A "Genius" Idea

Friday night, after a fun happy hour with coworkers (hello, cucumber vodka cocktails, I love you), my dear friend Doro and I had a belated birthday celebration over a fantastic meal at Zero Zero. We had grenache, one of my favorite salads of the summer (heirloom tomato, avocado, pickled onion, and bread), and pasta they make in-house. Mine was full of eggplant and cherry tomatoes and ricotta, and I ate every last bite!

Doro gave me a lovely pair of earrings that I've worn twice but have yet to take a picture of, but even more awesome than that . . .

She made me a genius cd.

I mean, literally, it's an iTunes "genius" cd, but it's also just genius:

My sweet (and smart!) friend Doro took my very favorite song in the world, Nightswimming by REM, and plugged it into iTunes' Genius, which finds similar sounding songs in your library. The result (with some sharp-minded editing) was this:

1. Nightswimming--REM
2. Fake Plastic Trees--Radiohead
3. The Boxer--Simon & Garfunkel
4. These are the Days--10,000 Maniacs
5. Pictures of You--The Cure
6. Tonight, Tonight--Smashing Pumpkins
7. At My Most Beautiful--REM
8. No Surprises--Radiohead
9. Colorblind--Counting Crows
10. Disarm--Smashing Pumpkins
11. Caring is Creepy--The Shins
12. Stay--Lisa Loeb
13. Close to Me (Closet Remix)--The Cure
14. Drive--REM
15. Just--Radiohead
16. Ode to My Family--The Cranberries
17. Blowin' in the Wind--Bob Dylan
18. This Must be the Place--Talking Heads
19. Lovesong--The Cure
20. Fall at Your Feet--Crowded House

I guess iTunes' Genius really is a genius cause those are some damn good songs. Disarm has always been my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song--throwback to 9th grade--and Colorblind is on my top 5 songs of all time list, I'm pretty sure.

Oh, and re: the Emmy's, this pretty much sums up my opinion:

Happy (manic) Monday!