Technology that lets you speak your mind - literally

NASA scientists are developing a speech recognition system that is amazingly capable of understanding and relaying words that haven"t been said out aloud. That means now you can speak your mind out "literally" with the help of an amazing technology

The technology could one day be used for communication in high-noise environments or in "silent" cell phone calls or in areas where one cannot speak out loud (Hospital theater, movie theater, meetings, etc..) or could be used by firefighters where communication is hindered/disturbed due to background noise.

In the new system, electrodes are attached to the throat for detecting biological signals, similar to what occur for a person reading or talking to him or herself. The signals, thus received, can then be converted into text or synthesized speech.

End-user experience

A mobile phone is completely different to the Internet (as it is accessed via a PC). The difference is in terms of the charateristics of the device, the behaviour of the people using it and when and where and by whom it is being used. It is important to consider all of these factors when developing mobile banking solutions.

A mobile phone is different because of a smaller screen, a different keyboard and no (or sometimes an akward) pointing device. So when designing software for mobile phones, one must take these constraints into considerations. Solutions with a lot and superfloues input will not be successful. Many different keystrokes and inputs for exceptions is not a good idea. It is much better to try and deduce values than to expect entry for every value. (For instance, we assume that one primary bank account is associated with one mobile phone and does not require a client to enter a bank account every-time. Not only is it easier to input, but actually more secure - if you think about it).

Another thing to consider is when and why people would want to use mobile phones. Where the Internet works well to browse and to collect a lot of information (for instance when you want to perform a share trade and graphs and information about previous transactions are important - it is probably more suitable to perform these transactions via the Internet). On the other hand people tend to use mobile phones to do a specific transaction only (send a text or make a phone call). Banking transactions in this mould is therefor ideal candidates for mobile banking. (We tend to offer different types of payments of the ability to purchase stuff as typical banking features on mobile phones).

Also consider the typical mobile banking customer. This person often don't have access to the Internet, is very capable in using the mobile phone, but is also time and cost sensitive. It is important to design banking transactions with these customers in mind. Easy to use, low cost, yet powerful and quick transactions are typical candidates.

Samsung's new fuel cell capable of powering a laptop for a month.

Korea's Samsung Electronics has developed a docking station equipped with a fuel cell capable of powering a laptop for a month. The dock uses a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell with a maximum output of 20 watts. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells(DMFCs) are best suited to producing small amounts of power over a long periods at low temperatures, making them well suited to mobile devices.

The dock is capable of powering a laptop eight hours a day, five days a week for a month. A minature version is under development which can power a laptop for more than 15 hours on a coffee cup's worth of fuel. This new innovation is designed for Samsung's Q35 ultraportable laptop, the docking station contains a 1200-watt-hour fuel cell.

Samsung develops 1GB dynamic random access memory (DRAM)

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology has jumped ahead of its competitors by developing a fully working prototype of a one-gigabit dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, chip. The new chip will be more cost-effective than other high-density mobile chipsets, and it will be used in a wide range of mobile handsets as well as in other consumer electronic products, such as digital cameras, portable media players and portable gaming products.

Using 80-nanometer process technology, the new chip is at least 20 percent thinner than existing chipsets that use up to two 512-megabit chips, and it uses about 30 percent less power.

MySpace has finally gone mobile

Cingular Wireless and News Corp.'s MySpace social-networking Web site recently announced a service that will let Cingular subscribers access MySpace content on their cellphones.

If 2006 was the year of video, then 2007 will most likely be the year of mobile. But a lot of barriers still stand in the way (the carriers, compatibility across hundreds of devices), and it seems less likely that we will see the " YouTube of Mobile " - a startup that comes from nowhere to take the crown. Instead, we’re seeing launches like YouTube Mobile and MySpace Mobile - existing networks moving into the mobile domain.

The $2.99-a-month MySpace Mobile service will let Cingular users post photos, blog entries and comments to their MySpace pages, as well as send and receive email. Other MySpace hallmarks such as video, extensive graphics and advertising, won't be available.

The move shows how borders between the wireless Internet and the regular Internet are beginning to disappear as cellphones become mini entertainment devices, allowing users to take pictures, browse the Web, watch video and play music.

