Top collection of online TV Feeds

My last article was on setting up your own radio station on the web ( so the obvious next thing i could think of was on line Television. Below are two new services (one is in Beta mode)which i found really interesting. Here you could watch online TV and also embed live news feeds to your blog/website etc.. is a user-built website that provides link and direct feeds to ALL the existent free web tv in english language available on the Internet. They claim that each television channel has passed through a validation process in order to be included in the directory, which requires user ratings as well as administrators approval.
If a TV station is transmitting in english for free on the Internet and its actually working, You'll find it here. provides you with more than 500 LIVE broadband televisions a big selection of the best quality free online television streams found on the net. In the "Sites" section you will find links to broadcasters that stream live tv exclusively on their site.

Check the below imbeded feed, if you want to know how to embed live feeds to your blog/website.. just send me a email.. enjoy !!

Create your own free radio station

Here's a free music player that lets you create your own "radio station" from a library of songs featured at the site. This feature is provided by Radio Tornadostream who not only lets you create your own radio stations but also to share with your friends, or post on your blog, myspace page or personal web site. Oh and also... it's free.

Here is the link
Check out the Askwiki Station below (use the select station dropdown)

Tornadostream, a multimedia company from Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in streaming media of all types. Jesse Harding, co-creator of the tool says he and Dan Smith came up with the idea while trying to find a convenient way to share new songs they had discovered.

Friends don't forget post in your comments

Your free Virtual iPod on the web

This new beta version of the virtual iPod is one of my all time favorites now, It's got a good collection of preloaded music tracks from hip hop to trance, pop to rock etc... What gives it an edge above the other online music streams is its design. which is an exact replica of the iPod. cool ahh... more over you could save your playlist online and then share the play list to other friends via email.

so sit back and enjoy the musik.. is the link..

Friends post me your views on this beta service..

Unpacking Microsoft's Zune

Microsoft’s Zune an iPod competitor, will be released on 14 November 2006. Once released we could post in an article on Zune's features vis-a-vis Apple's iPod.

As per our initial information, Zune starts with a 30GB digital media player funtionality. You can wirelessly share selected full-length sample tracks, playlists, pictures or your home-grown tracks directly from Zune to Zune. You can listen to the full-length songs that you receive up to three times in three days, flag the ones you like and easily buy them the next time you sync up.. hmmmm... not quite impressive ??.

Check out this small clip of a CBS news reporter talking with Chris Stephenson of Microsoft as he shows off the unpacking of the Zune.

Friends by the way i happen to see the new Zune commercials, if your are interested.. just drop me a email

Google's Joga is picking pace like Orkut

Google's is now picking up pace just like Orkut in Asia. Joga is a website dedicated to the football AKA soccer community. It's a brainchild of a joint effort between Google and Nike, and is based on Google'e Orkut social networking site.

What makes Joga exclusive is the fact that it's purely growing network of trusted acquaintances. The network that eats, breathes and sleep soccer and helps users to connect to people who share the same passion for the game and also access special contend around athlete profiles, video clips and photos. Users can also add pictures, videos and blog, and link up with friends. Joga users can build their own football teams, find local fields and even play other nearby Joga teams

I myself have recently joined the network, its worth a try..after all its a Google product !!
Friends send me your views on this Google service ...

This Firefox plugin that displays your Adsense income

This cool firefox plugin automatically checks your adsense income every 20minutes and displays the earning on your firfox status bar... nice ah..

Here is the plugin to download

So now you woun't have to login to Adsense Site daily (or hourly) to check for your earnings..

Friends i got couple of more Adsense plugins for firefox.. let me know if you would be interested ??

Now use Google to search mp3, ebooks, PDF, Videos

Have you ever used Google to perform a quick Mp3 search ?? nope.. Google is good for so many things, among which is searching for all sorts of files, including MP3's. Here are few tips.

If you looking for an 'Nirvana' song go to or the google search in this page ( towards the top right side) and type in the below text.

-inurl:(htmhtmlphp) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wmamp3) "Nirvana"

Just substitute the term "Nirvana" for any band or singer you might be looking for, and your search will lead you to open indexes that contain downloadable music files.. try it to believe it. or on the other hand you could use sites like or

With some slight modifications the same search string can easily be used to search for ebooks in DOC and PDF format:
example: if you are looking for george orwell 1984

-inurl:(htmhtmlphp) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(pdfdoc) "george orwell 1984?

