Louis Galloway || Elite Model Q&A

Elite: Favourite photographer you have worked with?
Louis: Cheryl Dunn on the Adidas campiagn in New York…big up!
E: What was your first modelling job?
L: Topman
E: What is your favourite film?
L: Stand By Me 
E: What is your nickname?
L: Ohhh Louis
E: Guilty pleasure?
L: Rory Torrens
E: Best thing about London?
L: Newington Butts Estate. Represent.
E: What did you want to be when you were younger?
L: A cowboy
E: Marmite: Love/Hate
L: Hate.
E: If we took you to Starbucks right now what would you order?
L: Can we go somewhere else?
E: What song is most played on your ipod?
L: Hannah Montana - Party in the USA (E: He really does love this one! It gets him in the party mood apparently.)
E: What did you have for breakfast today?
L: Porridge. Obviously.
E: How would you describe your style?
L: Lazy
E: Which established model do you most admire?
L: Hansel - so Major Models right now!
E: What's your Facebook status at the moment?
L: Not sure.
E: How much is a pint of milk?
L: 99p
E: What is your fashion week survival strategy?
L: My fellow Elite boyz
E: Tell us a joke.
L: Rangers FC
E: Describe yourself in 3 words…
L: Sottish, Slow and Simple