Free web conferencing service at its best

Yugma is a free web conferencing service that enables people to instantly connect over the internet and to collaborate using any application or software, using both Windows and Mac. Businesses can connect on-demand and real-time with clients, prospects or employees whether they are across the city, nation or even the globe.
The name Yugma is a word from the Sanskrit language meaning "the state of being in unified collaboration." Yugma, Inc. is a privately held venture-backed company headquartered in Minnesota, USA and has offices in Minneapolis and India.

You'll enjoy complete, simultaneous use of a shared desktop:
* Share your information, present your ideas
* Invite up to 10 people
* Collaborate with your community
* Works with both Windows and Mac
* Highly secure and reliable


BBC to offer episodes on Internet

The BBC plans to make hundreds of episodes of its popular British television programs available on a file-sharing network for the first time. The move follows a deal between the commercial arm of the company, BBC Worldwide, and the Java-based BitTorrent client technological firm, Azureus. Until now however most of this content traveling through P2P networks was illegal.

BBC wants to change that and make it viable for people from around the world have access to their programming. This means that users will be able to download popular shows like: Little Britain, Red Dwarf, League of Gentleman, Doctor Who and Fawlty Towers no matter where they are for a small fee. What’s most impressive is that the BBC isn’t going to just dip its toes into this project but is instead going to offer hundreds of shows from the very start.

This gives the service a much better chance of taking off and becoming successful. Previously, BBC titles found on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks were bootleg copies. But now the file sharing means that users of Azureus` Zudeo software in the United States can legally download titles

BBC Link : Click Here

Mobile Banking Examples

This is the deal: You can have a new bank account right now. You don't have to go into a branch of a bank, fill in a lot of forms, send copies of your last three payslips or explain anything to any-one. You must have a mobile phone and be able to use the phone in the same way as if you were sending a text message.

This is what we have implemented for one of the biggest mobile operators in developing economies. MTN banking is a new generation bank that enable any-one to open a bank account directly on a mobile phone. Oh, you would say this is a play-play bank account. Yet, this is a fully flexed with all functionality bank account. Some of the features that the bank account provides for is the following:

a. A Mastercard credit card linked to the bank account with the ability to withdraw cash at an ATM or purchase goods at any Mastercard outlet.
b. Full EFT capability to enable debit orders and batch payments into the bank account (including SWIFT transactions). You could get your salary to be paid into this account for instance.
c. Full (and advanced) Internet banking where you could move money around and check statements any place in the world. You could also do advanced things (like schedule recurring payments etc.) However, you would need your mobile phone to log into the bank site.
d. On the phone you could send money to any-one else to their existing bank account, their phone or their credit card (in real-time) and with immediate confirmation via text message.
e. You could switch your card on or off via your mobile phone. Amazing feature if you have lost your card and then found it again.
f. By using the phone you can send statements to any fax machine or authorise your personal information to be faxed to some-one (for instance to authorise a debit order with a company)
g. You could pay bills, purchase airtime and pre-paid electricity directly off your phone.

New generation banking, made possible because of the unique characteristics of the mobile phone, already deployed and utilised by more than a 100 000 subscribers. Go and check it out

Kleer Wireless Audio is ten times better than Bluetooth

We always prefer wireless devices over all the hassel of wires. Even technology is moving ahead towards wireless age, bluetooth is one of them but it deteriorates battery life. Kleer Wireless Audio is a much better product to choose as it offers ten times the battery life of Bluetooth and also perfect audio with no wires hanging around. The architecture was originally designed to communicate lossless CD-quality digital stereo audio over a robust 2.4GHz radio link.

Kleer’s solution is compatible to all your audio devices including iPod, home theater setups and top-end car audio equipment. It is currently available for sampling and is working with OEMs to implement the technology in their devices with its mass production starting in first quarter of 2007.

A Bluetooth Storage Device for Phones

Agere has come up with a portable storage device for the cellphones with a name that is difficult to get "BluOnyx".

The device is a sort of small HDD in your hand but it could be better if somehow fitted it with the cellphone, as it will not be hassle free to carry two devices(cellphone and BluOnyx).

The amount of data that you can store in this device ranges between 1 GB to 40 GB. This 85 x 54 x 6 mm devices price ranges from $100 to $250. It works this way get your data loaded in this via Bluetooth, SD card or USB and then when you want to play it on cellphone it will relay it to your cellphone via Bluetooth.

Broadband television service from the founders of Skype

Broadband television service developed by the founders of Internet calling programme Skype is expected to be launched next year.

Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom invested part of the money they made from selling Skype to eBay last year in developing the new product called ‘The Venice Project™ “ They idea is to combine the best things about television with the social power of the internet – so this was a project that gives viewers, advertisers and content owners more choice, control and creativity than ever before.

Some 6,000 individuals were already testing the service in beta mode. The peer-to-peer technology used by the service, would make it possible to serve "tens of millions of users" while overcoming content owners' security fears. The service will be able to display high-quality, full-screen video on a computer screen. For more details on the project check out

Why Mobile Banking is not Internet Banking

The Internet changed banking forever. It is impossible to consider banking without the functionality, the ease of use and the availability that Internet banking brought to the majority of people WITH bank accounts. This was a silent revolution and became prevalent in only a few years. During the 1990's banks started offering rudimentary banking services via Internet sites and early in the 2000 decade this feature was being widely used. The volume of transactions and the monetary value grew dramatically to a point where Internet banking is probably the biggest source of electronic banking transactions. (Credit card transactions may still hold the lead, but is loosing the lead fast).

With the deployment of Mobile banking solutions during 2001, many analysts expected mobile banking to end up as another type of Internet banking deployment. Many bankers expected mobile phones to provide just another "channel" to customers to access the Internet Banking portal. As a matter of fact I have heard many an IT architect in large banks talk of the convergence of channels to be supported by only one means of interacting with your bank. This was of course a big misconception, because mobile banking is fundamentally different to Internet banking and because of the following reasons:

1. The banking alert services that grew to be a major driver of mobile banking in many countries cannot be effectively implemented in an Internet banking paradigm. It is just not possible to send SMS confirmations to Internet users.

2. The security implementations possible with mobile banking is much more advanced (especially if the SIM card is utilised). This is because mobile banking security can be based on keys or certificates - the holy grail of electronic banking very difficult to implement with Internet Banking. The notion of carrying your banking keys in a device that you have with you all the time (your mobile phone) is extremely powerful and enable the deployment of new types of banking solutions never before possible.

3. The immediacy of mobile phones and the fact that it can probably be utilised anywhere (very few places do not have mobile phone coverage), allows for new types of solutions. Some of these solutions can be implemented in conjunction with existing banking operations. (E.g. allow clients to change a PIN on the phone after an ATM transaction, allow clients to block a credit card from a phone, enable a client to authorise access to personal information from the phone etc. etc.)

4. The best mobile banking deployments utilise message-based implementations (rather than session-based implementations which is prevalent in Internet banking). This architecture leads to significant differences in what is possible and how service is to be delivered. I will discuss this in more detail later on.

However, the biggest difference is the access that mobile banking have enabled to banking that have never been the case before. Internet banking enabled people to access their banking electronically only if they had been banked before, whereas mobile banking is leading to a revolution where people are being banked who never had a banking relationship in the past. This is largely because of the utility and functionality that is now being made available to people with cell-phones (which is much more than people with access to the Internet)

A simple trick to get an email address

Follow the simple steps mentioned below, and you could get an email address..

1. Right-click on this link and copy it to the clipboard. It won’t do you any good to just click on the link, you need to actually copy it to use later.
2. Go to in Internet Explorer and click | Sign Up | This maynot work in Firefox, suggest to use IE.
3. Paste what you just copied in step 1 into the address bar and press enter to execute it. The script adds a | | option to the drop-down menu of domain choices.
4. Fill out the rest of the details and you’re all set!

Hopefully Microsoft will release these email addresses to the public soon but they will probably wait until Windows Live Mail is officially released. So you better hurry and get the address(es) that you want before all of the good ones have been taken and they shutdown this trick!

Yahoo! Music Video 3.0 beta now available

Those music hounds over at Yahoo! have set loose a new beta version of their music video player today. Video 3.0 should have wide appeal since it's built on Flash technology and is therefore both Firefox- and Mac-compatible. Another change is that you can basically do all your navigating within the pop-up video player, and it's a big improvement over the fairly poor navigation Yahoo offered before. Other abilities being touted are Ajax-oriented, like being able to drag and drop favorites onto a playlist (we couldn't get it to work in the video player, though it's easy enough to add videos to your queu without dragging and dropping). There's also a video recommendation option so that you can share your likes and dislikes.