Friends, if you know some more feature do add in your comments to this article..

Is iTunes copy protection code 'cracked' ?

Jon Lech Johansen (a Prominent hacker) claims that he has "reverse engineered" the FairPlay system, meaning.. the code that prevents music downloaded from Apple's iTunes store being played on any portable player other than an iPod has been "cracked".
In the past Mr Johansen has distributed various program ( and their updated version) to bypass the Apple systems, ( eg.. QTFairUse in 2003 ) These programs were distributed on the web for free, but this time there is twist.

His company, DoubleTwist said that it planned to license the code to other digital music player manufacturers, ie., Mr Johansen and DoubleTwist plan to commercialise the technology.

Friends if you want more information on this article, just comment me your email ID, will send you a separate mail.

Share any size file online

Lately i had been receiving emails asking my recommendation on free file sharing tools online. Although we already know lot of free file upload / download service providers, below two are my favorites.

1. MediaFire : This is a free file hosting service that allows unlimited file sizes and uploads, as well as unlimited downloads of files.
Tthe upload progress page gives you a nice view of your upload progress, speed, and estimated time to complete the upload. (in my opinion this new kid on the block is re-defining standards)

Mediafire Features:
100% Free - Fully Ad Supported
Unlimited File Size / Bandwidth
Unlimited Uploads / Downloads
No Sign Up Required
Multiple Simultaneous Uploads
Easily Email Files After Uploading
No Waits, Lines, or Queues
Multiple Simultaneous Downloads
Supports Most Download Managers

2. GigaSize : This is another large file email service that lets you upload and share files up to 1.5 GB for free.
If you register for a free account, you can send a file up to 1.5 GB and GigaSize will store it on their server for a minimum of 90 days (if you don't want to register for an account, you can upload 1 GB and are guaranteed at least 45 days).

Other example Dropload, Mailbigfile, YouSendit (however YouSendIt's service has become more of a pay service, allowing only 100 MB free uploads)

Friends if you know someting better, do post in your comments.. Your info would be valuable to all

Create your own Google Search .. new tool from Google

People who say that they cannot find anything anymore on Google search can now stop complaining, because Google is doing something about it. The company has announced Google Custom Search tools. Co-op allows a user to create and launch a search engine with just a few specific websites included. Searches will return results from only that website.

Users have a number of options to customize the search engine: choosing which pages they want to include in their index, how the content should be prioritized, whether others can contribute to the index, and what the search results page will look like.

Since the search can be hosted on either Google servers or your own, you can actually customize the look and feel of the search page, and embed Google Adsense and other advertisements

For bloggers, using Google Co-op may be a better choice than the built in search feature. A search engine can be created that searches just a single site, and Google search is generally better than search features included with blog software, and with the addition of Adsense this will generate a separate income stream as well.

Do post in your views on this new tool from Google...

Internet's first meta search engine for video

Internet's first meta search engine for video, which lets you easily search billions of videos from 100s of sites including Googles' YouTube, MSN, etc... Along with the quicklinks to the top 10 videos for over 35 sites it gives you the accuracy of a crawl-based search with the timeliness of a feed-based search. PureVideo Search also provides access to more than 35 charts presenting the most popular music, sports, comedy, celebrity, viral, entertainment, and news videos.

The charts provide users with comprehensive coverage on hot topics and the chance for serendipitous discovery.

Check this site out, and post your opinion ( PureVideo )

Mozilla Firefox 2 released

Mozilla Firefox 2 is here! It was just placed in the releases folder on the FTP so it is time for you to check it out, with Internet Explorer 7 just being released late last week we could expect stiff competition in the browser market in the days ahead. (I do not have any update on Netscapes' plan yet.. will try getting some info)

Firefox 2 is expected to be made officially available tomorrow ( 24th Oct) refer out post post on 21st Oct ( ) We have FTP link here one day prior… happing downloading ( will get you the review of Mozilla Firefox 2 ASAP)

Check this link comparative review of IE 7 and Firefox 2.

