Samsung Galaxy Q

Samsung South Korean mobile phone vendor has reportedly set up a new mobile phone named Galaxy Q. The phone is reportedly an extension line of the Samsung Galaxy family. If Samsung Galaxy S with full touch screen type is more like the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy Q would challenge the BlackBerry.

Of course, for the sake of mission, the design of the Galaxy Q also must be different with the Galaxy S. According to a source close to Samsung, the Galaxy Q will carry a full qwerty keyboard, while using the Android operating system.

"Samsung Q launch date is still not final. Samsung is still negotiating with the carrier AT & T and Verizon Wireless. However, these phones will exist in the US market late next year," said a source from the Korea Times.

These sources say that Samsung is still believed by Qwerty cell phone charm is still popular in the North American market. For those users found it easier to manage their electronic mail while doing the activity in social networking.

"Samsung is expected Galaxy Q to be the Qwerty Samsung increased market share in North America because during this time was still dominated by Canadian vendor (Research In Motion as the manufacturer of the BlackBerry),"