Studio TMLS II Elite Model Look

We are super happy to announce that Studio TMLS partnered with us for this year’s Elite Model Look competition. They kindly supplied all the shoes for our Grand Final event, which all looked great with the amazing clothes the girls wore. The girls spent the week practising catwalk training in the shoes as well, and Elite would like to recommend that not only are Studio TMLS great for day to eveningwear but they are also super-duper for castings and our models loved them! Taking its inspiration from the lavish opulence of 1970s Marrakech, the Studio TMLS SS11 collection features towering wedge sandals, wooden flats in supple leather, suede and luxurious python. A rich, oriental colour palette ranging from burnt orange, ochre, and vibrant coral pinks to brushed gold and silver is offset by juxtaposing muted Saharan-sand tones. Simple yet bold geometric patterns are presented with a sense of modernity and edge, with dramatic studding and chain embellishment running throughout the collection. With more than 20 years of experience in the shoe industry Studio TMLS combines an extreme dedication to design, trend and hard work. Designed in London and produced in the brand’s homeland: Brazil, Studio TMLS is the answer to the modern woman’s desire to look her best at all times.

World: Gold Demand by Region - Demande d'or par région (2010)

What I'm Workin' With

The idea of leaving Capella (our resort in Cabo) is downright depressing.  So I just won't think about it. The physical beauty here is astounding: our back patio, complete with a private plunge pool, overlooks the resort and the Pacific, which rages onto the beach day & night.  The water is teal-clear.  We have a two-level white couch covered in colorful pillows.  We each have our own bedroom and shower (that's not entirely true; I'm sharing with Jude). :)  Our butler makes us homemade salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, and decadent meals.  

When we started to run low on Corona, another case was delivered promptly.  Today Jude woke up with swimmer's ear, and a doctor came to our condo and had antibiotics delivered within half an hour.

And the staff.  They run around with towels and bottles of water in bins of ice.  They are so friendly (and some of them very cute!).  I wish this could be real life.  Here are some pics:

view from our back patio

one of the three infinity pools (the adult pool with swim-up bar aka my favorite one)

Cari enjoying our newest discovery:
the spicy mango margarita with chipotle salt rim

More pictures to come.  All of these are just iPhone pics--totally unedited.  Cari and JJ have a really nice camera, so I'll share more pictures when they upload those.  In the meantime, I am happier, tanner, and more well-rested than I've been in ages.  Trying to figure out a way to move here . . . 

Egle, Marinet & Hannah Hardy II Turkish Vogue

Oh wow. We are speechless, not one, not two but three of our absolute faves are gracing the pages of this months Turkish Vogue. The bright colour blocking is bang on trend and the girls look a dream. We adore.

Photography: Cuneyt Akeroglu

Quiet Time

It is damn near impossible for me to sit still.

I should ask my mama if this has always been true, or if it's a (bad) habit that I've cultivated over the years (and through an increasingly technology-dependent world).  If I am being honest, I will admit things like:

1. I don't really like to go to the movies because it requires me to sit still (and with decorum) for two hours, and

2. I get anxious during massage/acupuncture/anything like that--we're talkin' even LUX SPA TREATMENTS HERE--because I have to be motionless and quiet.  So mostly, I don't do these types of things.

Same goes for meditation.  I've tried it, repeatedly, as I know it would be so good for me & my restless soul.  And yet, my mind gets the best of me every time.  I can't stop thinking about the next moment.  Right now, I'm sitting on our incredible patio in Cabo San Lucas, looking across our private plunge pool into the rowdy Pacific.  I'm in a loose tank top and drinking a really good glass of red wine (that JJ shipped here from San Francisco).  This should be the most calming environment EVER, right?

I'm pretty calm right now . . . in Claire terms, anyway.  But still, my mind races with these thoughts:

~should I put on my cardigan or not?
~can't decide if I want to read blogs or read my book (Little Bee, btw)
~I think I left my dish in the sink & it's rude to leave it for the mayordomo
~tomorrow, would I rather run on the beach or go to the fitness center?
~I should be lesson planning

Etc., etc.  I'm not sure that I've ever just been IN THE NOW for more than two minutes.  I literally bob my leg up and down when I am sitting.  Constantly.  CANNOT BE STILL.