Send data from webpages to your mobile

The Bluetooth SIG announced wireless transfer of contact, calendar, and notes information via what it's calling TransSend.You can now send vCard, vCal, vNote, plain text, or image files from a PC to supporting handsets.( these needs to be bluetooth enabled handsets)

How is this done ?? well an activeX plugin for internet explorer lets users send content from a web page to their mobile phone. You can send driving directions, your contact info, or event data.
Sounds cool.. ah

Ping my Blog at Google Blog search

Bloggers who update their post quite frequently now could use the ping my blog service from google. If today any blogger who wants the updated posts of their blog to be included in the Google Blog's Search, they don't need to wait for the GoogleBot to crawl their blog. Now, they can order GoogleBot to index their new posts!

All he needs to do is go on to Blog Ping Page and then enter the URL or Feed URL of the site and Google Blog Search will update the content automatically. (this is only for bloggers who are not using the service ) as it seems that Google Blog Search is automatically pinged by Blogger directly. I can say that because, I never pinged my blog and my posts were already showing up in the index of Google blog search.

Friends, ( who are using wordpress, or any other service) please validate me. If you have any other efficient method, please do post it in the cooments for fellow blogger ..

Orkut (with a new logo) is now open to all

Google has (finally) removed the invite barrier to Orkut, letting anyone with a Google account register for the service. Orkut has been an invite-only service since it launched 33 months ago, and never gained much traction outside of Brazil (where 9% of the country has an Orkut account, making up for 63% of the total users) and also gaining momentum in India, although the service does have an impressive 30,089,043 users.

Probably inspired by Facebook’s success with moving away from an exclusive system, Google has opened the service to all, hoping there are a lot of people who might like what they see. To compliment this change it has also revised its logo.

Orkut has some new features, according to Dreamchaser, including an easy reply method, language restrictions (i.e. - people from languages you don’t understand can’t message/spam you), and moderator for communities.

My profile at orkut ( )

New features added to Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tools is really picking up steam — within a month there has been a couple great updates to the service. Yesterday Google announced four new features.

1. Googlebot activity reports: This feature gives you a good sense the load Googlebot is putting on your server. It displays a graphical representation of pages crawled per day, number of kilobytes downloaded per day, and time spent downloading a page.

2. Crawl rate control: If you find Googlebot is hitting your site too often or you wish it came around more, this new feature can solve your problem. There are three options to choose from: slower, normal and faster. The "faster" option is only available under some circumstances

3. Enhanced image search: This lets you opt-in to tools like Google Image Labeler which produces very relevant tags for your images without needing to describe them yourself.

4. Number of URLs submitted: And last, you can now see the number of URLs submitted through sitemaps

Firefox 2 Will Be Released Oct. 24

Not to be outdone by Microsoft's recent release of Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla will release the second major version of its rival Firefox browser on Tuesday, October 24

Mozilla has also enhanced the popular tabbed browsing feature in 2.0 that Firefox introduced when it emerged two years ago as the first significant rival to IE in years, Beard adds. Tabs allow users to navigate more easily between multiple Web pages when browsing the Internet, and Microsoft added tabs to IE 7 after Firefox's success with the feature.

In Firefox 2.0, Mozilla has added a "close" button on its tabs, as well as new visual features to make the tabs appear more obvious to the user.

New usability features in Firefox 2.0 that differentiate it from IE 7 include one that will restore the browser to pages where the user was working if a sudden OS restart is required. "If your browser needs a restart or the OS asks you to reboot, losing all of those Web pages and content is pretty disruptive,"

Firefox 2.0 is offering two options for enabling this feature. One way is that, by default, the browser will give the user an option to restore his or her browser sessions if there is an unexpected shutdown; the other is an advanced option to set the browser so that it always restores the last five pages visited before a sudden reboot.

Check this link comparative review of IE 7 and Firefox 2.

Amazon"s response to "Yahoo Answers"

Amazon has newly released a Question & Answers site of their own called Askville. Currently in invite-only Beta, the site looks cleaner than Yahoo Answers, and as opposed to Google Answers, you don’t need to pay to ask questions. Activity on the site – like asking a question, or answering one – is rewarded with “quest coins” which can later on be spent in Questville (Questville didn’t open yet!).
Here is the screen shot .

