicativos crakeados, estou tentando ser um bom menino, mas como não sou santo, vou mostrar o caminho das pedras.

No processo a seguir será mostrado como hackear o Samsung Omnia HD e aplicar os efeitos de transições chamados de kastor UI.

O processo de hackear é o mesmo utilizado nos aparelhos symbian com o ultimo firmware, ou seja o HelloOX assinado via certificado, que você pode conseguir acessando o link do fórum la em cima.

Para aplicar os efeitos de transição sera necessário o RomPatcherPlus 0.6, patch c2z e alguns outros arquivos disponibilizados no blog do Raju

O efeito apos o processo sera esse ai mostrado a baixo.

Resta 1 Peg solitaire‏, mais um game Brazuka na App Store

A equipe de desenvolvedores Brasileiros (Mobiloko) que na semana passada colocou seu primeiro jogo na loja da Apple, o Fogos BR, teve mais um jogo aprovado.

Dessa vez é o Resta 1 - Solitaire que é um jogo de tabuleiro/quebra cabeça onde o objetivo é deixar apenas uma peça no tabuleiro. Através de movimentos semelhantes ao jogo de damas, você consegue "comer" uma peça, eliminado-a do tabuleiro. Um movimento consiste em "pular" uma peça na horizontal ou vertical, para um espaço vazio.
A peça "pulada" é então removida do tabuleiro, se não é possível fazer mais nenhum movimento válido, o jogo termina, se restar apenas uma peça no tabuleiro, você vence. Você pode escolher 9 tipos diferentes de tabuleiros: - Tradicional; - Pirâmide; - Mais; - Diamante; - Flecha; - Cruz; - Banquinho; - Desviado; - Duplo.

Também é possível ver um ranking mundial dos jogadores, o link para o aplicativo na loja da Apple é esse AQUI, como da primeira vez disponibilizo um código promocional para experimentar o game, que pegar primeiro fica, Segue o promocode: RLTFY6YMJ4AM

Our World and the Future of Technology

Current technological advancements have made the world smaller and have made things easier for all of us. Each and every invention is a small step in mans' endeavor to achieve his goal towards perfection.

Technological developments have made communication much easier. Telephones and cellular phones help us talk with others no matter where they are. People and businesses are communicating globally without making travel arrangements. With the push of a button we are making important transactions.

Time-saving electrical appliances and tools enable people to have much more leisure time to spent at our free will. Computers were originally developed to use for doing calculations and have come to the point that people cannot function normally without them.

So whats the future of Technology ? Well, you need to know some facts to answer this question.. Watch this amazing video below to do some fact findings... Enjoy !!

Vodafone Customer Care Number

For Vodafone  customers:

Dial 111(wait) and u get some offers to be heard,dont keep hearing those offers... press

(9) then (2) and then Again (9) u will be directed to the CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE .
This is for all the states of India

  1. Andhra Pradesh: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9885098850 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.ap@vodafone.com
  2. Chennai: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9884098840 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.chn@vodafone.com
  3. Delhi & Ncr: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9811098110 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.del@vodafone.com
  4. Gujarat: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9825098250 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.guj@vodafone.com
  5. Haryana: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9813098130 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.har@vodafone.com
  6. Karnataka: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9886098860 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.kar@vodafone.com
  7. Kerala: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9846098460 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.ker@vodafone.com
  8. Kolkata: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9830098300 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.kol@vodafone.com
  9. Maharshtra & Goa: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9823098230 (Postpaid) /9923399233 (Prepaid) from any phone or email at vodafonecare.mah@vodafone.com
  10. Mumbai: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9820098200 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com
  11. Punjab: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9888098880 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.pun@vodafone.com
  12. Rajasthan: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9828098280 from any phone or email us at vodafonecare.raj@vodafone.com
  13. Tamil Nadu: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9843098430 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.tn@vodafone.com
  14. UP(East): Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9839098390 from any phone or email us at vodafonecare.upe@vodafone.com
  15. UP(west): Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9719097190 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.upw@vodafone.com
  16. West Bengal: Call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or on 9732097320 from any phone or email at vodafonecare.wb@vodafone.com

BSNL Customer Care Number

For BSNL  customers:
To talk with Customer Care Executive use this number:
9400024365 (This No. is same for all states)

For other inquiries Dial:
123 (Common inquiry)
*123# (Balance inquiry)
*123*1# (SMS card validity)
*123*2# (GPRS card validity)
*123*3# (special call vouchers validity)

BSNL BroadBand Customer Care Number

Bsnl Broadband Customer Care Numbers Details

From Bsnl Landline- 1500

From other phone- 1800-424-1600

Bsnl Dial Up Customer Care- 1957

"Same number for all the states in India"

NOTE: BSNL do not provide Broadband services in Delhi & Mumbai

Lançamento, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Por essa ninguém esperava, hoje, a Nokia apresentou o Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, uma variação do Nokia 5800XpressMusic. Alem das mesmas funções do 5800 que conhecemos, esse novo 5800 vem com uma licença de navegação Drive & Walk, e um suporte e carregador para automóveis.

