Friday I'm (Daydreaming)

Instead of yammering on about what's really going on (let's just say that after paying $722 in parking tickets last night, today I have to go to San Francisco Superior Court to pay $383 for a "tinted windows" ticket . . . and yes, I bought my car with the windows as they are from the Honda dealership), I'm going to talk a little about what I would be in love with if I could do as I pleased this weekend:

1. Reading

on my nightstand

2. Lying on the beach

Baker Beach in San Francisco, taken with my iPhone

3. Working on my apartment

outside of my apartment building/my back deck

Being as busy as I am, I rarely have time for things like framing prints, decorating, rearranging, etc.  Lately I've been longing to fix up my apartment a little bit . . . cause after all, I may be spending a bit more time there after I lose funding for my job!  

But tonight I'm going to see this, which I'm pretty excited about:

A Way Out consists of three short plays that offer a glimpse into the lives of women struggling to break away from cycles of abuse, incarceration and codependency, written by the women of Rising Voices.

What's going on with y'all this weekend?  Happy Friday!