Amazon’s doing a lot of sites unrelated to shopping (A9, and then there’s all their APIs), and this is one of those. As expected, you can use your existing Amazon account to log-in, and I’m curious to see how much of a community they’ll be able to assemble in the long run.
Friends if you have more information on Amazons future plans.. just mail me.

Swiss Government testing surveillance software.

The Swiss Government has reportedly been testing surveillance software that could enable it to eavesdrop on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications.
According to Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung, police and intelligence services could could infect users' computers with this Trojan horse program and listen to their VoIP conversations. Any such move, though, would be subject to judicial approval.

The encryption used by VoIP communications such as Skype is easier to circumvent if investigators have access to the computers used to send the data, SonntagsZeitung said.
The VoIP-intercepting Trojan horse was developed by network security company ERA IT Solutions. Antivirus and firewalls don't currently recognise the program, which will send VoIP data from a user's PC to an external server. If a computer is turned off while data is still being gathered, the computer will save the data and retransmit once it is turned back on.

The Trojan horse can also reportedly activate built-in microphones in notebooks, which then allow listeners to pick up what is being talked about in the vicinity. The Swiss Government kept the development of the software quiet to "avoid public discussion" of the issues. The project was led by the Swiss Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.

Aggregates College News via Campus Reader.

I have reviewed a new site that aggregates the feeds from 300 online college newspapers around the US. I think it does a fairly good job and the basic idea is a very good one.

The site automatically detects where a reader is located and serves up local, regional and national college news in a number of categories. Users can comment on and rate stories, top stories are highlighted in the sidebar
College Reader was created by three recent college grads in Michigan - Adam Long, Steve Richert and Carl Paulus. It’s got loads of AJAX - some of which could perform better and be better thought out

I love my RSS reader, and I know I could get all of my news through it, but I still stop by sites like OriginalSignal and TechMeme throughout the day.

Wibree technology to replace Bluetooth ?

Nokia has apparently been working on Wibree technology, is the site to check out which is full of information on this new technology

On October 3rd, Nokia launched this new technology. Here's how they describe Wibree:

"Wibree radio technology complements other local connectivity technologies, consuming only a fraction of the power compared to other such radio technologies, enabling smaller and less costly implementations and being easy to integrate with Bluetooth solutions.

"Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or Personal Computers, and small, button cell battery power devices such as watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors. By extending the role mobile devices can play in consumers’ lives, this technology increases the growth potential in these market segments."

In terms of it gaining in the marketplace and replacing Bluetooth, well... Bluetooth definitely has some problems and limitations, including some security issues, where Wibree would have an advantage.

Nokia is a big company and with Wibree able to utilize the same radio and antenna components as Bluetooth, who knows, maybe we will see a Wibree world in the future

Microsoft"s Soapbox features better than Google's YouTube ?

As Google's first chores will be to accelerate YouTube's efforts to rein the rampant copyright violations found on user-uploaded video, Microsoft's Soapbox is adding in new features.

The feature set now includes:

1. Upload videos in almost any format—like from your video or digital camera (maximum file size is currently 100MB)
2. Tag and categorize your videos to make it easy for other people to find them
3. Watch original videos and browse for new ones at the same time
4. Set up your own personal RSS feeds for videos you’re interested in
5. Use your Windows Live Spaces profile with Soapbox on MSN Video
6. Embed a video on your Web site or blog

This information as well as the screen shot below is taken directly from LiveSide, there are no other sources at this point.

Also I feel its extremely odd that Microsoft is launching this under the MSN brand instead of All of their recent web services have been released under The best way to ensure that this service gets immediate traction would be to link it directly to, as Myspace has done with its own video product.

Anyways those are my views.. post in your views...

Tag : youtube , soapbox , google news , microsoft news , msnlive onlive video

Online tools for your mobile phones

These site offers free, easy-to-use online tools for your mobile phones

MobileRated At this site, you'll find a nice collection of free goodies for your mobile phone, including Java games, puzzles, trivia, and other phone applications that you can download either via your PC, or your phone. This site offers free, easy-to-use online tools that let you upload your own pictures and music to your mobile phone, without the hassle of software or cables. You can also share your content here with your friends. At this site, you'll find a good selection of free polyphonic ringtones in MIDI and SMAF formats. The site also features free background images, screen savers and other goodies for mobile phones.

