PixSense Freeware

PixSense v 1.14 freeware

PixSense is a great, new way of uploading, sharing and managing photos and videos captured with your camera phone as easily as Click.
Photos and videos captured from your camera phone get automatically uploaded to the PixSense Web Gallery.
Share your photos and videos with your friends and family directly from your phone or the web via email or SMS.
Publish photos and videos from your phone for public viewing. Click here to register and start sharing your photos and videos now! You can also read the FAQ to learn more about PixSense.


Make MP3 As Ringtone On 6600

Now you can play mp3 in your nokia 6600 by installing plugin MP3-OGG-WMA CODEC.THE PLUGIN MP3-OGG-WMA CODEC/PLUGIN ALLOWS TO SET MP3 MUSICS(FULL SONGS) AS RINGTONE IN NOKIA 6600, if you want to use mp3 or ogg or wma as ringtones on 6600 install plug-in MP3OggWMA_Plug-in 6600.sis.


FileOP File Manager

fileOP file manager for phones

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Download Fileop

Metronome S60

Metronome symbian freeware
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AniViewer v1.14 s60 FREEWARE

View animations which loop for mobile symbian phones which do not support looping

Download Aniviewer