Blackberry Storm 3 Specification

RIM will present the latest generation of Storm, Blackberry Storm 3. This information was obtained from a reliable source of Salomondrin. If true, RIM has demonstrated a serious attitude to develop a touchscreen BlackBerry in addition to the physical QWERTY keyboard.

Blackberry Storm's third prototype is being tested by the team reportedly exclusively with few members, this is done to prevent the early leak of this phone. Even the order and body also made exactly the same as the Blackberry Storm 2 to maintain when the prototype is missing on photo.

Blackberry Storm 3 will get various enhancements, such as:

* The screen supports a new input method, but still use different Sure Press Storm 2 (still unclear)
* Processor speed 1GHz
* 8GB Internal Memory
* Flash Memory 1 GB (previously rumored to 512MB)
* Special OS which is completely different, not OS 6.0
* Able to support the widget and change the display according to taste
* 5MP Camera
* Support networks LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Specifications are far above the other Blackberry that has been circulating today, it can still change, but not far from the Blackberry Storm 3 Specification given.

Blackberry Storm 3 is also expected to be coupled by Verizon. When will be announced? only some people know today. Just wait for news of this development.