Free Mobile Phone Games This site has a fun roundup of free Java-based games that you can play on your Nokia mobile phone. Games here include blackjack, poker, roulette, Fruitopia, and more. (U.K. only).

Tag : mobilephones , cellphones , wap , SMS , messaging service , mobiles .

Y-Browser File Manager

Y-Browser is a file manager for Symbian OS devices. It implements most standard features on files (such as copy, cut, paste, etc) & folders (create, remove, etc)

Y-Browser is freeware and currently available for Series 60 (including 3rd edition devices)

This software was written by Jukka Silvennoinen. Any feedback should be sent to the author's email address:

For Nokia 7650, 3650, 3660, N-Gage, Sendo X, Siemens SX1

For Nokia 6600, 3230, 6260, 7610, 6630, 6670, 6680, N70,

For Nokia 3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,N71,N73,N80,N91,N92,N93

Searching Podcast Contents is now very easy

We have know all about podcasts right? Well, now there is a way to search the actual content of podcasts. No, not the titles of podcasts, I am talking about searching the words spoken during podcasts.

Podzinger ( provides you with a simple search box and let's you look for the content you need. So, for the fun of it.. try it.

Tags: podcast , podcast directory , free podcast , podsearch , podfeeds .

Download Google Videos As AVI Files

If you want to save videos from Google Video and you use Windows, you have the option to download them as GVI files and play with Google Video Player

Explanation: The location for the AVI file can be found in the source of Google Video pages, but it's hidden for Windows users.

If you can't see the videos or you player gives errors, try Media Player Classic.

A New Online Radio Tuner

Online Radio Tuner is a freeware software for listening to, and record, radio stations on the internet and is compatible with Shoutcast and ASX(WMA) broadcasts. Many times I get fed up with my own music collection, so this is where Online Radio Tuner comes in to play as it has got over 600 preset radio stations which offers wide range of variety to your ears. If you like any song that is being played then hit the record button, and you get a copy of that song recorded right in your computer.

What does Online Radio Tuner have?

1. Playlist support: PLS, M3U, ASX, WPL, WAX, WMX
2. Audio format support: MP3, WMA, OGG and AAC(+)
3. Create Custom Layout: Arrange the layout of Online radio tuner as per your liking.
4. Preset Radio Stations: Many presets available from start , over 600. Presets updateable from central server and you can add your own online stations
5. Organising your Radio Station: Save and organize your favorite radio stations and manage them easily.
6. Minimize to Tray: Minimize to the System Tray, so that you can save your precious task bar space.
7. Notification: Notify song changes by balloon tip.
8. Built-in Recorder: Record what you hear as MP3’s. (This is the best feature which I liked the most)
9. Separate Profile for Each User: Each user has his / her own favorites/settings so that you need not fight with them.
10. Scheduled Recording: Startup parameters to record you favorite station, making it easy to schedule a recording.

Not Google Office, but Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Writely and Google Spreadsheets have merged and the new products is named, not Google Office, but Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The strange name will probably be modified, as Google Docs & Spreadsheets & Presentations

You can now let collaborators invite other people. "The people whom you've invited can now add other collaborators to that spreadsheet. You can decide whether you want this capability turned on for each spreadsheet individually - the default for new spreadsheets is to allow collaborators to add other collaborators."

The next logical move would be to add a new web application for presentations and to integrate all these applications with Gmail, Google Calendar and Picasa Web, so they can share attachments, photos and documents. Some pieces of the puzzle are still missing, but Google can't deny they don't want to build Google Office.

Folder named "CON" cannot be created on XP, Windows

Folders with name: CON, PRN, AUX, CLOCK$, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5,
COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, & LPT9
cant be created using Windows Explorer or Command Prompt directly! ( Try this
out.. right click on your desktop and try creating folder named "con"it changes
back to "new Folder" )

This is prevented as XP terms these folders as SYSTEM Folder Names reserved only
for the Operating System.. But there is a backdoor..(this trick is to create
system folders on XP through command prompt )

Try this:

Syntax:md \\.\\$path
Example:prompt>md \\.\\C:\con
Explanation: This would create a folder named "con" on your "C Drive"

Similarly to delete such folder:
Syntax:rd/s \\.\\$path
Example:prompt>rd/s \\.\\C:\con
Explanation: This would remove the folder named "con"!
Note: rd(Remove Directory) command is used with "/s" switch as otherwise it
would give error that "folder is not empty"!