We like the fact that Yahoo offers such a huge video of free music videos, and now that catalog is easy to search and navigate, too. Very nice. Link: Music Video

UnlockMe Symbian Freeware

Symbian Toys UnlockMe Free

Compatible device
Nokia: 3230 / 6260 / 7610 / 6600 / 6620 / 6630 / 6670 / 6680 / 6681 / 6682 / n70 / n90
Panasonic: X700 / X800
Samsung: SGH-D720 / SGH-D730
Lenovo: P930

UnlockMe! is a software that will allow you to recover the "Unlock Code" actually configured in your mobile phone.
You have to install and run the software on the phone and after some minutes it will communicate you the "Unlock Code" actually configured in the Phone

This program it's usefull only in these circumstances
- You just bought a 2nd hand mobile but you don't know it's "Unlock Code".
- Or, you forgot the "Unlock Code" because you didn't use that option for a lot of time.

If you "find" a mobile phone that during startup asks you to insert the "Unlock Code" you will never be able to get the code using this program

Reviews on Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile devices

On 12th December we have launched Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile devices. It support now Smartphone"s and has enhanced support for Pocket PC devices.
Now available for Smartphone"s powered by Windows Mobile software, as well as Pocket PCs, including those using lower-power processors, the latest incarnation of Skype software further extends Skype use beyond desktop or notebook computers.
Key features and benefits in Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile beta include:

    * NEW: Support for Windows Mobile smartphones and more Pocket PC devices;
    * NEW: Enhanced today/home screen: presence status, event notification (missed calls, new chat messages and voicemails);
    * NEW: Proxy support: Supports regular HTTP or HTTPS proxies, and authenticating HTTPS/SSL and SOCKS5 proxies
    * Skype calling features: Free Skype-to-Skype calls, support for SkypeOut, SkypeIn™, voicemail and call forwarding;
    * User-friendly look and feel: As easy and familiar as using Skype on a computer;
    * One-click Skype access: A Skype icon on the home screen lets users view and call contacts easily;
    * Multi-person chat: Users can have multichat sessions using animated emoticons. When mobile users are offline, chat messages will automatically update the next time user logs in;
    * Enhanced contact list: Users can see their contacts avatars and mood messages;
    * Profile personalization: Users can take a picture with the camera on their mobile device and immediately update their profile.

How to speed up Windows XP

Eliminate programs that run at start-up

Stopping programs from running at start-up is especially daunting because there is no single place you can go to halt them all. Some run because they're in the Startup folder, others because they're part of logon scripts, others because of Registry settings, and so on. But with a little bit of perseverance, you should be able to keep them from running.

* Start by cleaning out your Startup folder. Find it in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, where username is your Windows logon name. Delete the shortcuts of any programs you don't want to run on start-up. As with any shortcuts, when you delete them, you're deleting only the shortcut, not the program itself. (You can also clear out the start-up items by going to Start > Programs > Startup, then right-clicking items you want to remove.)

* Next, clean out your Scheduled Tasks folder. Go to C:\Windows\Tasks, and delete the shortcuts of any programs that you don't want to run automatically on a schedule.

Note: You can bypass all the programs in your Startup folder on an as-needed basis. To stop XP from loading any programs in the Startup folder, hold down the Shift key during bootup. No programs in the Startup folder will run, but the items will still remain there so that they will start up as they would normally the next time you boot.

PeerBox v0.95

PeerBox v0.95 2ndEdition S60

PeerBox is a peer-to-peer file sharing application for mobile devices.
PeerBox allows searching for video, pictures and music files in open P2P networks, downloading the files onto the phone and sharing the files with other users.Supported devices

Nokia:3152, 3155, 3155i, 5140i, 6060, 6101, 6102, 6111, 6131, 6152, 6155, 6155i, 6165, 6230i, 6233, 6234, 6235, 6235i, 6255, 6265, 6265i, 6270, 6280, 6282, 6611, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6822, 7260, 7270, 7370, 7700, 8800, 8801, 9300, 9500, N70.

PeerBox v0.95

Napster mobile first service in Europe

Los Angeles-based digital music provider Napster will launch its first mobile download service for Europe in Ireland later this month on Telefónica"s O2 Ireland network. It would allows users to download directly from Napster"s catalogue of 2.2 million tracks on to their mobiles.

