Camera Magica Freeware Symbian

Camera Magica Freeware Symbian Os6 Os7
Camera Magica offers naturally first times some built-in functions like e.g. Photograph, zoom and some OVERLAY masks. The photo quality is however on maximally 640 x480 limited - despite its one e.g. a Nokia with megapixel Camera has. The probably most interesting function is however the panorama (and super panorama, larger format) function.

Many will imagine, "panorama functions gibts nevertheless already?" -, with Camera Magica one needs only 1x (!) the trip press and then slowly in the circle turn. The program joins thereafter within fewer seconds the individual pictures smoothly.
Camera Magica is actually meant to sending photos directly from the mobile phone of the source of photo server for development.
Unfortunately this functions not as it should - however the functions of the Tools are anyhow already ingenious;).

for detail information:

Download Camera Magica Nokia 6260 6600 6620 6630 6680 6681 7610 3230

Download Camera Magica Nokia 3650 3660 7650