On another hand...if you ever wondered how to create a folder with no
name...then try this:

Create a New Folder from Windows Explorer
Select rename & type: "ALT+255"(Use Numpad)..thats it!
ALT+255 stands for blank character in it still accepts your folder name!

Tip: How to hide private folder on XP

Indian Version of YouTube

We have come across 3 sites which are similar to the YouTube concept.

1. - This site has been launched by a bunch of friends living in US, India and UK. It is positioned as a South Asian video aggregator. In fact Infeedia is not just an aggregator, it is also a filter, for it has a Digg style voting mechanism to surface the popular videos on the home page. Infeedia does not host videos; it allows you to post India centric videos (by copying the JavaScript code) from other popular video sites. Arun (from Infeedia) informs me that they had initially planned to have hosting but gave up that idea. Partly because of bandwidth cost considerations, and partly because of the existence of scores of other video hosting sites.

2. - As the name suggests, this is a YouTube clone to the hilt. The site allows hosting of videos, so that’s a definite advantage over Infeedia. While the visual design of the site is quite pleasing to the eye, it needs improvement in terms of its usability. It seems to have been around for just a few days, but you can already find Google ads on the homepage.

3. - MeraVideo is a part of BrainGain Entertainment Private Ltd., a privately held Mumbai based Media Company. The mera video site is also a you tube clone with video uploadinga nd sharing facility. Though the site seems to give a poorer impression design wise compared to the earlier two video sites. The features are just to upload and share while unlike Apnatube this site does not have its logo on the video being viewed and shared but uses windows media player.

Google Acquires Youtube for $1.65 Billion.

On 10th October we posted top four reasons why google would buy YouTube and on 11th October the deal was confirmed (Press Release: ).

In their largest acquisition to date, Google has acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in an all stock transaction. Both companies have approved the deal, which should officially close in the fourth quarter. YouTube"s 65 employees will remain with the company at YouTube"s San Bruno headquarters.(Details of the conference call is available at )

Details are also emerging that Yahoo was in the bidding war until very close to the end. Google contextual advertising service will definitely receive a major boost as Adwords publishers now have much more real estate to advertise their services on.

WOWScreens character pack

Robocat Wowscreen Character

This brand new super cool Robotic Cat is a gift for our WOWScreens lovers. Just go ahead and have fun with it! If you like varieties, don't miss our other character packs

Download Character pack

Why Google is looking to purchase YouTube

1) Google has deep pockets and wants to control the legal battle YouTube will be unmatched for. YouTube will eventually be embroiled in an industry defining copyright battle like Napster was. Much of the content found on YouTube is commercial content owned by the large TV networks, or is user-generated content using copyrighted songs without the consent of the owners. So why would Google possibly want to get involved in this copyright mess and risk their $10 billion in cash reserves? Google has significant interest in this battle, as it will set a legal precedent and have significant effects on their future plans.

2) Google''s future plans revolve around their dark fiber buying spree, which experts suspect is for building the world"s largest video server network. What does that mean? Dave Burstein, who writes the DSL Prime newsletter, says, [The] key idea is that Google intends to become the most important video carrier on the planet, and is developing the servers and fiber network to make that possible. As television shifts to the net, only Yahoo and perhaps British Telecom are in position to compete. The ABC"s and NBC"s of the world are outclassed.

3) YouTube is profitable, that"s not a fact, but ran the math and it"s hard to dispute. We"ve known YouTube"s bandwidth bills were $1 million/month roughly 6-months ago, but they"ve never publicly commented on their revenues and whether they"re profitable or not. I suspect they are, but just haven"t brought light to that fact because then the TV networks (copyright holders) would likely start knocking down the doors with their lawyers.

4) YouTube is #1. They are the website people go to for watching online videos. Google wants that traffic (eyeballs) for their future plans, because Google Video hasn"t been able to unseat YouTube and likely never will.