The new service also features a recommendation engine that lets people know when songs are available that might interest them based on their choice of downloads.
According to Napster its catalog will be available to O2 Ireland"s 1.6M subscribers through NTT DoCoMo"s i-Mode, through Ericsson. The launch will be the first for Napster Mobile in the European market. Napster said that it will be expanding its service to WAP- and Java-enabled handsets early next year. Ericsson will host, integrate, and manage the operations for O2.

more info available at

Samsung SGH-E890, a super compact mobile communicator

An innovative and convenient Touch UI combines the keypad and TFT display into one, turning the Samsung SGH-E890 into a super compact mobile communicator. Use handwriting input to convey exactly what you want. And enjoy a full range of multimedia features.

Features :
Tri-band(900/1800/1900 MHz)
GRPS Class 10 / EDGE
262144 Color TFT Screen(QVGA, 2.3”)
1.3 Megapixel Camera (CMOS) with Flash
Touch Screen / Touch UI
Video Recording & Messaging
Music Player(MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA)
Bluetooth v2.0 EDR/USB v1.1
BT Note-Message
Voice Memo
TV-output / Speakerphone
Offline Mode
Photo Imprint / Pen Memo
MMS/E-mail/JAVA/WAP 2.0
Mobile Printing (Bluetooth/Pictbridge)
User Memory : 54MB
External Memory : microSD
99 x 49 x 14.6mm / 82g
Battery (880mA)
- Talk time : Up to 230 minutes
- Standby time : Up to 350 hours

Send free video emails from this new beta service

This new beta service provides users a new way to connect with friends and loved ones around the world this holiday season. Free video email services from Gabsight, LLC enable anyone with a webcam or video camera the ability to send, reply to and forward unlimited numbers of video messages to anyone with an email address. Accessible at, GabMail(TM) provides a fun, easy-to-use interface that requires no download, registration or login.

GabMail(TM) and GabJam(TM) are an exclusive ability to thread video messages so that each video in a conversation remains available with a single click; a collaborative and viral component that can speed messages around the globe in minutes; and the most secure video email architecture available. According to CEO and co-founder Mark Lipsky, GabMail(TM) is catching on with a broad range of users from around the globe.

Remote access to your PC from anywhere

This Free service lets you access your home pc from anywhere(ex;office). To activate it, you need to go to and

1. create logmein account
2. login to your account and add your computer through “Add Computer” option
3. install necessary free application for your PC
4. leave logmein running and PC connected to the web if you plan to acceess it from outside
5. sign in into your account on the from anywhere and remote access service should show your pc’s screen in the browser.
6. make sure to logout once you are done

As long as you are on braodband, it should perform smooth and without much delay. In addition to free option company also offers ‘logmein Pro’ which has more features but requires payment. If you want to check it out, a 30 day(or 120 minutes) free trial available as well. Pro version has following features;

* Remote access
* File Transfer: Easily move files between PCs
* Remote Printing: Lets you print remote documents locally
* File Share: Easily share large files
* Guest Invite: Lets you share your desktop for remote collaboration on some tasks
* File Sync : Synchronize files

Windows Vista's registration features hacked

'Security is fundamental to the Windows Vista architecture' is what Microsoft always said.
With all the talk about Microsoft's stepped up efforts to curb piracy through Vista's new activation methods, it seems that the OS is running in to its own security problem. Cracked copies of Windows Vista started flooding the internet soon after the operating system was released to manufacturing and ahead of its official release. Existence of the crack was first reported by Australian technology publication APC on 8th Dec, and now all the news source have confirmed it.

Windows Vista must be "activated," or authorized by Microsoft, before it will work on a particular machine. To simplify the task of activating many copies of Vista, Microsoft offers corporate users special tools, among them Key Management Service (KMS), which allows a company to run a Microsoft-supplied authorization server on its own network and activate Vista without contacting Microsoft for each copy. The 'MelindaGates' hack allows users to download a VMware image of a KMS server which activates Windows Vista Business/Enterprise edition. So this happens without alerting Microsoft.

An eyewear with a built-in video viewing system

Your personal entertainment just got even more personal.
Simply connect the this gadget (myvu personal media viewer) to a portable media player such as the Apple iPod with video or Creative Zen, or to a portable dvd player and watch your favorite music videos, movies, podcasts and other broadcasted or downloaded entertainment while you are on the move. This product is designed by the US based MicroOptical Corporation

The lightweight eyewear contains a built-in video viewing system and stereo sound via noise-reducing in-ear earbuds. Extend your viewing time with an ultra-thin battery pack that enables an incredible six hours of video watching and doubles as a hard protective case for your iPod.