Porem a diferença mais visível sera sua aparência externa, que passa a ser na cor preto e cromado, alem disso sera lançada uma variável para o mercado Chines que não ira contar com WLAN ou dual-band 3G com HSDPA.

Logo a baixo segue um vídeo promocional do aparelho que deve custar algo em torno de 285 Euros.

via: gsmarena

Download BlackBerry Applications

There are a lot of BlackBerry applications are available. You can search for it on sites such as official www.blackberry.com / select / appworld, http://blackberryapps.com, or other sites. Here are 18 applications that can make your BlackBerry more fun.

There is a free, have a paid. There are serious, you have to invite rileks.

1. Opera Mini
This browser is not an alternative as soon as the browser built-in BlackBerry 4.5, but will serve the page and zoom parts of the screen as if viewed with a normal PC.

2. Flickr
Flickr of the application, you can go directly to the camera or choose a photo from the media card or one of your media directory.

3. Facebook
Wow this must have been legal. Very easy to update the status, read the message, and send messages to friends walls and send photos directly to the page of your images with the application is free.

4. NewsGator Go!
Sign up for a free account NewsGatorOnline or tautkan to your existing account. Web reader is free and members can synchronize NewsGator Online that you use. So if you're using FeedDemon on a PC or NetNewsWire on the Mac, all feeds that can be accessed on another computer or in your BlackBerry using the web reader NewsGator.

5. BBMetaBlog
Like in the WordPress blog using Blogger for BlackBerry? But if you use a blog-based XML-RPC, try BBMetaBlog. This application is actually designed for a custom blog-engine for Lotus Domino, not for WordPress or other systems that use MetaWeblog API implementation of XML-RPC, but can be used. Set only access the URL to your XMLRPC URI! Tagging can not be here, but this is faster than the post with Opera Mini.

6. Google Suite
Mobile applications for BlackBerry is really tasty. Gmail is fast, simple Google Nees page crawled and mobile mapping tool is good. Google Sync for BlackBerry to keep your BlackBerry calendar sync with Google Calendar in two directions.

7. Sudoku
This game has already created a lot of people hooked. Its unregistered version does not allow you to download new puzzles every day, but there are many game with three difficulty levels. Suitable time to kill.

8. Age of Empires III
PC Games This classic BlackBerry allows users to create their own culture and pasukannya to the world. Grafisnya is not as well as on the PC, but attractive enough for a mobile game that was U.S. $ 9.99.

9. Dexrex SMS backup
Ever accidentally delete a text message that is actually important? Do not worry, Dexrex can help you get it back. This application stores and archives all messages to create a text entry and exit through your BlackBerry and lets you access them with just into account protected by a password on their website.

10. Exigis Mileage Tracker
Designed for businesses that often travel, Mileage Tracker interesting that cost $ 4.99 U.S. This enables users to record the distance they have of the spreadsheet and send to the company's mileage.

11. StormLock
BlackBerry Storm can do that many things, but in this device you could accidentally eliminate all incoming calls because of your face too close to the field of touch screen clicks. Atasi with this lack of StormLock. Applications made Steelthorn Software for U.S. $ 2.99 This temporary lock the screen your calls when you are calling. StormLock automatically die when all the calls you make.

12. Salesforce Mobile
Applications from salesforce.com is very suitable for salesmen who want to manage your contact list. If you are a printer vendor, for example, you can sort the contact list you as a sales account, opportunity, and the need to follow-up. This application also helps users keep track of sales and account log-on to a database. This application is downloadable for free, but you can utilize to be a Salesforce.com customer.

13. Aerize Explorer
This is an application for anyone who try to send a large file via the phone. With Aerize Explorer, BlackBerry users can men-zip and unzip files, so do not spend in the levying of space. Unfortunately this application does not belong Aerize free, but allowed to charge U.S. $ 4.99.

14. Antair Spam Filter
Spam filter is not dependent on the push e-mail the corporate server. This is mounted directly to your BlackBerry and prevent spam that is sent to the device itself. This product Antair Corporation berbiaya U.S. $ 49.99.

15. Voice to Email
Reason behind this application is simple: you record a voicemail and send it via e-mail. If you want to try the product Better Day Wireless Inc. this, you can simply set up fund of U.S. $ 2.99.

16. Motoscope Video for Webcams
This application let users get the live streaming video from any Web-based IP camera to its BlackBerry. SHAPE Services GmbH, manufacturer, interest costs of U.S. $ 19.99

17. ToDoMatrix Professional
Personal organizer that made the list of "to-do" allows users to import tasks from a different BlackBerry applications, including e-mail and calendar. Also features a "multi-variable filtering" so you can sort tasks into 30 categories. Prepare U.S. $ 19.99 if you want to use this product REXwireless.

18. WorldMate Live
This free application certainly interesting for those who travel frequently. WorldMate to help make the hotel reservation, flight schedule to receive updates and view maps that guide you directly to your hotel, the location of the meeting or the airport. Updata also provides weather and information exchange.