Web 2.0 will be now available on Nokia Phones

Web 2.0 is coming to mobile phones, according to Nokia, which has launched a service that allows Java-enabled phone users to choose widgets, or small applications, that can be displayed on their phones.

WidSets is a free offering that users can set up on the WidSets Beta site. On the site, customers can choose from many different widgets that will be displayed on their phones.

Widgets usually reside on a desktop and receive information, such as data delivered via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). For example, a Google News widget can appear as a small icon, and when users click on the icon, they can see the latest headlines that appear on the Google News Web site. Widgets are considered Web 2.0 applications because they offer an interactive and customizable service different from more static Web sites.

Convert all Videos/Audio files to various other formats online

Media-Convert ( is 100% free. No software is needed, and you don't have to register, only select input and output formats, submit the form. It's easy !!

A lot of formats are supported. Main formats are :
a. Raw text, HTML, XHTML, Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF, PS, Open Office, Star Writer, Pocket Word, Word Perfect
b. CSV, dBase, Microsoft Excel, Pocket Excel, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, Star Calc, Open Office spreadsheet
c. MathML, Star Math, Open Office math
d. Microsoft Powerpoint, Star Impress, Open Office presentation

Why use Media-Convert ?
1. No software installation, Media-Convert let you read all kind of documents.
2. Convert files, for exampleto read all Open Office files with Microsoft Office or convert files into universal formats like Adobe PDF, PS (PostScript) or CSV toprint, fax ou simply read them on any computer, without special software.
3. Insert a PDF into your web page by converting it into an SWF Flash file.
4. Export easily Microsoft Access database to an Excel table.
5. Capture a website as an image.
6. Encode a text with UTF-8 codes or with one of 900 other charsets.
7. Learn morse code with the text to morse converter.

Enjoy !!

Send Free SMSs from the internet ! Any mobile in India

Try it to believe it, is all that i could say. I have tested this on all the
networks available in India.

Click here to SEND SMSs now !!

Enjoy !!

Use Mobile Phones to Upload videos to Youtube, its really easy !!

Posting and sharing video clips online just got a lot more simpler.

YouTube has added a new feature to upload video using cell phones, you can use this to upload videos to YouTube by email. The trick is to create a Mobile profile on Youtube and you receive the email address to which you can send the videos.

Now all you need to do is compose an email message, attach the video and send it to a special email address assigned by Youtube. You will soon find your video on Youtube servers. No cell phone required.

Just make sure the length and size of the video attachment is withing Youtube limit and the format is either .AVI, .MOV, or .MPG. You can create up to two different profiles to have different sets of phone video defaults—each profile will have a different email address.

As of now YouTube supports uploads from Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon wireless networks.

Google's photo organizer is really amazing !!

Picasa is Google's photo organizer software. Get started by using Picasa instead of your usual software to easily move photos from your camera to your computer. Then, every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups. Picasa makes sure your pictures are always organized.

With Picasa, you can seamlessly upload and order photo products from some of the web's most popular photo finishers in a click. You can also share photos fast straight from your computer: make gift CDs, send pictures through email, print more easily at home and more

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What is Ajax ?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is not a technology in itself, but is a term that describes a "new" approach to using a number of existing technologies together, including: HTML or XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, The Document Object Model, XML, XSLT, and the XMLHttpRequest object.

When these technologies are combined in the AJAX model, web applications are able to make quick, incremental updates to the user interface without reloading the entire browser page. This makes the application faster and more responsive to user actions.

If you've checked out and marveled at the drag-and-pan capabilities of Google Maps or the speedy self-contained table sorting capabilities of Gmail, you've seen Ajax in action.

Convert PDF to copyable text .. online

PDF TextOnline ( Is a new (Beta) Ajax application that allows you to upload PDF documents right from your browser and convert them to text that you can easily copy past any where you need without the hassle that you usually gets from Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer.


Converts PDF text quickly accurately
a. Handles all fonts and languages (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more)
b. Provides easy access to form data, document properties, and bookmarks
c. Doest't require a software download
d. Easy to use 'Save Text As..' - Save PDF text, to disk.

PDF TextOnline will give you better results, Fast. (