Sunday with Freeman

So hard to believe that I started babysitting my sweet little buddy Freeman when he was only 6 weeks old, and now he's almost 2! He can run around and dance and laugh and say things like "Daddy's car" and "I love you Claire!" and "Hi Mama!" Or, most frequently, "More Gaga!" Here he is today watching Lady Gaga's Telephone video on my computer:

He's so delightful, and I love spending my Sundays with my little pal.

Last night, after a languorous day lying about my house, I made a beautiful summer salad (field greens, strawberries, toasted almonds, avocado, pomegranate seeds, light feta cheese, vinaigrette) and took it over to my friend Missy's house, where we sat on her back deck with some white wine and relaxed and chatted for hours. Nothing like girl time after a loooooong week. I'm so grateful for my friends. Speaking of whom, Happy 30th Birthday Tara!

On Friday night, Doro, Anahita, and I went to the Giants game, where we were rewarded for being among the first 20,000 fans into the stadium with these:

Giants snuggies!!! And since my friend Hauna snagged me an Oakland A's snuggie at last week's A's game, I am, as Doro so cleverly puts it, "[my] own Bay Area rivalry." Awesome. Come to my house anytime for some baseball snuggies and beer. There's even a pocket in the front for the remote.

Lastly, what do y'all think of these Prada chandelier shoes? The verdict's still out for me, but I'm leaning toward yesssssss . . .

Happy Sunday everyone . . . I hope it's as gorgeous wherever you are as it is in San Francisco today. ♥