Anyone else have trouble with this?  Specific ideas for overcoming this incapacity for calm?

Hope you're somewhere as beautiful as I am right now.

hola de hermosa Cabo San Lucas!

Hola from Cabo!  Suffice to say, it is breathtaking here.  I can't post pictures yet, because we haven't loaded any from the camera, and I can't email them from my iPhone lest I receive an otherworldly phone bill.  But here's how it's gone down so far:

~we were greeted at the airport by a friendly gentleman who packed us into a van and handed us Coronas with lime for the ride to the resort

~upon arriving at the resort, a very friendly staff showed us around the grounds (teal ocean, infinity pools, restaurants on the beach) and took us to our villa. . .

~ . . . in which our sweet butler, Victor, had tamales, guacamole, and pico de gallo for us on the dining room table!

Can't wait to walk down to the beach today.  Though the view from my room is almost as exquisite as the view from the plunge pool on our balcony. ;)

Only regret: abandoning my Spanish when Jaime and I broke up.  I had actually been getting good, and then just quit cold turkey.  I hate thinking that I could be fluent by now if I'd kept it up!

Pictures coming soon, but for now, this is where we're staying.  Seriously.

Guess what I got to do???

Dad took me for a ride on his Harley!  Too bad we didn't have a side car for this guy:

Ignatius watched us ride off from the driveway

Between riding with my dad and my stepmom handing me down a family heirloom--her biker chick jacket from the late 80's--I'm well on my way to being "scooter trash."  Jax Teller, here I come!

PIIGS: debts - les dettes

Les montants sont en milliards d'euro.Debt = detteDebt/GDP = Dette/PIBInterest Cost = coût de remboursement des seuls intérêts des emprunts liés à la detteTax Revenue = Recettes fiscalesGovernment Deficit = Déficit budgétaire du gouvernement

USA: National Debt Ceiling - Plafond de la dette fédérale

Semi Final II Elite Model Look

After an exciting year of our scouts touring the country and scouting at the Wireless with Barclaycard, Hard Rock Calling, Isle of Wight Festival Festivals and not forgetting T4 on the Beach, we finally found this years Elite Model Look semi-finalists and boy are we proud to present them! Twelve of these beautiful girls will join us for our model bootcamp and then one will go on to become the winner of Elite Model Look 2011.

Take a look at what we got up to this year at our amazing semi-final which was held at none other than 33 Portland Place...home of Oscar winning film 'The Kings Speech'. Wow! For all the pictures go to our Facebook albums to check out all teh action from the day.

We would like to give huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's semi-final. It really was amazing. So big thanks to: Jakub Koziel, Yolande de Vries, Studio TMLS (for providing us with gorgeous shoes) Toni & Guy, Fiji Water, Kusch & Co and the lovely Debbie @ Jeap Printing who provided us with our goody-bags.

Shoes by Studio TMSL

Hi Sushi II Elite Model Look

Elite Model London would love to introduce you to the Japanese restaurant group 'Hi Sushi'. 'Hi Sushi' is our official Elite Model Look 2011 food sponsor and have very kindly provided us with their freshly prepared, healthy and delicious food. 'Hi Sushi' represents the traditional Japanese eating and drinking culture and brings back the lost sixth sense in food 'unami',which is well worth a try!
You can find 'Hi Sushi' in seven locations all over London, so go along and enjoy the atmosphere in their beautiful restaurants! Our models love 'Hi Sushi' and couldn't get enough, so we definitely recommend you to book a table! Don't miss out on this restaurant!
Take a look at Hi Sushi at this year’s Elite Model Look competition...

kusch & co

Elite Model London would love to present one of our amazing sponsors for our Elite Model Look 2011!
'Kusch & Co' is a german furniture business which will provide us with its comfortable and stylish furniture for our semi-final! Our models will be stressed during this eventful time and definitly need a rest to regain their energy! We think 'Kusch & Co' are perfect for that!!
Their device is 'Quality is irreplaceable' and our models are irreplaceable too!!! We just want the best for them to feel and look marvellous!
Design, prestige and comfort.......that's what 'Kusch & Co' stands for and that's what Elite Model London needs!!! So make yourself comfortable, lean back and relax!!!