MicroOptical"s myvu personal media viewer, universal edition, can be used with many media devices with a video out port. It’s the ultimate solution for viewing broadcasted and downloaded entertainment on a variety of devices.

Check out this video stream of this gadget

Official site Link:

Stream your music to any computer with this beta service

Streampad is a full-featured music application that runs inside a web browser. It gives users access to their digital music library from any computer. All you have to do is go to the website and register to create an free account, then users have to download a Java desktop application that stores the metadata from all MP3 and AC3 files it finds on your computer, so when that same user logs into Streampad from another computer, they can listen to music streamed directly from their home computer.

Also this service iTunes files on your PCs aswell. The newly released beta version allows users to stream concerts from the internet archive, create your own playlists and share them on their own site and friends and also see what their friends are listening to.. hmm
Also they continue to add more features to this tool (


Multiple ways to download online videos/clips

Here are top(easy) three methods to download videos/clips

1. Flv Converter: This tool helps to converts YouTube videos to various formats like .AVI, .MOV(for MAC), 3GP(for mobiles). This tool is designed by SGRA Corporation as a part of vixy project. Link:

2. Videodl(beta): VideoDL is a quick AJAX application that allows you to download online video into your computer. It supports top 3 video sites - YouTube, Google Video, and Simply copy the link of the page with video and paste it into the textbox. Click "Get It!" and follow the instruction. After you have saved the files into your harddrive.

3. Feeling tea(beta) : This tool works fine with GoogleVideo, Youtube,,, , ThatVideoSite, ,,,,,, and

Friends, if you know more tools that does the trick.. do post it here for otheres to refer
Enjoy !!

How to Download Ringtones for Free from Cingular Website

Make sure that you use Firefox and no other browser.

OK, lets go the Cingular website (ringtone section) Click here

Now First of all, find the ringtone you want (Music Tones/Voice Tones/Sound Effects/Polyphonic) then follow the below steps.
1. Preview the ringtone, easy just click the speaker icon.
2. A new pop-up window will appears. Now, right click on this window and select "View Page Info"
3. Select the "Media" tab, and the third URL (Type = Embed) is the link to the preview file.

4. Right click on it, copy it, and paste it into Flashget (or your download manager) or you can directly paste the link into IE address bar and hit enter. I will automatically download it as "content.wma"
5. Just rename content.wma to the ringtone"s name. ... Thats it!!

P.S. make sure you mail this post to your friends.. Enjoy!

The much talked about MOTOROKR E6 now launched in China

Recently Motorola officially announced the availability of the new PDA phone MOTOROKR E6 specifically designed to create superior experiences around video, music, games and photos in a single device. A complete re-visioning of traditional music and PDA devices, the MOTOROKR E6 is an elegantly designed entertainment handset that enhances user productivity with compelling features, including dedicated music keys, expandable memory, movie viewing and movie making capabilities, plus all of the essential business tools

The phone is currenty available in China. The slick 14.5 mm thick phone features 2.4" (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display with 262k colors, a 2.0 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, CIF and QVGA video recording, FM radio and built-in MP3 player with dedicated music keys, 8MB of memory, SD card slot for up to 2GB of extra memory, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and a 3.5 mm stereo jack. The phone will be hitting India next by 2Q of 2007. The MOTOROKR E6 comes with Motorola's award-winning business-card reader software, taking the hassle out of staying in touch by conveniently creating and sharing contact information.

Download videos from Youtube, Google Video with few clicks

VDownloader is a versatile video downloader that can download videos from Youtube, Google Video, Grinvi, ifilm and DailyMotion with just a few clicks and direct convert them to AVI, MPEG or PSP format for you!

Its new features include :
* Batch downloading
* Clipboard monitor
* Added
* Proxy support
* PSP format support

Just unzip all the files to a folder in your hard disk. Both vdownloader.exe and ffmpeg.exe must be in the same directory. Otherwise, videos won’t be properly converted.

