Camera Magica Freeware Symbian

Camera Magica Freeware Symbian Os6 Os7
Camera Magica offers naturally first times some built-in functions like e.g. Photograph, zoom and some OVERLAY masks. The photo quality is however on maximally 640 x480 limited - despite its one e.g. a Nokia with megapixel Camera has. The probably most interesting function is however the panorama (and super panorama, larger format) function.

Many will imagine, "panorama functions gibts nevertheless already?" -, with Camera Magica one needs only 1x (!) the trip press and then slowly in the circle turn. The program joins thereafter within fewer seconds the individual pictures smoothly.
Camera Magica is actually meant to sending photos directly from the mobile phone of the source of photo server for development.
Unfortunately this functions not as it should - however the functions of the Tools are anyhow already ingenious;).

for detail information:

Download Camera Magica Nokia 6260 6600 6620 6630 6680 6681 7610 3230

Download Camera Magica Nokia 3650 3660 7650

ClockSaver V1.00 Nokia S60

Freeware Tramontana ClockSaver V1.00 Nokia S60 Symbian Application

Do you find the standard Date and Time screen saver of the mobile phone hardly legible because of its small size? Then try our Application Tramontána ClockSaver, offered completely free of charge. It shows the time in large digits, easy to read even without the background lighting. It also displays the date, the day of the week, the selected profile, and it uses icons to show the locked status of the keyboard, incoming SMS, e-mail and voicemail messages, missed calls, silent ringing and Bluetooth status. It automatically switches between 12-hour and 24-hour display as set in the nokia mobile phone preferences.

It's a genuine screen saver integrated into the operating system of the nokia mobile phone, not a separate application running in the background constantly. This means a very small memory footprint, negligible use of the phone's resources, including apprixomately the same low battery consumption as with the original screen saver.

Installation instructions appear when you install the application

Select from the following typefaces and digit sizes. The large version will show the time in the maximum size that fits the screen. Medium and small are proportionally smaller but still very easy to read

more detail information visit here

Download freeware tramontana clocksaver v.1.0

SPMark04 Freeware

SPMark04 Freeware Version

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

SPMark™04 is the most comprehensive benchmark for modern smartphones.
With SPMark04 you can test the speed of your Series 60 phone and you can compare it to other S60 models. Benchmarks include 3D tests (comprehensive OpenGL ES 3D test suite to measure graphics performance) and system tests. The program also shows detailed system information module that reveals phone's technical data.

Minimum Smartphone Requirements
Symbian 6.1/7.0
Series 60 (1.2/2.0) or UIQ (2.0/2.1)
1.2MB of free space on main memory
3MB of memory during the benchmark run

Download SPmark04 Freeware

Cryptex freeware

You mobile phone is always with you. It is very convenient to store in it some secure information, like passwords, PINs, ... But mobile phone can be stolen. And worst of all it can be stolen together with your credit card. You may imagine how excited the pickpocket will be if he found in your phone PIN code for your credit card. Cryptex midlet was designed to avoid such situation. Data you have entered in encrypted, somebody except you will be able to read it. How it is possible? When starting Cryptex you have to specify password (more precisely it is not password by encryption key used to encrypt data).
You can ask - is there any sense to store in Cryptex one password (or PIN) and protect it with another password. The answer is yes. You are not free to choose PIN code of your credit card and usually not able to use password you like for your account. And Cryptex allows you to specify any password you like and more over remember leading question for it, for example "Name of my dog", "Maiden mother's name", "My old phone number"... So it is unlikely that you will forget answer for such question and at the same time probability that other person can answer is very small.


Emptybat v 1 freeware

BMD Emptybat v 1 freeware

to accelerate emptying your battery Based on sound an vibration techniques this small utility that speeds the battery empty process.

The sounds an vibrations can be mixed together to double the empty-speed effect.

Use it when you want to discharge the battery and store it, or maybe when you first format it.

The choice is yours! MIDP 2.0 compatible phone required.

Download emptybat v.1

XXL Screen Saver 1.09 Freeware

XXL Screen Saver 1.09 for Symbian OS 7.0s based phones

xxl screensaver application for symbian phones

This Screen Saver is the first and a real screen saver installed in the mobile phones themes like the built-in text and date & time, no need to have a separate application except to configure it !

First installation procedure :

* install the sis file like usual
* go to the 'theme' section
* edit the current theme
* go to the screen saver section
* select the '' screen saver
* select the XXLConfig app
* select the clock you want; after the phone will restart