Samsung's first smartphone that supports podcasts and RSS Feeder

The Samsung Ultra Messaging i600 is the world's thinnest 3G smartphone measuring only 11.8mm and weighing a mere 99g, and supports a full QWERTY key board. It is also the first smartphone that supports Web applications like podcasts and RSS Feeder, which scans websites for updates. It connects with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0, was designed for work and play. It has two digital cameras and can be used for 3G video calls.

The device, powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, uses the new mobile protocol called HSDPA, or high-speed downlink packet access, that provides faster downloads of video and streaming music. The download speed is designed to be as fast as those provided by ADSL, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, used in homes.

Running on Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology, the Ultra Messaging i600 instantly updates the mobile versions of Microsoft Office Outlook's Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks when synchronised with Exchange Server 2003 SP2. In addition to its push email capability, users can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and image formats including BMP, JPEG and GIF with Picsel Viewer.

With two integrated digital cameras (1.3 megapixels in the back and VGA in the front), users can also conduct 3G video calls from the phone. Built-in Pocket MSN offers consumers a separate Inbox for Hotmail messages on their device. They will also be able to view their buddy list and chat instantly with their contacts, whenever and wherever they want.

Contacts Transfer Freeware

Contacts Transfer by Juha Riihimäki

Have you ever tried to copy the contacts database from one S60 based phone to another? Perhaps using a PC suite or SyncML? Perhaps you have noticed that something was missing in the end? No problem, with the Contacts Transfer application you can copy the entire contents of the contacts database includig thumbnail images and caller groups from one phone to another via bluetooth, infra-red or a memory card.for more detailed information.

S60 1st or 2nd Edition
S60 3rd Edition

How to Beat Rapidshare Download Limits and Waiting Time

Here are some hints to help you more efficently use rapidshare. Skipping waiting time and bypassing download limits are rapidshare hacks that everybody should know.

Rapidshare has been an excellent tool for sharing large files. Recently users have discovered ways of bypassing the download limits and skipping the waiting time. Here are a description of these methods.

1. Short-Out the JavaScript:

1. Goto the page you want to download
2. Select FREE button
3. In the address bar put the following: javascript:alert(c=0)
4. Click OK
5. Click OK to the pop-up box
6. Enter the captcha
7. Download Your File

2. You can use a bookmarklet to stop your wait times:

1. Open IE
2. Right Click On This Link
3. Select Add to Favorites
4. Select Yes to the warning that the bookmark may be unsafe.
5. Name it "RapidShare No Wait"
6. Click on the Links folder (if you want to display it in your IE toolbar)
7. Click OK
8. You may need to close and reopen IE to see it
9. Goto rapidshare and click the bookmarklet when you are forced to wait

Side by side Wiki comparision tool

Wikimatrix is a site that allows users to compare any and all wikis on the market in a side-by-side grid in a very user friendly manner.(this is the site address With a huge collection of 100 plus wikis put to comparison this would be the interesting site to watch out for.

Users can also create their ideal wiki on the site and then see which wiki comes the closest to matching their needs. So do check out this service...

Take a tour of The International Space Station.

ew Page 1Take a tour of NASA's most challenging project, the International Space Station. As per NASA 'due to the ISS, there is always a permanent human presence in space, as there have always been at least two people on board ISS since the first permanent crew entered the ISS on November 2, 2000. It is serviced primarily by the Soyuz, Progress spacecraft units and Space Shuttle. The ISS is currently still under construction with a projected completion date of 2010.'

Enjoy the tour!!

Free movies from AOL Video, only this saturday

Normally, movie downloads from AOL Video are priced from $9.99 to $19.99 per title, however this Christmas
AOL Video has decided to spread some holiday cheer by giving away over 30 free movie downloads for one day only on Saturday.

Several of the titles are, appropriately, Christmas movies such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Jack Frost, but there will be some non-spirited ones available such as Spiderman 2 as well. The free offering begins at 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time and customers are limited to one movie per person, but not one per computer. So this Saturday be prepared...

erasable paper from Xerox is revolutionary

The experimental printing technology, a collaboration between the Photocopier pioneer Xerox (Research Centre of Canada) and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Inc.), could replace printed pages that are used for just a brief time before being discarded. Xerox Corporation scientists have invented a way to make prints whose images last only a day, so that the paper can be used again and again.

Although the technology is at preliminary state but can revolutionize the way many corporates are using printouts. Xerox has filed for patents on the technology, which it calls "erasable paper." The idea came when the research team found out that 40% of the paper used in offices get trashed after a single view